Hijra in Reverse: The Duty (of Muslims) to Emigrate

via Gates of Vienna

Our guest essayist VaeVictis wrote a historical account of Las Navas de Tolosa in this space last July. He returns with an examination of the Koranic obligation imposed on Muslims which requires them to emigrate to Dar al-Islam if they find themselves ruled by infidels, living in a “position of inferiority”.

Why is it, then, that so many devout Muslims have chosen to live in the lands of the infidel West, and do not return to the Islamic world as soon as they have the opportunity?

VaeVictis presents us with a surprising answer: Muslims in the West do not in fact live in a position of inferiority.

Hijra in Reverse: The Duty to Emigrate
by VaeVictis

Modern day Muslim immigration to Western nations is a well-known and easily-observed phenomenon. However, most Westerners are ignorant of one of Islam’s oldest tenets, known as “the obligation to emigrate”, which mandates quite the opposite behavior. Stated plainly, the obligation to emigrate is simply an extension of the prohibition against living under infidel rule. If Muslims find themselves living under such circumstances it is their duty to emigrate to Muslim lands as soon as they are physically and fiscally capable of doing so.

Obviously there appears to be a blatant contradiction in the behavior of millions of Muslims regarding this injunction. Are we to believe that all Muslims today residing in non-Muslim countries have simply forsaken an important aspect of Islamic law for personal convenience or economic gain? If so, where is the condemnation? Are there fatwas, or even the hint of debate one would expect from Muslim scholars and the rest of the Muslim world?

To answer these questions requires a closer examination of the practice within Islamic jurisprudence. The concept’s origins are rooted in the belief that Islam, as the one true religion, must never be subject to another religion or put in a position of inferiority.[1] At the same time it is considered not only lawful, but theologically proper for Islam to assume a position of dominance over other faiths.

The Quranic prohibitions against living under non-Muslim rule are remarkably strongly worded and unambiguous. Because these ayat (verses) are essential to this discussion, they are listed here.[2]

Sura 4:97-100:

As for those whose souls are taken by the angels (at death) while in a state of unbelief, they will be asked by the angels: “What (state) were you in?” They will answer: “We were oppressed in the land.” And the angels will say: “Was not God’s earth large enough for you to migrate?” Their abode will be Hell, and what an evil destination!(97) But those who are helpless, men, women and children, who can neither contrive a plan nor do they know the way, (98) May well hope for the mercy of God; and God is full of mercy and grace. (99) Whosoever leaves his country in duty to God will find many places of refuge, and abundance on the earth. And he who leaves his home and becomes an emigre in the way of God and His Messenger, and death overtake him, is sure to receive his reward from God; for God is forgiving and kind. (100)

Sura 8:72b:

You are not responsible for protecting those who embraced the faith but did not leave their homes, until they do so. In case they ask for your help in the name of faith, you are duty bound to help them, except against a people with whom you have a treaty; for God sees all that you do. (72)

Sura 16:110:

But (to) those who were victimized and left their homes and then fought and endured patiently, your Lord will surely be forgiving and kind.(110)

Sura 29:56:

O My creatures who believe, surely My earth has plenty of scope and so worship only Me. (56)

Notably the only exception permitted was the inability to emigrate, as stated in Sura 4:98 above. Accordingly most fatwas permitting living in infidel lands only for exceptional reasons such as: physical incapacity such as age or disability, fiscal inability to acquire the means necessary to leave and an immediate danger in travelling. Some fatwas condemned even Muslim merchants from entering the non-Muslim world in the course of trade or commerce.[3]

The most important precedent of all is Muhammad’s Hijra from Mecca to Medina.

When faced with the superior strength of the non believers he retired to Medina until he was strong enough to return and subdue Mecca.

Following the example of the Prophet, emigration during times of war is acceptable so long as it is viewed as a temporary setback to be regained later under more favorable conditions.

The year of this event assumes no less important role than the first year of the Islamic calendar, referred to as A.H. or anno hegirae, the year of the Hijra.

In the face of such a clearly defined prohibition within both the Quran and the Sunnah (the Prophet’s behavior), one must wonder how modern-day immigration is so acceptable and widespread among Muslims?

The underlying reason for the apparent chasm between Quranic injunction and Muslim action lies in the remarkable successes of Islam’s early conquests.

Continue reading the complete essay Hijra in Reverse: The Duty to Emigrate at GoV but one more excerpt that really covers it:

The additional reason, specific to our modern world, is that being an ethnic minority in a Western nation is no longer a position of lesser power.

Remember that the underlying basis for the prohibition against living under infidel rule is because Islam must never be put in a place of inferiority or subservience to another religion.

The ability of Muslim minorities to wield power and consume resources disproportionate to their numbers points to greater strength, not less.

Muslims know their duty and what comes next.

14 thoughts on “Hijra in Reverse: The Duty (of Muslims) to Emigrate

  1. All mute points. TODAY America is a muslim country. Within a short period of time Americans will find themselves enslaved to islam.
    The so called Obama care is a JIZYA collection plan.

