Video: Anti-sharia march in Paris blacked out by media

via SheikYerMami.

A patriotic march for French values and culture, and against radical Islam, was virtually blacked out by France’s politically correct media.

Other photos of the protest.

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9 thoughts on “Video: Anti-sharia march in Paris blacked out by media

    • Pawndad, The left oppose anything anti-American and anti-west. This is their motivation; not production, not progress, not even life. Anything, I mean anything that creates chaos and destruction is their goal. They are the “new left” that are completely nihilistic, post modern and banal in everything they say and do. If you have difficulty understanding the lefts opposition, you still cannot believe some people do not wish to live. Literally.

  1. The leftists are called islamo-collabos because they collaborate with the muslims as they did before with the nazis… We need a new trial of Nuremberg in France !

  2. after hearing of the numbers of muslims who have invaded france, i’m wondering if the french people who are protesting, are too late. it seems that this demonstration is merely the death throes of their total annihilation. if we wait as long as they have, we will suffer the same fate. the muslims are determined to take over the entire world & they are patient…they’ve been at it for centuries. it’s time to call up & energize the knight templar to finish the job they quit in the 12th century.

  3. Once again it’s the media, just the same during the American election, same in England, Canada, all over. Surely the world’s news media should be held to account for their traitorous siding with the enemy.

  4. The sex life of the praying mantis. When the male praying mantis is worn out by sex the female praying mantis eats him. In U.S. the male is the unions praying mantis in bed with the female prEEEEEying mantis which is the muslim brotherhood. Will unions be more pro Ameri-i-can and constitution or will the preying mantise end up being eaten by female pr-e-ying mantis when first they came for thre rich-then they-came fo came for the oil people-then they came for the Jews-then they came for the church-then they came to take away our freedoms- then the muslim brotherhood will come for the unions and there will be nooooooo one left to defend them. Pray pray pray spiritual warfare agains the preyers. BHO/Hillary Clinton/Eric Holder are you a treasonist female preying mantis. Will Right to work become more prevelent in all states in U.S.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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