Elected Muslims Declare: “Belgium Will Become an Islamic State”

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Two Muslim politicians, who just won municipal elections in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, on October 14, have vowed to implement Islamic Sharia law in Belgium.

The two candidates, Lhoucine Aït Jeddig and Redouane Ahrouch, both from the fledgling Islam Party, won seats in two heavily Islamized municipalities of Brussels, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and Anderlecht, respectively.

During a post-election press conference in Brussels on October 25, the two future councilors, who will be officially sworn in on December 3, said they regard their election as key to the assertion of the Muslim community in Belgium.

“We are elected Islamists but above all we are Muslims,” Ahrouch said. “Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people. As elected Muslims, we embrace the Koran and the tradition of the Prophet Mohammed. We believe Islam is a universal religion. Our presence on the town council will give us the opportunity to express ourselves,” said Ahrouch, who refuses to shake hands or make eye contact with females in public.

A one-hour video of the press conference in French has been posted on YouTube. At one point in the video (0:07:40) Ahrouch, 42, says he will strive to make sure that the town council’s “motions and solutions are durable and definitive and will emanate from Islam.”

Ahrouch, who was sentenced to six months in prison in 2003 for the assault and battery of his disabled wife, also spends considerable time talking about ethics in politics and “respect for the other.”

Elsewhere in the video (0:25:40), Aït Jeddig, 50, commends Islam as having paved the way for “the emergence of European civilization.” (He makes no mention of Europe’s Judeo-Christian or Greek-Roman roots.) He also insists that Islam is compatible with freedom and democracy.

The video ends with an interview of a third Islam Party candidate, Abdelhay Bakkali Tahar, 51, who did not garner enough votes to secure a seat in the district of Bruxelles Ville.

The Islam Party, which plans to field candidates in European-level elections in 2014, campaigned on three core issues: ensuring that halal meals are served in public school cafeterias, securing the official recognition of Muslim religious holidays, and pushing for a law that would legalize the wearing of Islamic headscarves in public spaces.

Ahrouch has run for political office before. In 1999, he founded a political party called “Noor: Le Parti Islamique,” which promotes a 40-point program based on Islamic Sharia law. These points include, among other items: 7) abolishing interest payments [riba] in the Belgian banking sector; 10) redesigning the Belgian judiciary to comply with Islamic law; 11) restoring capital punishment; 12) prohibiting alcohol and cigarettes; 15) promoting teenage marriage; 16) segregating males and females in public spaces; 20) outlaw gambling and the lottery; and 39) creating an official Islamic alms fund [Zakat].

Ahrouch says that his ultimate goal, creating an Islamic state in Belgium based on Islamic Sharia law, has not changed.

Speaking to a reporter from Radio Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF), the public broadcasting service of the French-speaking part of Belgium, Ahrouch said: “The agenda is still the same, but our approach is different now. I think we have to sensitize people, make them understand the advantages to having Islamic people and Islamic laws. And then it will be completely natural to have Islamic laws and we will become an Islamic state.”

The reporter interjected: “An Islamic State in Belgium?” Ahrouch replied: “In Belgium, of course! I am for the Sharia. Islamic law, I am for it. It is a long-term struggle that will take decades or a century, but the movement has been launched.”

The growth of the Muslim population has been accompanied by an increase in violent crime, which has made Brussels one of the most dangerous cities in Europe, according to an exposé produced by the ZDF German television in April 2012.

Much of the crime is being attributed to shiftless Muslim youth, especially in the Anderlecht and Molenbeek districts, where “the police have lost control.”

In Molenbeek, where an estimated 25% of the population is Muslim, the growing insecurity has forced multinational companies to leave the municipality. In June 2011, for example, the American advertising agency BBDO abandoned Molenbeek after citing over 150 assaults on its staff by local youth.

In an open letter addressed to the then-mayor Philippe Moureaux, BBDO reported that each one of its employees had been the victim of crimes in Molenbeek. The letter states: “Youngsters who forcibly rob our bags. Youngsters who smash car windows. Youngsters who verbally corner us so that we become paralyzed with fear. Young people who are not afraid to even point a gun at one of our male colleagues.” BBDO criticized Moureaux, a Socialist, of inaction due to his multicultural notions of political correctness.

