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  1. SOME ONE didn’t explain what the 2 words he has used in the last 4 years means, TRUTH=NOT TO LIE
    TRANSPARENCY=to see through, So he sure doesn’t have a dictionary that has the same translated as Websters. Or maybe he had those taken out of his.


    • i’m listening to the election returns at this moment & i hope & pray that your summation is correct: “this liar will no longer be america’s problem”. let us all do our duty & vote pinocchio out of the white house! he should not only be voted OUT, but he must be put on trial for treason for his role in “benghazigate”!!

      • Seriously no matter who they SAY won when the day is over, there will be so many technical problems, etc. with the voting machines on the East coast after the hurricane that we’re going to have to do the same thing as back in 2000 with the Bush-Gore count – a Supreme Court judge will have to make the final decision. How much you wanna bet.

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  3. People in states 1-50 vote for Mr. Romney. People in states 51-57 vote for Mr. Obama. Jesus voted for Mr. Romney Today.

  4. Four more years of obama, To our American friends on this site who knew what was/is at stake, and who voted correctly, I’m sure we in other countries sympathize.

    To Americans who voted for obama—–you bloody fools.

    For four years America has gone downhill, and apparently most Americans want that to continue. “To continue doing the same thing, and expect a different result, is insanity”.

  5. Out of his “own” mouth!!!


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