Americans Aged 18-29 Have More Favorable Response To Socialism Than Capitalism

We saw this on Zero Hedge prior to the election and the election results made us revisit and post.

Immigration is one of, if not the most critical issue shaping the future of the U.S. Without it, we wouldn’t be seeing 80%+ of all immigrants to the U.S. from third world countries. We surely wouldn’t see a doubling of mosques in the U.S. since 9/11 nor the need for new laws specifically banning Islamic sharia law in U.S. courts. Yet we do. And there are many more consequences of the rapidly changing demographics in the U.S.

via Americans Aged 18-29 Have A More Favorable Response To Socialism Than To Capitalism

…a Pew survey of America’s youth, or those aged 18-29, more have a positive view response toward Socialism than they do toward Capitalism. We will leave it at that.

Socialism: 49% Positive / 43% Negative:

And Capitalism: 46% Positive / 47% Negative:

A separate post had this, America’s Demographic Cliff: The Real Issue In The Coming, And All Future Presidential Elections:

The younger population is by far the more crime-prone age cohort, according to the Department of Justice and the FBI Uniform Crime report. The DOJ publishes an annual report on arrests by age, the first occurring in 1980 and the latest in 2009. Over these years, the number of total arrests has increased by 30.9% for the entire population; for the 65+ population, it’s gone up 0.3%. Moreover, the Baby Boomer generation (in 2009, ages 45-53) accounted for only about 7% of all crimes. What were their most “Popular” crimes? Drunkeness and DUI. Violent crimes are almost exclusively the MO of the 18-29 cohort, who account for almost half (44%) of all arrests.

The 18-29 age demographic have a positive view of socialism, a negative view of capitalism, and account for a majority of all arrests and violent crimes.

To wit, segments of that demographic were celebrating on Twitter last night after the U.S. presidential election: With first post-racial president reelected, ‘Fuck white people’ trends on Twitter.

Couple that with the 40% of Muslims in U.S. who want sharia law, 46% say criminalize blasphemy, and some Muslims in U.S. want the death penalty for such behavior and we have a growing problem.

We are at a tipping point where the majority favor liberty and individual rights and are willing to fight for it are overwhelmed by the soon to be majority who could care less about liberty, don’t abide by the laws anyway, and would rather be loyal to a Chavez-like dictatorship who fools them into believing the collective leads to prosperity. The road to serfdom is paved with good intentions.

Update: Ann Coulter figures it out in AMERICA NEARS EL TIPPING POINTO December 5, 2012.

What the youth vote shows is not that young people are nitwits who deserve lives of misery and joblessness, as I had previously believed, but that America is hitting the tipping point on our immigration policy.

The youth vote is a snapshot of elections to come if nothing is done to reverse the deluge of unskilled immigrants pouring into the country as a result of Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act. Eighty-five percent of legal immigrants since 1968 have come from the Third World. A majority of them are in need of government assistance.

And they prefer government handouts and the tyranny that comes with it over liberty.

24 thoughts on “Americans Aged 18-29 Have More Favorable Response To Socialism Than Capitalism

  1. The US like the rest of the western world have having the same problem that has been wrote about here too many immigrants has now took it’s toll on the US Obamo for the immigrants, also lefties that enable these people which this Leo sees has the underdog. And he is black so if you what to retain the US the indigenious he is not for you. So the immigrants, Muslims, and white lefties whom will start screaming when their country they are sharing starts becoming the immigrants country moving on from that they will find them selves in a war with the Muslim extremist in the next 5yrs-10yrs. Which will of course be their own fault and they will then realise this and it will be too late to their horror the crocodile is going to eat them after all.

    The US has it was known now is in Muslim hands and this next 4yrs is going to be the ruination of a once great country. The females that have voted from the abortion issues perspective and other female related needs well Obamo has said all the right things to get him back in will find they have swopped this to be wearing the Burka has this has now been enabled by these stupid people. Because Obamo does noth ing to stop burkas and the Muslims behaviour to females in the US even though he knows they are repressed by this religion no he quietly lets it go on whjile the US falls of the fisical cliff. Because he does not have a clue he is a bluff artist.

    Immigration will now carry on in it’s masses will him not allowing enough staff to make sure the border are covered has he has been doing all along. They that vote for him are so short sighted .