On November 5, the Belgian Interior Ministry reported that gang rapes in the country have reached epidemic levels. It reported an average of five new cases of rapes each week involving two or more offenders, in addition to an average of 57 rapes per week involving single violators.

Read it all and this IPT piece, “What’s in a name?”, added from the author in the comments section:

In a recent press conference, Ahrouch admitted that he, too, supports Shariah for Belgium, though “not just yet.” First, he says, Belgians must become accustomed to the idea, led gently to the end goal. It “will take time – decades, a century,” he says. “But the movement has now certainly begun.”

That’s a pretty scary statement from someone who just took the majority vote in his district. But it was apparently his purpose all along: not as some may have hoped, to encourage Muslims in the West to adopt Westernized philosophies, values, and legal systems; but rather, to encourage Europeans adopt the principles and values of Shariah. (Then again, that’s hardly a surprise from a man who, while claiming to place “ethics” and “family” at the center of his policy design, was convicted in 2003 for domestic assault and battery and sentenced to six months in prison.)

But what else could anyone really have expected?

Read all of that piece too.

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67 thoughts on “Elected Muslims Declare: “Belgium Will Become an Islamic State”

  1. A preview of America in the next few years.
    We have muslims in every criticle position in the USA from the top down. Prepare your children to become slaves.

        • Connect the dots , abigail,.. The Constitution guarantees FREEDOM of religion, One law for all,, freedom of speech,which are all under threat by Obama, who actually said at the UN, ” The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam, and now a man is in prison for a year under another pretext because he made an anti-islam video, Americas first political prisoner..Obama will allow Sharia Law, is pro muslim , if not a muslim himself, and pretty soon muslims will have the control of America thru the government..The Muslim in the White House will make sure of that in four more years..just like Belgium and much of Europe.., you will also as a country be subjugated to Islam, already are as you fund muslim countries with millions of Americans tax dollars, that called paying JIZYA, a DHIMMI tax to be allowed to live under islam

          • Where DO you come up with this stuff? What a load of garbage. Until you can show me proof of any of this (hint: you can’t) you should be ashamed of yourself for propagating propaganda. It’s one thing to be concerned about very real threats. It’s something else to invent things. Doing so makes those of us who focus on the truth less credible, and if we’re not credible, no one will take the real threats seriously.

            Obama is not a Muslim. Obama has done more than Bush ever did to fight terrorism. He never made any statement like that, and unless you can show me a video in which he actually does so, you’ll only be showing your ignorance. Please. Fight the real fight. Leave the lies and misinformation to the radical Muslims. It’s beneath you.

          • Obama not a muslim? dream on abigail…you are part of the problem..BTW research the roots of Multiculturalism..
            Whats your opinion of Obama declaring at the UN ” The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam? sound reasonable to you , abigail? how about Hillary Cliinton having closed meetings with OIC members to discuss bringing in worldwide ” blasphemy laws? ” Okay with you , is it?

          • @ abigail…try to drop the attitude and pomposity if at all possible.. Heard of Bat Ye’or? well call her a liar, not me, and look up Arab Euro Dialogue first organised after the Arab oil embargo in 1973.under De Gaulle. I will try to minimize this post and just put in her words where applicable
            ” In 1974 the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation was founded to strengthen the political, economic and cultural co-operation between Europe and the Arab world. The Association had about 600 members in 18 national Parliaments of the countries of the enlarged European Union (EU), as well as in the European Parliament – and all the major trends in European politics were represented.

            This Association organized regular meetings with Arab leaders and politicians and served as a channel between them and the European governments, the Presidency of the European Council of Ministers, and the Commission of the European Communities. In other words, it was a most powerful Arab lobby functioning through European functionaries, built into the European institutions to influence European policy at its summit.

            In the following years, this body was reinforced by a political, economical and cultural structure, named the Euro-Arab Dialogue, which united at the highest level the EC – later to become the European Union – and the countries of the Arab League.

            The Europeans tried to maintain the Dialogue on a base of economic relations, while the Arab countries tied the oil and business markets to the European alignment on their anti-Israeli policies.

            Even though some countries were reluctant to follow this path, the joint proclamations of the EU concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict endorsed the anti-Israeli points established previously by the Second Islamic Conference in Lahore, Pakistan (February 1974).