    • America is not Muslim Country. The Islamic coalition is in fact afraid. Their attempts to use the freedom of speech to further their racist hatred of non Muslims and all other faiths is failing.Every day they are being exposed and people are recognizing their true intent to impose sharia and have an Islamic state. Freedom will prevail. Bullies are not tolerated here. Oppose Islamic sharia.

      • Let’s look at each statement you made.

        America is not Muslim Country. / true although our govt spends more money on Islam-related things than any other religions combined
        The Islamic coalition is in fact afraid. / false
        Their attempts to use the freedom of speech to further their racist hatred of non Muslims and all other faiths is failing. / more false
        Every day they are being exposed and people are recognizing their true intent to impose sharia and have an Islamic state. / true
        Freedom will prevail. / not likely, freedoms are being lost every day & with each exec order & every new $ of debt
        Bullies are not tolerated here. / patently false
        Oppose Islamic sharia. / it requires opposing those who want sharia

    • Nonsense. islam is being systematically destroyed everyday by the truth, especially here in the US.

      “AMERICAN LAWS FOR AMERICAN COURTS” is spreading like a wildfire across the states & that STOPS sharia law flat in its’ tracks, which islam cannot survive without. In addition to that there is “Rachel’s Law” which protects individuals from lawfare at the state level of their right to Free Speech thereby protecting our right to expose islam for what it is. Finally, there is the laws banning Female Genital Mutilation & prosecuting those who butcher girls/women being passed too. That’s a Trifecta for the deconstruction of islam.

      End note: I’ve yet to fire a round so NO ONE is enslaved or ever will be by any filthy koranimals in the US. (Spit!)

      MAN UP!

        • Actually, he got reelected because of his entitlement programs & Mitt’s lack of credibility as being a conservative with core values that represented what we “True believers”, as he called us, have. The RNC failed putting forth someone who was capable of winning his OWN home state. WTF were they thinking? They’re responsible for this atrocity & further betrayal of our way of life. Gee?? Let’s put up a candidate whose not really liked in his home state (or anywhere since his platform was basically O’s platform, i.e. RomneyCare, gay marriage, immigration & there’s more) let alone any other of the 3 states he’s from yet incapable of winning. Good F’n job, RNC. I’m ALL FOR drug testing everyone in the RNC once a week to ensure they’re not confused with the “fog of war” inside the filthy beltway before they make another monumental mistake that will look like the GW monument in DC. If they had any pride they’d hang themselves for what they’ve done to the US of A.

          The one place where we can be a sword in hussein’s side is by continuing our path on exposing islam. He can’t stop that yet..yet.

          I understand the whole “I’ve got bunchy panties today + PMS” but it’s time to MAN UP. What’s done is done & we’ve got a job to do.

          • your assessment of the extremely tiny minority of folks even attempting to expose sharia/islam is as optimistic as Romney voters were yesterday

            the small victories are far outweighed by the constant setbacks so at least we can agree there is a job to do

            that’s not bunchy panties that’s reality

  2. The next party you go to, look around and ask yourself how many of these people understand the nature of Islam and what is really going on. It won’t be one in ten. This is key to the success of the creep.

  3. Peter35, you’re nothing but a Caring Understand N Tolerant coward that doesn’t belong in this fight. You lack the basic understanding that we’re all in this together & if we disagree, it’s not a fight that’s “winner vs loser” in any sense what-so-ever. This is a war & if you’re “upset” about a well planned & CERTAIN outcome then you should stick to sucking your thumb.

    How many people actually know that the RNC kept people OFF the ballots to ensure R&R was the ticket?! Seriously? You have all been force fed your candidates like a goose being fed for fois gras until it’s is ready to be fed to a certain elite that controls all aspects of your “choices” in every election. For CRYING OUT LOUD…this is an affront to everything this country stands for yet you all claim that R&R didn’t get elected b/c of what exactly??? You were NEVER allowed to chose your own choice. I D I O T S.

    Wake up. They’ve forced their choices upon you like an aborted fetus chooses its’ clinic. So know you see that the RNC aborted you all while claiming to be for the conservative party while dining on your corn-fed liver.

    Haha…roll snare drum….lights….curtains….

    • If you’d been following this site for any length of time you’d know by now I’m way ahead of you, sonny. Your comment is as poor as your English and spelling and you’re the one who neeeds to ‘wake up’.

      There are several reasons why R@R were not elected, but the main one–despite what anyone says–is that the cowardly, traitorous media painted Romney as a monster who would ruin the economy, and even you, Bayou, know that Romney has an excellent record in that respect, and it’s the media’s darling-obama-who is running America into the ground, to make it ‘easy meat’ for his muslim thugs who have already infiltrated just about everything. Get well soon.

      • Sure thing, pops. The only things you’re way ahead me on is your age & arrogance.

        Keep ignoring everything that led us to the “choices”. Hope you get over that spell.

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