Texas professor forced out by Muslim students set to fight back

via A message from the Texas professor who was fired for offending Muslim students – Jihad Watch.

Last December I posted here about Professor Paul Derengowski, who was dismissed from Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas for annoying Muslim students by quoting from Islamic texts. I have just received this message from him:

For the past year I’ve been living under a dark cloud. A cloud that was created one night (November 8, 2011) during a class I was teaching on Islam at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas. Two Muslim students who did not like me answering their questions about their beloved Muhammad and the sources I used to do it, namely the Koran and a Muslim scholar, set forth a campaign orchestrated long before that night ever arrived, to smear me as a person and force me out as a professor. For those interested, you can read more about that night here, as well as indulge yourself with all the firsthand documents, some of which produced by TCC which only contribute to the defamation due to their dubious nature.Today, though, after much hard work and persistence, I’m ready to take this fight to the next level. But, I need your help. Since last December the Thomas More Law Center has been my advocate in all of this. Clearly TCC violated my rights as a professor, but the TMLC could not file the appropriate lawsuit because of a lack of knowing someone locally who could handle the footwork of filing the papers in federal court. Now that has changed.

My request for help is to cover the legal expense. It is an expense to not only safeguard my right to express myself, but an expense that everyone will pay, sooner or later, should they not get involved now, to safeguard their freedom to speak as well.

Therefore, for those interested in helping, I’m including the following PayPal link. No specified amount is designated. I leave that purely up to you. Thank you for your consideration and your generosity.

Prof. Derengowski Legal Fund

You really do have to read Derengowski’s description of events, excerpted below or in full at “Tell them the truth… After all, that’s all I ever tried to do.”:

The accusation that I needed to learn how study, or that my educational pedigree and background were bogus, or that even the personal credentials of those who had written published material from a Muslim perspective, stepped beyond the lines of rational discussion and an effort to reach mutual understanding.  Yet, that is the course that Mohamad Khorchid and Randa Bedair, both admitted members of the Islamic religion, took during the November 8 class period as I attempted to explain the historically verifiable exploits of Islam’s founder, Muhammad ibn Abdallah ibn Abd al-Muttalib (aka Muhammad), whereby he ordered the raid of a caravan at Nakhlah which resulted in the death of at least one caravan member, the apprehension of two others, and seizure of “the booty.”  A major problem with the mission, which was ordered to provide financial sustenance to the Muslims who had defected from Mecca to Medina, is that Muhammad’s followers acted on the last day before Ramadan ended, and that was a religious violation in both Arabia and Islam.  Both Mohamad and Randa sarcastically questioned the credibility of the story during the previous lecture, with Randa even claiming she had never heard of such a thing, as well as the Quranic source where Muhammad justified the plunder, even though prior to the lectures on Islam, both were asked out of curiosity how well they thought most Muslims knew their history and doctrine.  They both affirmed “Very well.”  So, I told both Mohamad and Randa that I would get them the sources, which I did, and read them both, verbatim, in class.

According to Dr. Muhammad Husein Haykal, which is a respected Muslim scholar in many circles, who speaks quite favorably of Muhammad, in his book The Life of Muhammad, and one of several Islamic scholars who have reported the same incident, using the same Quranic references as support,1

‘Abdullah ibn Jahsh arrived in Medinah together with the two Quraysh captives and the donkey caravan loaded completely with goods.  He had already earmarked one-fifth of the booty to the Prophet.  But when the Prophet saw them, he said: “I have not instructed you to fight during the holy months.”  He stopped the caravan in its place as well as the two captives ‘Abdullah ibn Jahsh and his companions and, later on, they were further scolded and punished by their fellow Muslims for what they had done.  The Quraysh seized the opportunity to spread the propaganda everywhere that Muhammad and his companions had violated the sanctity of the holy month by having killed, robbed and captured.  The Muslims of Makkah answered that the event had taken place not in the holy months but during the following month of Sha‘ban.  The Jews immediately joined the chorus of Quraysh propaganda with the hope of engaging the Muslims in a war with the Quraysh over a case in which the Muslims were apparently in the wrong according to Arabian custom.  It was then that God revealed the judgment:

