Canada: Muslim barber denies woman haircut

This should be interesting. The so-called human rights boards in Canada have been extremely pro-sharia. This should be an easy one even for the sham rights court but don’t count on it. via Woman denied haircut goes to Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario –

Woman denied haircut goes to Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario -

A request for a lunch-hour haircut has turned into a battle over human rights, pitting freedom of religion against a woman’s right not to be denied service based on her gender.

Faith McGregor walked into the Terminal Barber Shop on Bay St. in June to get a haircut — the “businessman,” short on the sides, tapered, trim the top. The shop, like many barbers in Toronto, doesn’t do women’s haircuts. But McGregor, 35, said she wanted a men’s cut.

Shop co-owner Omar Mahrouk told her his Muslim faith prohibits him from touching a woman who is not a member of his family. All the other barbers said the same thing.

“For me it was just a haircut and started out about me being a woman. Now we’re talking about religion versus gender versus human rights and businesses in Ontario,” said McGregor.

She filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario almost immediately, saying she felt like a “second-class citizen.”

Mahrouk’s response to the tribunal, provided through his lawyer David Kolinsky, doesn’t dispute McGregor’s complaint but says being forced to cut a woman’s hair would violate his freedom of religion.

“We live for our values. We are people who have values and we hold on to it. I am not going to change what the faith has stated to us to do. This is not extreme — this is just a basic value that we follow,” said Karim Saaden, co-owner of the Terminal Barber Shop.

He noted that it was a matter of adherence to faith, not a gender issue.

“In our faith, for instance, I can cut my mother’s hair, I can cut my sister’s hair, I can cut my wife’s hair, my daughter’s hair,” said Saaden.

The barbershop suggested a solution to McGregor toward the end of August, offering her a haircut from a barber willing to do so.

“It’s the principle of the matter so I turned down their lawyer’s offer and said, ‘No, I wish to continue with the tribunal,’ because this needs to be discussed and now it’s bigger than what occurred with me that one day, in one afternoon,” said McGregor.

She is asking the tribunal to force Terminal Barber Shop to offer its men’s haircuts to both genders, and suggests in her application that the shop post a sign indicating it serves both men and women. She is not seeking money.

The matter is one in an increasing number of “competing rights” cases seen by the Human Rights Tribunal, said Pascale Demers, a spokesman for the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which studies and develops rights policies.

The term refers to a situation where two individuals have a right, but there’s a conflict when both exercise it.

“There’s no hierarchy of rights under the legislation, so it’s not about one right necessarily trumping the other. It’s about looking at the facts of the case,” said Demers.

Making things more interesting, apparently McGregor is a lesbian.

The 34-year-old dyke says she always gets her hair cut at a barber shop, not a salon.

16 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim barber denies woman haircut

  1. Everything is against their Islamist faith according to them. It’s a very convenient ‘religion’…..Amazing however, how many hundreds of Islamist men rape British women/girls (because they are dirty and Islamst women are pure – deliver me from their crap) or have young girls in sex gangs – It’s not just in Britain, but all of Western Europe and will come here sooner than later.
    Can’t cut awoman’s hair but he sure can rape her………..what a disgusting religion – what disgusting people.

    • Hi, I’m a Muslim in Singapore and yes, we are conservative in that sense that I’m not allowed to touch a female who’s not my family member. In Islam or if one is using his brain, rape is filthy disgusting and condemned in the religion. Heaven lies at the feet of one’s mum, that how much mums should be respected and loved. Women are respected.

      Men who rape British women/girls are rapist. Men who rape British women/girls are filthy. Muslim who rape British women/girls are rapist, filthy and not following the teachings of the religion.

      Peace be with you. May there be peace and understanding between people.

  2. It is not totally true that Muslim men cannot touch a woman unless they are related……. according to Sharia, this female is a kaffir, (NON-Muslim) He could infact claim the woman as booty as Mohammed suggested, and he could rape her, and all sorts of fun stuff.

    Watch out, you may just get served Islam style……….

  3. Holy Buckets! The islamites have an answer for everything. Its the same all the time; mohammad’s god allah says I can’t-you are a non-moslem. This would be a laffer if it did not go to the issue of human rights. Was there a sign posted. No women except family members, I am a moslem’?

  4. Not wanting $ gives this woman the utmost credibility.

    Note to self: Muslim men are prohibited by their “faith” from touching a non relative woman (except when raping young English teen girls in England).

  5. If this muslim is so religeous, why Muslims in the cities of Arabic countries cut hair to women in their own style not man style? Why Muslims here are trying to ecco Muslim Brotherhood who are nothing but hypocrites. I don’t think they are Muslims at all. They harbor criminal elements as well as perverted one. I don’t think any of them is faithful even their all “GUIDE” they call him. He is like their own Allah. I am sure they call one like me “not a Muslim” but I don’t care what anyone says. Most Muslims left their countries on their own not with help of organizations and they just want to live their lives peacefully. Furthermore, i do not see anything that deters me to live full Muslim life with best relationship with my neighbors who may be sunnies, shiittes, or any kind of christians or Jews. I love them because they are my neigbors and will never insult them even if we disagree.

    what those Muslims want to do? they want to have more American Taliban?

    • @ ecmh,
      it sounds like you have pretty much gotten living in a free country sorted out. living your life and respecting other people’s right to live theirs, living in peace with your neighbors. that is how its supposed to be. i am a pagan, neither christian, jewish or muslim, but i follow my beliefs and let others follow their way as long as they respect my right to believe as i choose.

      • Deli’s sell sandwiches.
        Gyms sell use of exercise equipment and space.
        Barbers sell haircuts.

        Jewish delis do not sell all sandwiches (no ham).
        Gyms for women do not sell all space or equipment (no men).
        Muslim barbers do not cut all hair (no women).

        Any chance you can participate in a conversation maturely without resorting to childish name-calling?

  6. quote…“We live for our values. We are people who have values and we hold on to it. I am not going to change what the faith has stated to us to do. This is not extreme — this is just a basic value that we follow,”….Unquote
    and some fool let these people into the country

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