            Henceforth, an associative diplomacy binding the Arab-Muslim countries and the EU developed in international forums and especially in decisions concerning the Middle East conflict. During Euro-Arab symposiums the oil threat was brandished and pressure was exerted on the EU, as a reminder that economic relations were inexorably tied to Europe’s political alignment with Arab anti-Zionist policy.

            However, the Dialogue was not restricted to influencing European foreign policy against Israel and detaching Europe from America, it also aimed at establishing permanently in Europe a massive Arab-Muslim presence by the immigration and settlement of millions of Muslims with equal rights for all, native-born and migrants alike.

            This policy endeavored to integrate Europe and the Arab-Muslim world into one political and economic bloc, by mixing populations (multiculturalism) while weakening the Atlantic solidarity and isolating America.

            To facilitate Muslim settlements in the West, cultural changes in school teaching, universities and social life were imposed. Textbooks were rewritten in view of allaying Muslim susceptibilities, and university teachings in Middle East and Islamic history soon conformed to Arab-Muslim norms and their worldview.

            Recommendations were emphatically and repeatedly imposed for spreading the knowledge of the Arabic language in Europe, and the learning about the superior Islamic history and civilization.

            As these decisions were taken, and then implemented through the mechanism of the Dialogue that covered every country of the EU, a profound cultural Islamization – through the network of schools, universities and the blessing of Islamophile clergymen – conditioned the mentalities of two generations of European youth.

            To this cultural transformation was added from within the demographic pressure of an ever-increasing Muslim immigration and, from without, an all-encompassing symbiosis on every level with the Arab-Muslim world.

            This symbiosis built on the system of the Euro-Arab Dialogue, and hence approved by the higher political authorities of the EU, covered book publishing, university exchanges, television, press and radio collaboration, theological rapprochement, youth meetings, and intense collaboration between numerous ONG organizations, humanitarian activities, workers unions, economical and financial relations.

            Scientific, nuclear and military training were provided as, for exemple, France’s nuclear program with Iraq, culminating in the construction of the nuclear reactor Osirak, destroyed by Israel in 1981.

            The development of those complex ties between the Arab-Muslim world and the EU was, at its core, conditioned by an anti-Israeli and anti-American policy, the Arab ambition being to detach Europe from its Atlantic ally.

          • Did you WATCH that video? He specifically condemns anyone who acts violently against speech against Muslims. He specifically defends the video and condemns those who try to silence free speech in any way.

        • The US Constitution might be fine, but is being skirted around and trampled on by the obama gang; but I agree it has nothing to do with Belgium

          • Oh, and also ‘Abigail’ dear, if you don’t think obama is a muslim, why is every single decision he has made been in their favour? We know for certain he was a muslim in Indonesia, when did he ever change? He didn’t. “The muezzin’s call–the most beautiful sound in the world”, “The future does not belong to those who slander islam”, he bowed to the Saudi king–as a muslim would.

            After the take-down of Bin Laden (which obama turned down 3 times on the advice of Valerie Jarrett, and which order was finally given by Panetta, since obama was on the golf course) the muslims considered targeting the obama family for “breaching muslim etiquette”so it should be clear to you ‘Abigail’ that muslims regard obama as one of themselves.

            We might also hear your views on Benghazi, from the way you write one would almost expect you to believe obama to be ‘lily white’ concerning that nefarious affair; personally, I think the whole evil, thoroughly corrupt gang should be led off to prison for their parts in the murder of four Americans.

            Finally, if you require videos to back every assertion, you won’t do very well against the enemy–islam, or the obama gang you seem to admire. Melanie Phillips says it very well: “Four years ago America put into the White House a sulky narcissist with an unbroken history of involvement in thuggish, corrupt, far left, black power, Jew bashing, west hating politics”. She is so right.

  2. And this is the legacy our governments AND COMPLICIT MEDIA Are leaving to our children , through our own stupidity in not speaking out to curtail this madness. This won’t stop until we rid ourselves of the UN, and its socialists, Islamists, and radicals with their agenda for islamisation of the West.. About time Islam was denounced as a religion and designated as a political fascist movement bent on world domination, just exactly like Nazi Fascism.under Hitler. Now we have IslamoFascism being driven by Arab Colonialism, and its Chief Enabler is Caliph Obama. Remember when a Pakistani politician called upon Obama to become the Supreme Caliph of muslims of the world wide Ummah? Seems THEY recognize who he really is, huh !