    • Welcome to the last reincarnation of Rome;this is definitely the END OF AMERICA ;SOCIALISM IS THE END OF THE WORLD;IT IS AN ABSOLUTE.HALF OF AMERICA IS NOT WORTH THE DOGSHIT ON MY LAWN.I WILL NOT HELP IN ANY WAY THESE SWINE PEOPLE.As I said before;Islam is being used to cause anarchy and foment terror in order to drive the herd by STAMPEDE INTO THE WAITING ARMS OF MICHELE OBAMA;A TRAINED OPERATIVE AND HANDLER .

  2. Now that obama care is becoming a reality. Let it be known that it is an undercover method of extracting JIZYA from Amnerica.
    Americans would balk at openly paying the JIZYA tax to islam but as insurance it is hidden from them.
    Islam has taken over America and placed their Caliph in charge….

  3. So what is plan B? What do we do now? How do we fight back?

    People aren’t interested in being educated. We tried that. We got educated along the way…who knows more about Islam than they had ever cared to know? Us.

    They don’t care. Might care when there is no more free stuff and they can feel the loss of freedom and liberty. But by then it is too late for all.

    Proactive ideas?

    • I’ve been asking this question all along…writing letters to “our” Congressmen & Women and Senators and all the “other” Politicians…OBVIOUSLY…doesn’t help!!!

      Whatever NEEDS to be be done…count me in!

      This “ignorance” in America or “just don’t care” attitude…HAS TO STOP!

      We are fighting a “cult” that our Government “endorses!”

      go figure…!!!

    • there’s more than one threat to this country and more than one thing grown ups and youth need to be educated on – how this country was founded for starters, the Constitution and what led to it, concepts of individual liberty and the opposite, some basis knowledge of economics, and the list goes on

      know your audience and educate them on things that are important to them – if it’s not sharia then it might be freedom of speech or the 2nd amendment or taxes – this is not a one dimensional battle and everyone needs to adapt

      for those still stuck in the left/right, gop/dem mindset hopefully this easily predictable beating is a wake up call

    • THERE IS ALWAYS FREE STUFF FOR SCUMBAGS;As far as education;they are indoctrinated ;not educated.A guaranteed decent income is had for those who are “””PARTY MEMBERS IN THE POLITBURO.LEARN TO SPEAK BOLSHEVIK.

    • The next thing is to take to the streets in large numbers. Carry the signs. Be ready to commit civil disobedience. IOW, start taking risks with our physical safety. Are we ready for that?

  4. people who reject capitalism & accept the concepts of socialism are uninformed. capitalism, is the means of progress that our country has chosen. if it were not for capitalism, we would still be standing on the seashore trying to trade seashells, bone beads & fish hooks. these silly kids are drinking far too much “kool-ade”…perhaps it’s been allowed to ferment!

  5. I think it’s evident we are quickly headed to a showdown. Whether we are headed to a civil war is not the question. The question is how soon are we headed to this point. I fear the answer may be sooner than many think. Obama’s talk of ‘Revenge’ and Valerie Jarrett’s declaration that they looked forward to ‘Punishing’ those who opposed them, is an indicator of what we are facing. Bring it!

  6. A best start to fight back is to ask our representatives to listen to arguments for and against Mosque on U.S soil.

    If we, the American public want to keep our best hope in tact, this issue is huge..

    So, what say you?

  7. The have-nots have spoken.. May be time to focus on the left who are teaching the children? Something for nothing is the Obama badge. When the muslims start raging on them the light may come on. A trip to France or Dearborn MI should do it.

  8. “F–k white people”, nice, that. Coupled with a comment I saw somewhere just before the election “I ain’t goan’ vote for no white honkey”, and you surely realize America is divided as never before–racially. Everyone knows of the indignities and horrors the blacks suffered, the racial division, the KKK etc.. Are we never to get past that point?

    As has been proven many times in the last 50 yrs, multiculturalism simply does not work, and while all countries with white and non-white populations have mixed marriages which work, it seems many of America’s black citizens, who are riding high at present, have become mouthy and overbearing, and need to be reminded that they make up only about 14% of the populace.

    To vote for a badly failed President just because he happens to be black is beyond ridiculous when the country is in such dire straits financially; while of course the young voted very much in favour of obama, and that surely makes elderly voters wish the voting age could be raised to 50.

    Have to say in conclusion to this little rant, that I like the comments by Zingara and John Daniels. I’ve been saying for a long time now that there will be massive violence in ‘Eurabia’, (Breivik was just the first) but in the US things do not look very salubrious either, and we in Canada are mightily concerned…………………….

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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