UK company forces employees to abide by sharia law *updated*

via Doug Ross @ Journal: GOOD NEWS: Employers in Merry Old England Happily Enforce Sharia Law.

Clothing retailer Boo Hoo recently circulated the following memo to its employees.

Let them know that you will never purchase anything from them. h/t BareNakedIslam


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Web Form:

Twitter:  and @UmarBooHoo

PS: When you retweet this using the Twitter button below, include @boohoo in the tweet – that is their account.

Update: As one of our commenters pointed out first, the owner is Muslim:

Boo Hoo clothing online stores were co-founded by Mahmud Kamani  (Yes, there’s always going to be a Mohammed in there somewhere) and Carol Kane. Unfortunately rather than choosing to display tolerance toward his non-Muslim employees, Mahmud Kamani has decided to harass and discriminate against them instead.

20 Responses

  1. So if Christians find head coverings offensive, will the Muslims be required to comply?

  2. I find the concept of islam offensive!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nuns are a very small percentage of Christian women. Orthodox Jews generally do not raise any kind of fuss about food accommodations- the ones that I knew were very happy to pack lunches that met the very exacting koshrut rules. This leaves only one other group that I can think of. Why are the contents of my lunch kit which are contained neatly within it a threat to your dietary rules? The best thing this company could do is to not provide any sort of dining facility including a refrigerator or table. If employees complain then management can say that a few employees ruined it for everyone else.

  4. Bacon. Every day, in every way, bacon. Lots of it. Permeate the air with it. Leave packages of it in the HR office. Scatter it about randomly. Bacon is the answer.

  5. no more outrageous than what is being taught in our public schools to children…

  6. Sharia Law For All, Freedom For None.

  7. the name of the owner of boohoo is Umar Kamani. I assume with a name like that he is a muslim,so yet again they are able to use their sharia law whether we like it or not.

    • Well found! I was going to say it is probably an mozlem company, they probably use child labour in Pakistan as their clothes are really dirt cheap

      • Well, as with all muslim businesses, I will boycott this one too..Could care less if they observe their special laws, halal, etc as they possibly employ mostly muslims anyway, and thats their right aka freedom of religion, just so long as they dont foist it on the rest of us..Don’t know how the Unions would handle this tho if it was ever challenged.

  8. I think the irony of the company’s name is right on–with a name like that, can Islam be far away?

  9. Cliterectomies for all the women! I hope they are covered properly. Be a shame for anything to happen to their heads. Or something.

  10. My message to them:

    “Pleased to see you are enforcing a prohibition on pork on the facilities out of religious sensibility. I assume you will also be banning all meat on Fridays during Lent out of the same concerns?”

  11. Pig leather shoes, pork rind snacks,bacon ,and a picture of Miss piggy on the wall.

  12. hindus dont like beef,vegetarians dont like meat,gonna ban the too?,pack of butt lickers

  13. I sent the following email:-

    Dear boohoo,

    My signature contains the sentiments I express regarding the fatuous memo sent out by that obviously brainwashed woman.

    England is NOT a muslim country and muslim ‘rules’ do NOT apply here.

    Bacon sarnies RULE, OK.

    My signature is a picture of a poppy with the words “Does my poppy offend you?
    Then fuck off out of our country.”

    • yeah proper hard core bwana

    • is it out of the question to share the e.mail address of this ignominious company so that the rest of us might send a similar note to the “muslime” owner?? we do thank you for sending your sentiments, good english cousin!

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