      • Sharia Law puts people under Islamic rule as history proves since time of Muhammad 1400 years ago…If we ignore HISTORY we are bound to repeat it..( wise old saying) The modern day Royalists would be the Saudi Royals who are funding Wahabi islam and hundreds of mosques all over the western world,funded by their vast oil revenues, and the OIC, and the ” commoners” will be the infidels..

    • DO you thinbk for one minute that the real powers of Europe did not have a hand in this takeover of European society ?they planned it !LOOK AT THE IMMIGRATION.!THEY DID NOT FIGURE THIS WAS COMING WAY BACK IN THE DAY?WAKE UP!ITS THE BANKSTERS!

      • Yes, ” the takeover” started during Europes oil crunch of 1972, when France, followed by the rest of Europe, made the ” Oil For Immigration Pact” with the Saudis..Cheap oil in return for Muslim Immigration into Europe,, and to be called by a new name, MULTICULTURALISM .to be promoted in the West followed by POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, to break down hostility to thousands of muslims being imported into our societies. Now look at France, !! in 20 years it will be an ISLAMIC STATE by birthrate alone, Denmark, Sweden, Norway will be long gone by then, under Sharia Law and ruled by the Saudi Owned banks

    • Get them out with a group of Italian Mafia, German Nazis, CIA and Israeli Maasad working together to save all of us. I am American and do not see USA stopping them. Winston Churchill was the best. he knew what Muslims are like?

  3. I’m still waiting for you to prove that this actually happened, which you can’t, but until you do, you’ve only got my scorn. As for multiculturalism, sweetheart, I literally wrote the book on the dangers of multiculturalism and the Islamic threat (Radical State: How Jihad is Winning Over Democracy in the West. Read it and learn something.)
    Moreover, I wrote the article that set the Gatestone article — the one you read just now — in motion.

    Be gone with your lies. I have no time for them.

    • I quote ” BEGONE with your lies “….. banished with the royal wave of Queen Abigails hand and here was I thinking that the fuedal system of serfdom was a thing of the past…hmmmm….smacks of the language of the Left to me…with their huge sense of superiority..

  4. You know what would be a good idea? It would be a good idea if you would figure out who it is you’re talking to before you talk to me. I’ve made it very clear. Don’t embarrass yourself more.

    • ……..Oh, forgive me while I get over this paroxysm of laughter!! I’ve come across some opinionated twits in my many years on this planet, but seriously “Abby”, you really take the cake! Or as we would say in my native country: “Who the bloody hell do you think you are, mate?”

      Another Narcissistic, opinionated twit, just like obama; to use your own words, “dear”, don’t embarrass yourself more.

  5. woo hoo, such an accomplished self opinionated woman, arent we abigail….read the full article by Islamic historian and expert Bat Ye’or that I posted, Also here is the full address to the United Nations by Obama, that you demanded proof of ,

    Enjoy ! its a tad long winded as is his want.. And lets hope you wake up tomorrow morning with less snobbery inflating that conceited head of yours.. I think we know who we are talking to .. , so you can drop the attitude.. you are NOT special dear.., sweetheart, lovey, whatever tag you condescendingly called me , we all have accomplishments we are proud of but the need to blow your own horn reveals a sense of inadequacy on your behalf. Its when someone ELSE blows your horn that accomplishments really count…..sweetheart..

  6. you seem to have totally misunderstood me, just as you seem to have misunderstood much more. I wasn’t blowing my horn. I was pointing to the fact that when you suggest I don’t know about multiculturalism or the threat of radical Islam, or that I don’t know what this issue is about, you’re mistaken – and if you would look at my record, you would know that I do.

    I’ve more than enough awards for my work that I don’t need to blow my own horn for that, and I certainly am not suggesting I am “special.” My friend and colleague Bat Y’eor, whom you quote, is special.

    My point, in case you need it spelled out for you better, is that there is a real threat, and there are invented threats, and if we focus on the real ones instead of the invented ones, we might be able to make a difference. If you (or others) insist on inventing ones that aren’t there, we won’t.

