Victims of jihad attack at Fort Hood sue U.S. government

via Fort Hood shooting victims sue government – CBS News.

On the third anniversary of the Fort Hood rampage, 148 victims and family members sued the government Monday for compensation for the attack allegedly carried out by an Army psychiatrist who is awaiting trial.

The shooting at the Army base in Texas killed 13 people and wounded more than two dozen others.

The lawsuit alleging negligence by the government said that the Defense Department is avoiding legal and financial responsibility for the killings by referring to the shootings as “workplace violence” rather than as a terrorist attack.

The group also is suing the estate of Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical U.S.-born Islamic cleric who the victims say inspired the Army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Hasan, to carry out the attack. The two men exchanged emails before the shootings.

A year before the attack, the FBI uncovered the communications between Hasan and al-Awlaki, but failed to disclose the information to the Defense Department.

Al-Awlaki was killed in Yemen last year by a U.S. drone strike.

Authorities say Hasan faces the death penalty if convicted.

The victims and families said the U.S. military knew four years before the Nov. 5, 2009, shootings that the accused killer was a fanatic Islamist extremist who supported jihad, suicide attacks and violence.

The lawsuit attributed the government’s alleged inaction to elevating “political correctness” over national security.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. Last year, 83 of the victims and family members filed administrative claims that sought $750 million in compensation from the Army. Neal Sher, an attorney for the victims, said the government has “ignored these claims and under the law we really have been left with no choice” but to sue.

In a conference call with reporters, former Staff Sgt. Shawn N. Manning, who was shot six times by Hasan, said that the terrorism designation which the victims are seeking would cover the cost of the medical services that he requires. The terrorism designation would mean that the wounds the victims suffered qualify as combat-related, resulting in “a huge difference in benefits,” said Manning, who was medically discharged from the military about a month ago.

Watch this video hear more from the victims, Video: He Said Allahu Akbar, Obama Called it Workplace Violence

11 thoughts on “Victims of jihad attack at Fort Hood sue U.S. government

  1. The law suit should start with Naming Barack Obama at the top of the List followed by Leon Panetta, Sec of Defense, and work on down to the Commanding Officer at Fort Hood. The are all responsible out of Treason or Neglect of Duty. Does not matter which, the Result is the Same, an Active Duty Muslim Officer Committed a Jihadist Attack on our Our Soldiers, and this is Warfare, and the Obama Regime is Entirely Responsble for this act that could have been avoided by having arrested this Traitor Terrorist Hasan a couple of years before this Terrorist Attack occurred.

  2. And the survivors in Libya at Benghazi and the family of the Soldier in Little Rock at the Recruiting Station where a self-avowed, Middle Eastern Trained Terrorist, committed a Jihadist Attack, and the Feds refused to grant this guy and his fellow soldiers who were wounded, from even getting Purple Hearts. The blood of these 4 diplomats in Libya, is squarely on the hands of Obama and Hillary Clinton, and of the Obama Regime in general. This film had ZERO to do with this attack. It all was orchestrated for the benefit of Obama’s Campaign Efforts because these fools decided to Not Warn the Embassy Personnel, and in fact, the marines have were order to Disarm Themselves, and all for Obama to Try and Steal Another Election with the U.S. Media running his Propaganda Campaign by Reporting Obama and Hillary’s Lies as Facts. If we had not Armed and Supported the Islamic Terroris in Egypt, Egypt would not have failed, and Mubarak would never have allowed our embassy to be raided. And, had not Obama illegally Bombed and aided and abetted the Terrorists in Libya, Khadafi would not have been overthrown, and our embassy officials would still be alive, because Khadafi would not have allowed or tolerated this Attack. Obama Administration and State Department Allowed this To Happen for nothing But Political Purposes of Propping up Obama in an election year. And, right now, as I write, Obama and Hillary have Staged A Homecoming Event of Caskets complete with Media Coverage as a Campaign Backdrop and Hillary still blaming some You Tube Movie as an excuse for this Atrocity. These folks have got to go. Get out and Vote Against Obama in November 2012, or get ready to hand over USA sovereignty along with your personal Rights and Freedoms if this sorry SOB is reelected.

