Alabama imam arrested in prostitution sting

He’s a Keith Hakim X Ellison kind of imam (Nation of Islam). via Local minister arrested in vice operation. h/t TROP

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – A local minister was arrested with more than 30 others in a vice sting carried out by Birmingham Police this week.

Dubbed “Operation Red Light,” undercover officers saturated the area of 1st Avenue North in the Woodlawn area.

Tremon Muhammad, 36, was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute. Muhammed is a sinister minister with the Nation of Islam in Birmingham.

His lawyer, Charles Salvagio, spoke to FOX6 News tonight, saying that something is “fishy” about the charges and arrests. He wouldn’t elaborate.

Muhammad is also known for calling on the city to take action after a video was released showing six officers beating a theft suspect.


9 thoughts on “Alabama imam arrested in prostitution sting

  1. Many obssess about the priests who were involved in pedophilia while the number of imams and other types of islamic clerics are continually caught in not only pedophilia, but other types of sexual deviancy increases all the time. Are there any statistics out there to show the difference. I would also like to see the number of atheists involved in things like pedophilia – if they don’t want a religion, or a God, then they can each be counted.

    I am not giving the priests a pass either – they should be kept in prison for life, as any other pervert.

  2. We are all aware that regular laws regarding decency and morality are out the window with muslims. They do and say what they want when they want to with total impunity. Don’t be surprised if this charge disappears, as we in the West are not allowed to question islam.

    • The fact is that the West in general have a policy “No one over the law”. Muslims or no Muslims are treated according to the law. Corruption can exist and it is up to us to make the law honored.

      • Wrong ECMH, the movement is growing faster and faster everyday, with the likes of Obama leading the charge, whereby NOBODY can say anything about islam, kif they do they are charged, yet these devils can say and do what they want against anyone non muslim, just see what is happening worldwide, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Pakiostan all throughout the Middle East,. Eastern Europpe, Western Europe, North America, Africa. Wherever islam is there is violence, mayhem and murder, committed by these deveils against non muslims, and we in the West have to stay silent for fear of being charged with fake crimes against islam.

        There have been many cases throughou Europe, UK and North America, where muslims have been charged with vile crimes, murder, gang rapes on young girls and all charges dropped despite complete evidence against these people, why? because they are muslim. The West is scared to stop them, they are scared to speak out against them. Our laws are powerless against them, because of comments like yours.

  3. During time of war Islamist are aloud to be deceitful. Radical Islamist are at war with Isreal and the West. Words won’t stop toxic Islamist. Hand to hand combat and Isreal’s need to defend itself. Our thug-in-cheif needs to have people come to him about redresses.

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