    • As I said before, blowing ones horn does not become a person, and if Bat Ye’or is your” friend” I suggest you read her books where she lays the birth of multiculturalism at the feet of De Gaulles Arabisation of France., Some expert YOU are and you wrote a book about it? lol
      and I invented no threats,, everything I wrote is backed up by facts.. ….you need to read more history, …sweetheart,

    • As I said before, blowing ones horn does not become a person, and if Bat Ye’or is your” friend” I suggest you read her books where she lays the birth of MULTICULTURALISM the feet of De Gaulles Arabisation of France., Some expert YOU are and you wrote a book about it? lol
      and I invented no threats,, everything I wrote is backed up by facts.. ….you need to read more history, …sweetheart,


  7. What reason there is to discuss bat y’eor’s work on Europe in the context of Obama escapes me. What reason you have to think that I would disagree with her about the European threat when I have written a book and dozens of articles about that threat escapes me. Please try to focus on real issues.

    • @ abigail…What reason ??? /America is a key player in the world , dear, lovey, sweetheart., darling, darling , darling, !!.and Obama unfortunately represents the US and its position on many fronts, such as Islamisation, human rights, freedom of speech, religion, …etc..I believe that America is on the same planet as the rest of us? what happens in Europe, the likes of what is happening in Belgium is just a microcosm of what will confront ALL of us in western countries in the future, such as we in Australia, Canada, and the free world as we know it…thats focusing on the REAL issues, abigail,, and if you can’t see the connection then I suggest your future articles will present a very truncated viewpoint that misses the BIG picture of the complexity of world politics..

    • Yes, it does indeed speak volumes. I don’t know Breivik–don’t need to. But I do know Norway, lived and worked there, speak the language, and married a Norwegian. Your one liner shows you (and a hell of a lot of others, many very well known authors and journalists) do not know Breivik, or why he did what he did.

      The whole world condemned him initially, which just shows how hypocritical people are, because although he did a terrible thing, millions of Eurabians secretly agreed; now, many more people can at least understand “why”. Can’t you?

    • Ah, I did not know it was that Brievik, nonetheless nothing he wrote there was an ” invented threat” , it was backed up by the writings he quoted of your.bestest ” friend” Bat Ye’or/ Well that speaks volumes
      ( I guess, according to your twisted logic)

      • This is getting crazier by the second. Youmade a claim about Obama Islamizing America. I disputed that. You defend your claim by stating that Bat Y’eor puts multiculturalism’s start at the foot of de Gaulle’s politics. What France has to do with Obama, what de Gaulle has to do with Obama’s religion, are points way beyond my apparently meager comprehension. Then you attack me for questioning the roots of multiculturalism as defined by bat Y’eor (according to you – not according to her), which I never did. You claim you didn’t invent threats when you have repeatedly failed to show that Obama is attempting to build a sharia state in the USA.

        Then you quote Anders Breivik and say you understand why he did what he did. Then you say you didn’t know it was “that Breivik,” which you apparently did.

        I will not converse with someone who defends the mass murder of children. This conversation is over. And your IP address has been reported for your defense of Breivik.

        • Abigail, sweetie, are you suffering from dementia? Clearly you’re confusing my comments with those of Aussie Girl. I was the one who ‘cut Breivik some slack’; now listen, you silly opinionated woman, and make an attempt to understand while I patiently explain it to you.

          Anders Breivik did a terrible thing–have you got that? I am NOT defending his murder of 69 teenagers, (who were however, NOT innocent.) I am however, saying that while the whole world jumped on him, said he was mad and hated his country and had no reason to do what he did; they got it very WRONG>

          You should know by now if you follow the news, Breivik was/is completely sane–as I’ve said all along. He loves his country; he just hates what is happening to it–and so do I. (Am I mad too?) Had he only bombed the Regjeringsbygning and left it at that, many would have regarded him as a hero. Why Utoya? I can only say he must have snapped and decided to hit those responsible for ruining Norway, where it would hurt most–their kids.

          And the ruling parties ARE ruining Norway, by dragging in 7th century barbaric cretins who breed like rats and already form 27% of the population of Oslo. A few weeks ago the muslims sent a letter to Oslo council, calling the Norwegians “filthy animals” and demanding they turn over the suburb of Greenland to the muslims. (sharia) Still there, Abby? Going to report me for ‘defending’ Breivik, are you?