It was at this point that I brought out my copy of the Qur’an and read the reference that Haykal, et al, referenced as the revelation that Muhammad supposedly received as justification for the receiving the booty, after all, from Nakhlah.  My copy was published in Saudi Arabia under the auspices and supervision of “Under-Secretariat for Publications and Research Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da‘wah, and Guidance.”  So, this was not a translation that many Muslims criticize when it comes to Quranic translations; that it was somehow skewed or inaccurate.  In fact, aside from maybe Adullah Yusuf Ali’s rendition of the Qur’an, this translation ranks high for it credibility.  So, starting at Surah 2:216 I read, “Jihad (holy fighting in Allah’s Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you.  Allah knows but you do not know.”  Then Haykal quoted 2:217, which was read in its totality,

They ask you concerning fighting in the Sacred Months (i.e. 1st, 7th, 11th and 12th months of the Islamic calendar).  Say, “Fighting therein is a great (transgression) but a greater (transgression) with Allah is to prevent mankind from following the way of Allah, to disbelieve in Him, to prevent access to Al-Masjid Al-Haram (at Makkah), and to drive out its inhabitants, and Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.”  And they will never cease fighting you until they turn you back from your religion (Islamic Monotheism) if they can.  And whosoever of you turns back from his religion and dies as a disbeliever, then his deeds will be lost in this life and in the Hereafter, and they will be the dwellers of the Fire.  They will abide therein forever.

After pointing out that Haykal was not the only Islamic source I possess which reveals the same information on Nahklah and points to the exact same Quranic reference, one would have thought that I had just committed a mortal sin worthy of the death penalty.  For both Mohamad and Randa became combative, accusatory, and irrational, even to the point of discrediting their own holy book.  I needed to learn how to study or my Ph.D. pursuit is totally fallacious if I could not find a better source than Haykal, were their immediate accusations.  A question from Randa asked why I was even focusing on this at all.

When I responded to Randa’s question about relevance, I reminded her that Mohamad was the one who raised the question in the previous class, and that I assured him that I would bring him the references.  Her retort was to accuse me of only being critical of Islam; that I had not been that way of any of the other religions up to that point (which was a bald-faced lie).  Not only had I been critical of Hinduism and Buddhism’s ideas involving circularity in time, reincarnation, and the occult practice of yoga, but we critically analyzed the ideas of sallekhana in Jainism, what I call “free willyism” in Christianity (which included a critical discussion of even my pastor’s practice of the invitation), and the Jews constant rebellion by having the oracles of God, yet failing repeatedly to obey them, resulting in their temporary separation from God as His “chosen people.”  So, for Randa to make such an accusation was so far out of line as to border on ulterior motive for even making it.

The remainder of the lecture amounted to nothing more than one big, constant interruption.  If Mohamad or Randa were not interrupting me with questions and commentary that were either irrelevant or incoherent, they were interrupting others in the class who were trying to ask me questions.  And then when I tried to answer the other student’s questions, then it was more personal accusations.  For instance, one student tried to asked me about the implementation of Shari’a Law, particularly in reference to an article from Reliance of the Traveler, which dealt with dhimmitude.  Before the student could finish asking her question and where and why such a law would be applicable, Mohamad loudly interrupted her in mid-sentence, to which she snapped at him, “Would you please stop interrupting me while I’m trying to ask the professor a question?”  He backed down momentarily, only to continue his bellicose diatribe later.  The bottom line is that neither Mohamad, nor Randa, were going to listen, regardless of the answer and the source of justification for it.  In 20/20 hindsight the whole evening seemed orchestrated for disruption, much like Muslims have done elsewhere to thwart the telling of the truth about their oppressive religion.

At about 8:15 p.m. that evening Mohamad lost total control, jumped up, shouted what others thought was a physical threat to my being after one student gave a second statement of what she thought about Islam, explaining the scariness of Muhammad’s behavior.  Mohamad blurted out “you should be scared.”  His emotional outburst, once again, had to do with a question about his personality change when he arrived at Medina.  Mohamad accused me of not citing authentic material, even though I was quoting directly from the Qur’an as I held it up before the class.