  3. Little Rock, Fort Hood, and Benghazi were all Islamic Terror attacks and need to be treated as such truthfully. I think it is right for the families to sue the government because the government has lied to all of us over these Terror attacks. The shame is that no amount of money will bring their family back.

    • I agree completely with the above comments, but I’ll bet they’re missing a key ingredient–the attention of the American main stream media.

      There was a time when newspapers printed the truth (well, most of it) and were reasonably unbiased, those days are long gone, as the US election has shown us with disgraceful clarity. Indeed, the US media has sunk to new lows in shockingly biased reporting in favour of their ill-clothed Emperor, and against the decent Mitt Romney, who did offer a hope of turning the lemmings back from the cliff.

      I have to admit I’m absolutely stunned at what obama and his gang are getting away with; and I’ll bet Richard Nixon’s ghost is more than a little ‘put out’.

  4. Does anyone really believe Obama would stand up for American soldiers over an Islamist? No way – Hasan’s his kin.
    By virtue of the fact that this man has been ‘untried’ for over 3 years, is sufficient to infuriate America….and he has not been demoted in rank which means he is still receiving his pay as an officer and a doctor (at least 4K , if not more, a month); he grew a beard and could not be court martialed since military cannot have facial hair – they FINALLY forcibly shaved him and now Hasan has civilian attorneys suing the military for this act.
    If and when our soldiers return safely from the mid-east, Obama needs to keep his mouth shut and his hands off any and everything military. Obama is throwing our military men in jail, stripping them of their pay and demoting their rate just for saying something Obama thinks is unfair
    on Twitter or Facebook – (spies everywhere)…loose lips sink ships so watch what you say online.

  5. jihad loving pres will protect his muzzie buddies and their tactics; we must not offend these miscreants and continue to be politically correct.
    a sad day in history of our great country when obama got second term.
    God help our country continue being strong against those who hate us which is the mideast, the mexicans, and islam terrorists.

    • Kruschev
      Warned USA

      Kruschev around 1960 gave the United States a warning when he said,
      “Communism will overtake and destroy your country without firing
      a shot.”(paraphrased) Kruschev knew for certain that we have
      already been compromised and you can thank the congrss and the media
      for that. Had they allowed McCarthy to continue, the Communists could
      have been found, tried, convicted and executed, and Kruschev would
      not been able to Boast They The Communists would destroy our great
      country. And, those Communists are still in the government and they
      are the one’s behind most every Alphabet Soup Leftist group in the
      country including ACORN, ACLU, SCLC, SPLC and others. It is time that
      We Demand our Government Not Fund These Subversive Groups any
      further. Now, we are the End Game. The KOMMIES Won. Obama and Clinton and Pelosi and others in the Dem Party today are nothing but out and out traitorous and seditious Kommunist with the aim of Ushering In a One World Kommunist Government with the USA just being one more Weak and Tired Nations living in slavery of the state. And, like in all Kommunist Revolutions, the Leaders Pit the Do Nothing Deadbeats Against the Producers. If it continues in this fashion with Obama’s Class Warfare and Racial Warfare Rhetoric with the Media News and Hollywood Repeating it, we will wind up the way of the French during the French Revolution where the Do Nothing Deadbeats will behead you if you happen to be somebody who takes a bath, wears clean clothes, and attempts to work for a living. Americans had better wake up. Many are awake, but the ones who really need to wake up are the Do Nothing Deadbeats who do not know they are being used to Destroy the Middle Class, and if the Kommies are successful in doing this, the Kommunist Centralized Government will forego elections, and the deadbeats who put them in power will be exterminated if they refuse to work in Forced Labor Camps. After The Kommies use up your usefulness, you are on your own and very expendable.

      • Jerome, I’m being a bit facetious here, but where do obama’s other buddies, the muslims, come into the equation–because they will NOT be left out? Comments?

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