          Over 50 yrs ago I worked on blocks of apartments in the Oslo suburbs of Veitvedt and Rodtvedt; today I can’t even walk around there–all muslim. This is all true, Abby, but sorry I have no videos to back my words. I often look at the blogs on Verdens Gang and Dagbladet and sometimes comment. Several times in the last year I’ve seen the comment: “Breivik fikk ikke nok av dem”.

          • Nicely put Peter, a very sane and thoughtful response to what was an awful tragedy in Norways history,, but I’m sure Abigails keen perceptive mind of an “author” is not interested in the ” whys” that sparked of this massacre.
            Last time I looked we still had Freedom of Speech, but be prepared for Abigails self righteous ire for using that right. Also be prepared to report her IP in return , as I am sure you will be next on her hit list ! what an odious woman and a born troublemaker…Somewhere in her veins flows Libtard tendencies with her need for self aggrandizement and power over others.. I have already reported her IP for .vilification of my character , you may need to do the same to defend yourself.
            Talk about the INQUISITION! unbelievable!

        • @ abigail…..differences of opinion when debating are just fine, I can give as good as I get when people are arrogant and down right rude to me,
          BUT you have CROSSED A LINE when you REPORT a persons IP making false claims.against that person! OUTRAGEOUS behaviour! your vicious streak would better suit a member of the Gestapo, or repressive communist regime.. just WHO the hell do you think you are?
          I have reported your libel to the Administrator of the website you wrote a guest article for. http://www.investigativeproject.org.
          .I requested of them to contact you to get the details of just WHO you reported me to, so that I can prove to them that your claim is false I gave them Creepings link to this article so that they can read for themselves that what you accused me of ” defending the mass murder of children ” is complete fallacy…
          I think your behavior is far beneath the standard they would expect of a guest writer..and I expressed that sentiment to them. ,

  8. abigail,, DONT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH ! I will quote your sorry ass statement
    “Then you quote Anders Breivik and say you understand why he did what he did.” never said that sweetie darling, mayhap you confuse my post with Peter35… READ MY POSTS!! AND and you are just an arrogant opinionated troublemaker .
    . I will report your IP address for reporting MY IP address and making false accusations against me !
    ALSO I sincerely hope Creeping prevents you from posting further diatribes against posters here on this site…..ridiculous brainless woman! Be Gone !

    • Hi Aussie Girl, and thanks for your encouraging words! I don’t think we managed to get through to her. Shame really, since ostensibly we’re all on the same side, but some people are hopelessly naiive and PC, even though they would deny it vehemently.

      obama ‘not islamizing America?’ What can I say, I live next door (Canada) and we can’t believe the speed US is caving in. Reasonable comment above (in caps) by dapreach1. Things heating up now re Benghazi etc., with any luck we might yet see the muslim impeached. Cheers, Peter

      • @Peter35…….am in agreement with you 100%..Here’s a good link http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/3904
        to back up many facts you and I are cognizant with, but which do not exist in said ladys world..I wish I lived in LA LA Land too, but the threats to our civilization are too real to indulge in such denial.
        .Just like you in Canada, we in Australia are horrified by what is occurring in the US under this President.
        Now he’s due to come over here to the Asian region with Hillary in tow and I can just bet that he will take up the cudgel for Islam when he visits Thailand ( my favorite overseas place) because the peaceful Buddhists have had a gutful of muslims killing , bombing, beheading them and are now retaliating, driving them out of their country…The result is displaced muslims who call themselves refugees. Just watch the violins come out in the islamic ummah when aided and abetted by Obamas denunciation..I am just waiting for him to call it a genocide, yet I have never heard those words from his mouth about Islamic controlled North Sudan’s genocide of the Southern Christian Sudanese, nor of the Egyptian Copts., Christian Lebanese, Iraqis etc ( doesn’t Obama CLAIM to be a christian?) .
        Lots of high sounding but EMPTY words like his latest speech at the UN,( which was really a precursor to the ” blasphemy ” laws being pursued by the OIC, and discussed with Hillary behind closed doors) where was the press report on these talks with the OIC ? Obama says one thing, but his ACTIONS speak volumes more than his fancy footwork rhetoric…Words cannot adequately express how much I despise this man and his complicity in Islamizing America , backing radical islamists behind Egypts ” arab spring”, backing rebels in Libya, Syria, thus endangering the free world, all the while stacking his Administration with the Muslim Brotherhood!