To Randa Bedair and Mohamad Khorchid, your actions betray your true characters.  Not only did you act shamefully, despicably, recklessly, and carelessly, you provided the perfect illustration of what happens to those who really and truly follow Islamic principles.  Lying, cheating, and stealing all for the sake of Allah.  Surely you must be proud.  My heart breaks for you.

Update: Derengowski, on his blog, states that neither the Thomas More Law Center nor ACLJ have been willing to assist in his case against Islamic supremacism in the U.S. That is extremely disappointing and disturbing if true. If he were Muslim there would be dozens of lawyers lining up to offer pro bono services and plenty of media coverage. Read it at  Thomas More Law Center Does What? Restores and Defends?


18 thoughts on “Texas professor forced out by Muslim students set to fight back

  1. It is unfortunate that the Powers That Be many decades ago, did not have the foresight to stop or hinder the influx of Islam into American society. Now non-Muslim society is paying the price. It will get worse yet, believe me.

    • Steve, I will NEVER understand why…Why after 9/11 they allowed them to migrate here like a roach invasion WITHOUT BACKGROUND CHECKS!

      Two days ago Australia told them to be part of the country…speak the language…abide by their rules or leave!

      Japan will NOT allow them to have citizenship…for your own reading “pleasure”…and yes it is…Google what stringent rules they have set up for the Muslims. For one, they are, of course, allowed to pray IN THEIR OWN HOMES. They have to learn Japanese….you will like what you read.

        • Australia has allowed it to go too far 3 x’s now…and they are backing up again.
          It is NOT criticism on my part…look at the U.S.!!!!
          It is more of a hope, “Please do NOT do what we have done here! Be better and watch out for your citizens and your country.”

  2. I would like to know what this professor expects to gain from going to trial? Just his tenure? What more?
    I don’t blame him.

    But I don’t understand why he needs money. The Thomas More Law Center does their work Pro Bono.

    Is it the person they need to work in the county? It would seem that person would not need much….and should be doing it pro bono also.

    • Priceless, I’ll answer your questions, since I’m the one directly involved. One, the TMLC is in Michigan, I am in Texas. TMLC does work pro bono, as you mention, and has been trying to find a pro bono lawyer with specific credentials to file the suit in Federal court this whole time. They have called and emailed and contacted all kinds of people here, and I even tried to locate someone who fit their criteria after all of TMLC’s resources dried up. TMLC could not find anyone to work with them. Finally, after waiting all these months, I located a lawyer for another matter related to the TCC incident, but was actually inquiring about what I could do with the female Muslim who libeled me in her writings. During the hour or so long discussion I had with him it turned to TMLC, what they were looking for in a lawyer, and what I needed to have in order to make the lawsuit fly. It was at that time that he divulged to me his credentials as someone who dealt with what I was asking about in terms of the Muslim student, but he was also a member of the federal court that TMLC had been asking about. The only catch is that he was not pro bono. So, I needed to find a way to pay him. Next week, since my TMLC lawyer has been on maternity leave since mid-October, they will finally get together and make arrangements on pressing ahead with what really had started last December.

      Two, there are actually two and possibly more lawsuits in the works. It just depends on a few details that the federal investigators are working out as I type. I have had to retain my own counsel, at my expense, while the wheels of justice churn ever so slowly. TCC has dug in its heels and continues to stonewall any attempts to have its irrational position undisclosed. The administrators are faced with an almost endless number of conundrums that they created when they published the Executive Summary of Inquiry last February, and until some one pushes them legally, I’ll remain their scapegoat. Well, I’m not interested in being their scapegoat and allow these two Muslim terrorists get away with their terror and the TCC admins to get away with their incompetence. The truth must be told, otherwise we’re all the worse for it, regardless if the person lives in Texas, Tennessee, or Timbuktu. Yet, it costs money to fight this battle; money that TCC has, which likely includes healthy donations from a large Muslim contingent here in North Texas.

