Tulsa: Muslims tell interfaith dhimmis to abide by sharia

And Muslims (and the fools who aid and abet them) tell us sharia is not applied to non-Muslims. via Z-Truth: Islamic Society of Tulsa to non-Muslim teenage girl visitors: cover your head, wear long skirts, enter mosque separately from the boys!

The Islamic Society of Tulsa operates the Masjid Al-Salam Mosque,  For the upcoming annual interfaith youth tour the mosque has advised the young girls who may attend:

** Your cooperation is requested in dressing modestly at the Masjid Al-Salam Mosque.

Women are requested to wear long skirts or loose slacks and a head covering such as a hat or headscarf. Men and women will enter separately and be seated on the floor.

Interfaith is a one-way street. Suckas. Pact of Umar anyone?

PS: This is the same terror-linked mosque that threatened and defamed a Muslim who wrote a local op-ed opposing Osama bin Laden and also was a participant in the demotion of a police chief who refused to attend a “voluntary” mosque outing by the entire police department.

It’s creeping in Tulsa (where sharia was banned by citizens but forced upon them when the feds ruled Islamic sharia law is Constitutionally protected).

Good news though, six more mosques being built right now in Oklahomastan.

16 thoughts on “Tulsa: Muslims tell interfaith dhimmis to abide by sharia

  1. Make sure your own church leaders know that these dialogs are a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood – led by MB members. No ‘regular’ moslem/s attend these things. And the MB makes sure they have their own useful idiots in attendance so our own can help them wage jihad against us.

    It is not enough to just make comments on blogs anymore. Do so but also reach out to our own.

  2. this cult of pedophiles and truly ignorant should be eradicated from the US and returned to the ratholes from whenst the infestation came. Why the hell any parent would allow a child of any age around anyone from this cult is beyond me – it’s like putting a 2-yr old girl in the hands of a pedophile and telling them to have fun. Sooooooo if one of these teenage girls is stupid enough to go to this terrorist house, and refused to wear their turbans and sack cloth – what would happen? Would she be be-headed now? stoned? hands and legs cut of while she was being raped? That’s all this ignorant cult of hell does. and if the parents are moronic enough to allow their child to be around anyone from this cult – the parents get the hell they deserve.

  3. Islam is not part of our Culture, Mosque should be banned just as Churches are banned in Islamic States…Why, because Islam does not accept Religions other then its Ideology, why American’s do not understand this is understandable, our Universities, Politicians, Government do not understand this and allow Islam to embed itself like the cancer it is………We do not want nor need Islam in America…

  4. ** Your cooperation is requested in dressing modestly at the Masjid Al-Salam Mosque.

    Women are requested to wear long skirts or loose slacks and a head covering such as a hat or headscarf. Men and women will enter separately and be seated on the floor.

    Most Orthodox Jewish synagogues ask the same thing of female visitors, except of course they don’t seat the visitors on the floor. But the women sit separately from the men, are not allowed to sing when men are present, must dress modestly at all times, etc.

    From what I’ve seen and heard of fundamentalist Christians (and really most churches) that they ask their congregants and visitors also to dress modestly too. Some also segregate gender as a regular practice.

    These practices are not specific to Sharia. They are specific to religious people of most types, who practice modesty in their congregations.

    Pick something else to illustrate Sharia, because a lot of Jews and Christians and Hindus and Jains and you name it, have modesty rules they follow that are just like that.

    • Of the hundreds of comments we’ve seen on this site over the years………this is getting a bit tiresome. Yet another one who sees no difference between islam and Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc., etc?

      Like the majority of people here, I’m a bit put out over your inability to see the difference here; most religions have modesty requirements they like the public to follow, so why am I put out? Because NO other religion has a creed of murder, rape, stoning, treating their women as being lower than camels; that’s why, it’s the bloody cheek that ANY decent non muslim should have to show ANY respect to such a low, backward, murderous cult.

      • @Peter: Nobody said that. Im simply showing how the examples in this article that WERE pointed out as being particular to Sharia, aren’t. And in fact are practiced today by Orthodox Jews and some Christians as well.

        This is a true, thing. Im around it all the time in the Orthodox Jewish community, it’s normal. That’s why when the author used it as an example of Sharia, it stuck out to me.

        My point in bringing this up was so that OTHER points such as the ones you brought (murder, rape, etc) will be in the future much better examples of Sharia alone.

  5. This Sharia stuff is just more hippie shit…different day. I will be glad when the Hippie Generation has finally died, dried up, and blown away.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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