Denmark: Muslim majority on local board, Christmas tradition canceled

via Jihad Watch.

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, dr.dkMuslims cancel Christmas celebration in housing area“:

The housing area Egedalsvænge in Kokkedal, Denmark, will not have a Christmas tree with lights this year. A small Muslim majority in the Egedalsvænge Board has refused to spend money on the Christmas tree a few days after a big Eid celebration….For decades it has been a tradition to have a Christmas tree with lights in the area between the buildings throughout the month of December. But now a majority in the Chamber Board refused to spend the approximately 1,000 dollars that a Christmas tree with lights costs.

The decision has attracted much attention since it was made three days after a big Islamic Eid party in Egedalsvænge. A mobile play ground, bungee jumping and a climbing wall was rented to make the Muslim celebration attractive for children and adults, and this event the Board had agreed to finance with appr. 10,000 dollars.

Although the small majority in the Chamber Board of Directors was democratically elected at the general meeting in September, the new course has surprised many. It is a sign of a lack of tolerance and inclusiveness from the new majority in the fund’s board of directors, says one person from the Egedalsvænge, where many refuse to talk to the media.

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18 thoughts on “Denmark: Muslim majority on local board, Christmas tradition canceled

  1. Yea, sure Islamist are tolerant.

    And wassup with Eid celebration?
    The USPS sent a high gloss ad with the various Christmas stamps and Kwanza stamp with the Eid celebration stamp.

  2. They invited them into Denmark, now, presumably the Danes are starting to wake up to just who these filthy, barbaric thugs are–good luck!

    • Peter35 ” They invited them into Denmark,now presumably the Danes are starting to wake up….” You are right, Now the Danes should NOT complaint, because the muslim are majority in Egedalsvaenge, and in Democracy majority ‘WINS” Welcome to Daneoisthan

      • Surj1936 yet another “stan!” It’s tragic, but we agree they brought it on themselves. What a pity the Danes didn’t get together and show those barbaric cretins they are unwelcome in Denmark–they could even help to wake up the Europeans–it has to happen!

    • they were surprised huh ? like they are not told over and over but like here they don’t listen. can’t happen here. It is what they say and still people don’t listenuntilit is to late. just like here!

    • correction- they do not want tolerance they want your submission- Christian and Jew -people of the Book are inferior to Muslims, others like athiest or Hindu are considered worse – unbelievers to be killed, Book People dhimmified

  3. OK, let’s not throw the Danes under the bus. We’ve all been uninformed to whatever degree about Islam at one time or another. We’re all in this together. Let’s give them whatever support they need. We’re all going to have to attain a level of ferocity we’ve not seen since WWII. Very few of us are there yet.

    Tolerance of Islam doesn’t make one righteous, just self-righteous.
    Muslims … Because stones can’t throw themselves.
    Islam is poison.

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  5. In Indonesia, the country of muslim majority and christian minority, people could see large christmas trees in the mall and shopping centers and various christmas gift cards around the places during christmas. Also during the eid celebrations, the muslims enjoy them by showing Indonesian traditional food ‘ketupat’ as a symbol of the celebration. Now this is the real picture of a true tolerant muslims.

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