Muslim group sees victories in all 4 ‘Key Races’ targeted at Pelosi’s secret CAIR fundraiser

via Muslim group sees victories in all 4 ‘Key Races’ it targeted at fundraiser attended by Pelosi | Walid Shoebat. h/t @diana_west_

It appears that all 4 of the Congressional / Senate races targeted by the National Muslim Democratic Council (NMDC) – a Muslim group that included the participation of both the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and founder of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) – went their way. A fundraiser sponsored by the two Muslims in Congress – Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) – was also attended by House Minority leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

The details of the May 16, 2012 fundraiser were published by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). The group listed 4 “key races” (2 in the Senate and 2 in the House) and is celebrating the results of all of them.

Those races were as follows:

MICHIGAN (Senate): Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) over Pete Hoekstra (R). This race was a runaway for the incumbent, who raised nearly three times as much money as Hoekstra, a congressman who has been one of the few to openly raise concerns about CAIR. In 2009, he was a signatory to a letter entitled, “Beware of CAIR” back in 2009. The NMDC’s support for Stabenow may have had more to do with defeating Hoekstra than it did with supporting the Democrat.

VIRGINIA (Senate): Tim Kaine (D) over George Allen (R). Very close race to fill the seat vacated by outgoing Democratic Senator Jim Webb. If the NMDC’s fundraising efforts had an impact on any of the election results, this may have been one of them.

FLORIDA (House): Patrick Murphy (D) over Allen West (R). West, also a vocal critic of CAIR, already faced an uphill battle when he was re-destricted. Nonetheless, he came very close but lost. The outspoken West was clearly viewed by groups like CAIR as a nuisance.

OHIO (House): Joyce Beatty (D) over Chris Long (R). This was a race with no incumbent as it is a newly created district that was won by Beatty.

Save for a handful of exceptions, the Republican Party has largely avoided confrontations with groups like CAIR. If the aforementioned results are any indication, it will not be able to do that much longer.

It’s not likely Muslims significantly affected any of these races. Ellison always wins and never has a viable, supported challenger; Hoekstra lost unanimously so likely didn’t have a chance; West was winning until a late night recount of early voting (read fraud) so 2,500 Muslim votes may have changed it; and the Ohio race was a toss up. That said, the Muslim population will double faster than any other and they have so infiltrated every government level even with just 1% of the population that this should be cause for serious concern.

PS: Most Muslims would be considered far right wingers yet they side with those whom in their home countries they’d behead.

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10 thoughts on “Muslim group sees victories in all 4 ‘Key Races’ targeted at Pelosi’s secret CAIR fundraiser

      • NO…Joy! Quite the opposite! It just seems that no matter what “I” do to “enlighten” people and Politicians to what is really happening…no one “hear’s!”

        The “attitude” I receive from most people is that of, “…AND?”

        It’s like, no matter what I put in their face, even when it’s words out of his own mouth (Obozo)…”they” still side with him!

        • Thank-you for answering…I feel better now. =)

          The only way I can understand how they can still think the way they do, in spite of so much information to the contrary, is to remember Isaiah 66:4. They are under a delusion. Also, Matthew 24. Specifically, verse 6 that states that, “…Such things must happen…” God Bless You!

          • “WOW…Joy!”

            “WE” are on the same page!!! I said to someone the “exact” same thing this morning on a different site “…all these things must come to pass before I (Jesus) return…” (paraphrased, of course)!!!

    • I agree. If I could have I would have temporarily moved to Florida to work on his campaign. He’s one of the “last hope” for the “once great” United States of America.

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