        • aussiegirl, I’m back again, and for what it’s worth I also agree 100% with your comments. Re. Mme Esman; well we tried to educate her. Not all Jews are smart, it would seem, many in US actually voted for obama–not very smart.

          I’ve gone over all the comments again, and can’t for the life of me see why she got so snotty over your original comment, which was accurate and reasonable. We probably see things from different viewpoints, and you’ve obviously gone into many things much more thoroughly than I, and yet we agree on the main points. It bothers me that people like Abby can write books and be regarded as ‘knowledgeable’ about islam (and since she is almost certainly a Jew, she damned well should be) when in fact she’s unbelievably naiive. I always think that in any discussion about muslims, it’s best to assume a ‘worst case scenario’, as it’s usually correct.

          Interesting that Hillary is off to Oz, as she, Pannetta and now Petraeus and Ms Rice have all been ‘thrown under the bus’. Heard Hillary was going wine tasting! We live in interesting times. Will certainly hear more of Mrs Clinton from my Aussie sister-in-law, but interesting to see who the above four will be replaced by. In conclusion, four years ago I could not believe that so many people could be taken in by what I saw as a very ordinary, mouthy, narcissistic, Kenyan born muslim–still can’t!

          • Peter35 commented: “four years ago I could not believe that so many people could be taken in by what I saw as a very ordinary, mouthy, narcissistic, Kenyan born muslim–still can’t!”

            Your comment well taken! Consider this–you’re obviously not ruled by your baser appetites such as ob-hammed’s adherents are. Intellect has nothing to do with their decision making processes! It’s the pied piper syndrome–it’s all about candy and flower children and la la land!!! The American voting public has evolved into a mindless, gutless, ‘get all you can’ frankenstein paleolithic. Fewer and fewer Americans actually care about decency and moral responsibilities. And, above all, they certainly could care less about electing someone who, for all practical purposes, reminds them of their paternal grandfather /g-mother who actually still could tell ‘right from wrong’ and preached “spare the rod and spoil the child”! “It’s a sad, sad world we live in, Master Jack”! Hope I got that lyric right–but if not, I’m sure you get the point!

            Sad to hear you find my formatting, i.e., ALL CAPITALS, so unnerving. Consider this–it makes for speedier typing, but I can’t quite follow your rationale about making it “harder to read”. LEAVE ME ALONE–I’M HAVING FUN!!!

          • Hi dapreach, well said! Re the capitals, if you’re having fun go for it. Nice to meet someone who knows right from wrong; I wonder, do you think the American voting public will ever smarten up? I give up on the blacks who voted almost solidly for obama, because: “We want a black President,” and how stupid is that? (Not because he is black, but because of his terrible record.)

            Have to say the latinos disappointed me, but maybe there’s hope in that direction. The Benghazi affair is really interesting, with the obama gang doing everything possible to ‘slither’ around it!

          • Hello Peter35 — I’m guessing you’re Canadian, right??? Truth be told I probably have to admit it’s about being a little bit lazy (the “ALL CAPS” thing). But you’d have to agree, it’s slightly better than using all lower case–that’s really my pet peeve. Check out my comments below to “The Great Antagonizer”. He blogged that he doesn’t get the connection between the changing demographic of an influx of muzzies as it relates to the filthy fat cats who encourage their emigration. Did I answer his question or just throw a wrench in the works??? It just blows me away regarding the naivete of so many Americans–and some of the Christian leaders are the worst, proclaiming a two-headed beast monstrosity called “Chrislam”!

            Comment by dapreach1
            Today, November 15, 2012, 57 minutes ago, Creeping Sharia