      Now that I’ve answered your legitimate questions of concern, will you help me help you by standing with me in what looks like a long, difficult battle to preserve freedom, financially? Whether you will or won’t, thank you anyway for at least thinking about it. Take care. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9BBQWY7UCGUUQ

  3. Why do you even argue with these crazed people who do not want to hear, anything you say> They really know how to twist anything said,to their advantage.And then the officals start shaking and running in different directions trying to fiqure out how to get out of this mess. Which always is punishment for the non-muslim. These no backbone leaders need to stand up for the TRUTH and state you muslims are in the wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What is wrong with the College administrators, if the students don’t like the professor, then, drop the class. This is really pathetic that we, and especially Texas, are giving up our rights to these creatures.

    • You’re exactly right, Leo. All of this is bound to come out in the wash, and I suspect that if the motives are as ugly as all the garbage hurled at me this past year, we’re all going to be shocked, outraged, and deeply disheartened when we find out. What TCC has done is not American; it’s tyrannical. It’ something that the two Muslim students know all about, if their knowledge of Islamic history and doctrine was as they claimed when I started the first lecture, namely “very well.”

  5. First of all…why does anyone continue to call this “Islam” a religion??? When in FACT…it is NOT! It is a “cult!”

    Perhaps…”if” more people “start” to refer to it for what it really is…maybe, “just” maybe…it will be treated as it should be treated and removed from “America!”…at least! Then…the rest of the world…”might”…have a chance!!!

    • The information I feel we, ALL AMERICANS, need today about the ‘system of islam’ is available thru an excellent, learned author,
      Dr. Jim Murk!

      Dr. Jim Murk is a friend of mine — I have read all 4 of his books ; the titles of the books are: (available on Amazon)
      “Islam Rising . . .The Never Ending Jihad Against Christianity” Book I
      “Islam Rising . . . The Never Ending Jihad Against the Jews and Israel” Book 2
      “Islam Rising . . .The Never Ending Jihad Against America and the West ” Book 3

      ‘ “The Coming Great Global Earthquake . . . Islam in Bibical Prophecy” the “antichrist coming as a moslem”, etc., etc. Book 4
      (Book 4 is RIGHT ON TARGET with the ‘End of Time” , ‘The Last Days’, ‘The 2nd Coming’, etc.)

      Dr. Jim Murk has 3 masters degrees (including middle east history, etc.) and a doctorate in theology! ( He makes himself available to
      speak/present his backgnd on islam to church groups, government groups, etc.)
      His email address is: murkfam@citizens-tel.net; feel most comfortable in making contact with him at anytime!!!

      Dr. Murk has read the koran about a dozen times, frontwards and backwards, and in 4 places it states . . .’kill all Christians and Jews’ . . . .the ‘system’ of islam is CLEARLY A SYSTEM OF THE ‘BEAST’ –satan!!!! The ‘beast’ is, of course, NOT ‘dumb’ and can take advantage of BILLIONS of the huminoids on this earth VERY EASILY what with the low intelligence in the vast majority of the population, especially the moslems, now estim. at 1.48 billion , in 57 countries on our planet earth!!! Is there another quote/ unquote ‘religion’ on planet earth that advocates violence and killing????????????? HELLO !!!!
      The ‘nut job’, Mohammad, was an illerate, murderer, pediphile, thief, etc., etc, and per Dr. Murk’s findings, ‘demonically possessed’! In his demonic fits, spitting sands in Mecca, out of his mouth would come words clearly spoken AND written down by those around him. These ‘words’ became verses and chapters in the koran, no less!!! Right out of the MOUTH OF SATAN, NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!!!!!

      The continued level of ignorant, pathetic ‘tolerance’ in our AMERICA, still the land of the free, is also INCREDIBLE, including Christian churches, and with lots and lots of just ‘regular’ folks. I know this CLEARLY from my visits ‘out and about’, etc. WE HAVE GOT TO GET SMARTER AND MORE EDUCATED ON THIS. THE MOSLEMS ARE EVIL AND ISLAM IS AN EVIL SYSTEM RIGHT TO THE CORE!!!!!



      just me, your HARDENED PATRIOT AND VIETNAM VETERAN . . . .


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