Sharia: Maker of Muhammad film sentenced to year in prison

Just the first sign of what’s to come in Obama’s second term. Well timed to conclude the day after the election. The Muslim world is celebrating a double victory today. via The Associated Press: Calif. man behind anti-Muslim film gets prison.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The California man behind an anti-Muslim film that roiled the Middle East was sentenced Wednesday to a year in prison for violating his probation stemming from a 2010 bank fraud conviction by lying about his identity.

U.S. District Court Judge Christina Snyder immediately sentenced Mark Basseley Youssef after he admitted to four of the eight alleged violations, including obtaining a fraudulent California driver’s license. Prosecutors agreed to drop the other four allegations under an agreement with Youssef’s attorneys, which also included more probation.

None of the violations had to do with the content of “Innocence of Muslims,” a film that depicts Mohammad as a religious fraud, pedophile and womanizer.

However, Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Dugdale argued Youseff’s lies about his identity have caused harm to others, including the film’s cast and crew. The movie sparked violence in the Middle East, killing dozens.

“They had no idea he was a recently released felon,” Dugdale said Wednesday. “Had they known that, they might have had second thoughts” about being part of the film.

Youssef’s attorney Steven Seiden said his client admits to being the film’s scriptwriter but had no other involvement except what he described as being a “cultural adviser.”

Youssef, 55, was arrested in late September, just weeks after he went into hiding when the deadly violence erupted in the Middle East.

Enraged Muslims had demanded severe punishment for Youssef, with a Pakistani cabinet minister even offering $100,000 to anyone who kills him.

Federal authorities initially sought a two-year sentence for Youssef but settled on a one-year term after negotiating a deal with Youssef’s attorneys. Prosecutors said they wouldn’t pursue new charges against Yousseff — namely making false statements — and would drop the remaining four probation-violation allegations leveled against him. But Youssef was placed on four years’ probation and must be truthful about his identity and his future finances.

Seiden asked that his client be placed under home confinement, but Snyder denied that request. Youssef will spend his time behind bars at a Southern California prison.

Youssef served most of his 21-month prison sentence for using more than a dozen aliases and opening about 60 bank accounts to conduct a check fraud scheme, prosecutors said.

After he was released from prison, Youssef was barred from using computers or the Internet for five years without approval from his probation officer.

Federal authorities have said they believe Youssef is responsible for the film, but they haven’t said whether he was the person who posted it online. He also wasn’t supposed to use any name other than his true legal name without the prior written approval of his probation officer.

At least three names have been associated with Youssef since the film trailer surfaced — Sam Bacile, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and Youssef. Bacile was the name attached to the YouTube account that posted the video.

“This is a defendant who has engaged in a long pattern of deception,” Dugdale said. “His dishonesty goes back years.”

Court documents show Youssef legally changed his name from Nakoula in 2002, though when he was tried, he identified himself as Nakoula. He wanted the name change because he believed Nakoula sounded like a girl’s name, according to court documents.

After the hearing, Seiden told reporters he had a message to relay from his client.

“The one thing he wanted me to tell all of you is President Obama may have gotten Osama bin Laden, but he didn’t kill the ideology,” Seiden said.

Remember the Pakistani interior minister claimed credit for US film producer’s arrest and Obama did not disappoint the ummah. Expect the Islamic blasphemy law to pass in some form or fashion before 2016.

21 thoughts on “Sharia: Maker of Muhammad film sentenced to year in prison

  1. It is truly disgusting what Obama and his minions have done this man and his family. Now I await for the answers about the Benghazi 4.God bless

    • Yes, you will need GOD, because it seems there is no one in the US who is able or willing to derail the agenda of this Muslim/Marxist , now voted in AGAIN by the majority of Americans.
      I guess you can’t fix stupid!

  2. So what about that muslim on the streets of Florida screaming out to send the Jews back to the ovens!!! Okay, she should be charged with blasphemy as well ! So, they have the video..lock her up!!!

  3. Anti-Muslim Film Maker Donated a Million $ and Campaigned for Obama
    Blame the movie.

    Even though “the movie” was on YouTube for months prior to the collective indignation of thousands of Middle Eastern Islamists all coming together on the eleventh anniversary of September 11th (through a wild coincidence, no doubt), we are being told by our government and our media overlords that we must blame the movie.

    Continue Reading:

  4. “This is a defendant who has engaged in a long pattern of deception,” Dugdale said. “His dishonesty goes back years.”

    Uh, How is it that one culprit goes to jail; and a newly re-elected one stays as the president of the united states…just wondering?

  5. God is angry at America. He has placed a reprobate at the head of it. We should have been very careful what we allowed the politically correct to teach our children. Now the have-nots want something for free and have no understanding of working for it. America is heading for the decline.

    rep·ro·bate (rpr-bt)
    1. A morally unprincipled person.
    2. One who is predestined to damnation.
    1. Morally unprincipled; shameless.
    2. Rejected by God and without hope of salvation.
    tr.v. rep·ro·bat·ed, rep·ro·bat·ing, rep·ro·bates
    1. To disapprove of; condemn.
    2. To abandon to eternal damnation. Used of God.

    • God is NOT angry at us. God has NO hand in placing EVIL at the head of our country.

      Our Country was attacked from within.
      OBAMA DID NOT WIN THE FIRST TIME…nor was he “voted” in this time.

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  7. America is oj the road to decline. America preaches freedom to many Country like China, but can go ahead to jail a man who showed his disagreement with another religion. Moslems have killed and maimed many people all over the world but are treated as sacred cows. I wonder whether people know how the minorities are treated in Moslem countries.

  8. from the article, it appears that the “authorities” who railroaded this man [youssef] are still blaming the libyan terrorist murder attack on the silly film that he produced. we now know that it was NOT the result of the showing of the film, but it was a planned attack & the faux POTUS excerbated it by ordering all assistance to STAND DOWN. he is, even though he did not hold the weapon, the murderer!…& to think that he was re-elected by idiots to finish the destruction of this nation that he started 4 years ago!

  9. Just hope this poor victim of Obamanation is held in solitary away from muslim prisoner predators of which there are many in the prisons of the US …that $100,000 reward would be a lucrative start to their jihadist life upon their release…Obviously ” the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam” ( Obamas UN Declaration) this is ” the new normal ” of America, can you believe it???

    • Aussie ‘Jilleroo’, yes, I can. I feel really sorry for the decent Americans who saw through the muslim imposter in the W.H. and voted for Romney, who might have got America out of the train wreck it’s heading for. No sympathy for those who voted for obama; they are bringing a great country to it’s knees, and deserve everything coming their way.

    • @ Kelly, WE know that, but whats important to Hillary and Barry is that their VOW, made straight after Benghazi , to hold the anti islam video maker to account, is SEEN to be fulfilled by the worlds muslims,,.. they believe he’s in prison for that ” crime” and the Obama gangsta regime have not said a thing to inform them otherwise,

  10. Also, the way this whole video affair was handled by Eric Holders DOJ, with the film maker arrested in the middle of the night escorted by a ton of security that had it been in Benghazi would have secured the compound,,,,was ridiculous theatrics played out for a muslim audience, along with his identity being exposed to fit the narrative of the much hated ” coptic christian” and ” islamophobia..” .

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