            Copenhagen: Muslims Attack Journalists for Reporting on Muslims Banning a Christmas Tree

            dapreach1: TGAntagonizer — Woooh! Really??? It’s about connecting the dots!!! Maybe nobody is openly physically transporting Muslims from Iran and the Middle E. (although that is a matter for some heated debate in and of itself). But who needs that when you have Dems like Bloomberg kissing the tukkuses of the Ground Zero mosque Imams, etc. Mayor Menino practically demonized his own citizens when they didn’t favor a similar project in Boston. And later on, the Wellesley school system (also Boston area) actually physically transported public school children on a “FIELD TRIP” to attend a muslim “prayer” service in the Roxbury mosque–the children were encouraged to take part in the recitation of the muslim “prayers”! Trust me, TGA, this is not just a bunch of imbecilic, dumbass muzzies messing things up for us “big shot Americans”–this is about a coordinated take-over attempt!!!! Take a look at Dearbornistan. How do you think that happened??? The place is unrecognizable as an American city. Do you think the muzzies did that w/o the whole-hearted co-op of the crooked elected officials??? HELLO! Again–trust me, roaches don’t need a caravan of Rolls Royces blaring away at their horns to invade a neighborhood. Just one filthy smelly rat will do just fine!!!!!

            P.S. I’ve told all of my black friends who will listen that there are a lot of terrific, level-headed blacks who I would love to see in the White House–Ob-hammad just ain’t one of ’em!!! Like I said in a previous blog–it’s all about the pied piper syndrome. There’s very little intelligent input. “Just promise me more free stuff”. Same goes for most Hispanics. I love ’em but by and large they have an entitlement vendetta against the “man”. As for Bengazi, don’t hold your breath expecting to ever hear the real deal. This administration is slicker than a greased pig and they have the support of the ‘even slicker’ American media!

          • BELATED REPLY TO YOUR NOV 15 COMMENT – Not all of my black friends are completely brainwashed to the Obama messiah complex–just most of them! I think that that is probably a direct result of decades of propagandist democrats who have demonized the republican party, and conservative news outlets such as FOX NEWS. As for the next four years here in America–I wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but right now all I can see is DOOM AND GLOOM! If Obama doesn’t single-handedly turn this country into a third world hellhole then his crony appointees and cabinet members surely will. America’s only hope is absolutely a return to the FAITH* OF OUR FATHERS! My eighth grade Civics teacher once told us, “Never forget that you can vote yourselves into slavery.” INDEED! I see it happening right before my very eyes!!!!!
            * That FAITH was unapologetically an adherence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ despite what the atheists and anti-theists might seem to imply!!! BEST WISHES & HAPPY T’DAY!

          • dapreach1, thanks for your reply, you’ve done a lot of research! Re the media, I think they’re traitorous, leftist bastards right over the western world, and I except only FOX in US, and SUN here in Canada.

            I’m happy to see so many knowledgeable people commenting on this site and the others I frequent, people are becoming more informed. (at least on the internet) Unfortunately I keep hearing about the possibility of the Kenyan muslim wanting to shut us up.

            I think you’re dead right about the American public–I gave up on the blacks, (96% voted for obama!) but although over 70% of latinos also voted for him, I hope in future they might see the light. The next 4 yrs however look pretty dark to me.

  9. Islam the NON RELIGION of pure evil is upon us all . May GOD have mercy on all of us., as these devils take control because of the weak and ineffective leadership mostly of leftists in the West

  10. Belgium becomes a moslem state. First, I guess there wil be some type civil war. How will the European community react? Will Belgians who do not worship mohammad’s god allah receive asylum? From France? Germany? Is this the opening the OIC needs to ‘assist’ the new state with money, arms and fighters from the middle east? Or will obama beat them to the punch?

    • If Dems still control USA they will back the Muslim secessionists- remember Kosovo? Bosnian War? – I told you it set a precedent – theft of formerly Christian lands like Serbia to be given to occupiers (Muslims).
      For war to be “legal” in Islam they must cry “oppression” and no one does “victim theater” better than Muslims- and no one falls for that BS like Progressives

  11. It’s starting, just as I said it would. Hopefully Eurabia is starting to wake up, and when the violence really starts you’ll all be stunned at how many spineless cowards will ( initially) side with the muslims.

  12. Just a couple of weeks ago one of the Saudi princes offered $25 million to the UNESCO, the only request was that Islamic/Wahabbi teaching were added to teaching materials wor;ld wide. Some of these teachings include that islam is the only religion and that Christianity And Judaism are evil and must be destroyed. Money speaks loudly in the West, these devils from islam know that. As the West struggles to maintain economic stability, islam is just waiting and watching for their chance to fill the Western coffers with just one small request, that islam has a controlling interest and all non islamic relirions and teachings be outlawed.

    We are getting close and closer to the point of NO RETURn. If our leadership does not wake up soon we are all DOOMED.

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