National Guard Guns Aimed at Serbs in Muslim Kosovo

Islamic ethnic cleansing, protected by Western militaries including the U.S. via National Guard Guns Aimed at Serbs in Service of Albanian Mafia | Terrorism Right Side News.

This past September 11th, Western leaders hailed the “fully” and “irreversibly” independent Kosovo—still unrecognized by most UN members—for achieving additional “full independence.” The International Steering Group’s Civilian Office, which had the power to block laws or ministerial appointments, closed shop, and Dutch international rep Pieter Feith gave a speech in Albanian which concluded that “Kosovo has realistic prospects” for EU membership.

The ISG explained its decision to grant Serbia’s Albanian separatists this fuller full autonomy, by citing the region’s “clear support of a democratic and multi-ethnic state.” President Obama said Kosovo has made “significant progress,” parroting Kosovo “prime minister” Hashim Thaci, who said that “Kosovo has made significant progress…in building the institutions of a modern, multi-ethnic, inclusive and democratic state.”

Always on hand to promote the American-made Muslim state of Kosovo, The Wall St. Journal praised Obama’s praise and rhapsodized in typical Slavophobic tones how in 1999 President Clinton “bypassed the United Nations and sent in the U.S. Air Force…President Bush stood up to Russian bluster and European ambivalence to push for its independence.…though Serbia and Russia have tried to undermine it.” The editorial closed with a straight-faced reference to something that elicits snickers among those in the know: “The capital, Pristina, has streets named after Bush and Clinton.”

The disconnect between Kosovo on paper and Kosovo reality is what happens when U.S. bureaucrats, relying on American disinterest, distance, and short memories, are able to operate in the shadows and birth what international observers have called a mafia statelet run by an “ethnic tyranny,” with an economy based on international aid and heroin.

Yet nary an “expert” could be found who wasn’t in sync with the official mantras. Deutsche Welle’s choice of foot soldier was “Balkan expert” Norbert Mappes-Niediek: “You’re independent when you comport yourself as such. And that’s what Kosovo has done,” he said. Being an expert, Mappes-Niediek also said there probably wouldn’t be a military offensive by KFOR (NATO’s Kosovo force) against the last of the resisting Serbs of northern Kosovo, not only because more talks are ahead but because “it would cause 40-50,000 people to flee.”

And yet at this moment—indeed since July 2011—our National Guard soldiers, in conjunction with German, Austrian, Hungarian, Croatian and other Axis allies, have their guns trained on the reluctant Serbs, in preparation for a final solution to the “northern problem.

The climate has turned explosive as the police—stocked with former KLA terrorists—have been given increased autonomy, which on June 28th they used to harass, undress, drag and beat Serbian pilgrims coming to the Patriarch’s liturgy on St. Vitus Day.

On August 23rd KFOR seized one of the last barricades the Serbs had put up (against the ‘official’ border crossings they’re to use), arresting two people and pointing guns at the rest, who made a disciplined retreat and set up another roadblock.

In September there was an explosion after a service at a destroyed church, attended by displaced Serbs who were visiting the ruins of their homes; on the way back one of the houses was on fire. This is why, when refugees come to tend the overturned graves of their loved ones, an ambulance is on hand.

To seal the next stage of Kosovo’s dark evolution, KFOR will dismantle the last of the barricades, during which we are likely to see a provocation—used intermittently to goad Serbs into reacting—which then will “necessitate” forceful action to finally integrate them into Kosovo’s institutions. This will achieve a de facto acceptance of Kosovo as reality and, for our part, the fulfillment of Albanian territorial demands.

“Those crazy Serbs,” against whom our troops are being pitted, will be fingered as causing the problems. Just in time, the otherwise sparse cameras will be invited back in, to get the approved Kosovo story, reinforcing the edifice of lies upon which “the world’s newest country” is built.

U.S. military presses commonly refer to the mission of extending the thugocracy (by tear-gassing and/or shooting the northern Serbs into submission) as “maintaining a safe and secure environment,” quoting the proud fresh faces of the next rotation. A recent American Forces Press Service article about the South Carolina National Guard beamed, “As part of KFOR, they will…help set conditions for a stable, democratic, multiethnic and peaceful Kosovo.” Speaking to Asbury Park Press at a departure ceremony in September of last year, Maj. Gen. Glenn K. Rieth of the New Jersey National Guard said, “We as Americans are making a difference in that region. If you’re looking for a success, it’s the Balkans.”

Anyone spot the problem(s)?

6 thoughts on “National Guard Guns Aimed at Serbs in Muslim Kosovo

  1. When Clinton sent the military into Kosovo , we didn’t have the real picture. The MSM fed us what they wanted us to believe, not the facts. I bought it all , hook line & sinker. I now know the truth and if I had known then what I know now I would have raised hell at the thought of the USA going against the Christians who were trying to remove the muslims from their country before the muslims removed them. As it turns out, the USA helped the muslims do the cleansing. These events have made me re-think my beliefs around ethnic or religious cleansing as a survival strategy, something that may be forced on us in the future.

    • yes, WPF, i had the same experience as you did. i allowed the media to form my opinions & didn’t realize that it was the muzzie group who should have been banished. thank god we now know the truth!

    • I’m so glad to see that many people have woken up to what happened in Kosovo–and is STILL happening; Serbs are still being hunted down by an amazingly stupid western world which just can’t wait to install islam as the ruling world power. The Serbs just wanted their country for themselves, and in the near future the inhabitants of most western countries will have the same wish–but it will be too late.

      The traitorous western media, which could enlighten people and turn things around refuses to do so–it was the same with the US election, they vilified the man who offered hope, to re-install obama, who is doing his bit for the caliphate, and is even now trying to shut down this site, and all others like it.

      The Kosovo affair is one of the most shameful incidents in the history of the western world, but is ,I think, only a forerunner of similar incidents to come, first in ‘Eurabia’, then in North America. Islam is on a roll, and instead of resisting it, it’s as though the world’s leftists can’t embrace it quickly enough; they have one hell of a shock coming.

  2. multi-ethnic, inclusive and democratic state.

    what a crock or crap we have been sold by DEMOCRAP Party

    who promised the Serbian people would not be displaced and would live in harmony as a minority in Muslims majority Kosovo-

    this set a very bad precedent and foreshadows the Balkanization of the rest of the globe under their domination- watch and see

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