Muslims threaten to kill Kim Kardashian after “Praying for everyone in Israel”

Terrorism works. via Kim Kardashian apologises for Tweets over Israel-Palestine conflict | The Sun 

KIM Kardashian has received death threats after posting a pro-Israel message on Twitter.

The reality star wrote, “Praying for everyone in Israel” after Hamas militants launched a rocket attack on Jerusalem.

But the 31-year-old beauty was forced to delete the words of support after a barrage of criticism from her 17million followers.

“You are a disgrace to your people and your ancestors,” a follower tweeted, referring to her Armenian origin.

Another wrote: “People like you are the reason I want to die *Palestine.”

Others tweeted, “Die in Hell” and “Kill yourself” – terrifying the star into a hasty follow-up tweet reading: “And praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world.”

Clearly shaken by the hate messages, Kim then deleted both tweets and released a statement via her own website.

She wrote: “I want to own up to and explain that earlier today I sent out two tweets about saying prayers for the people in Palestine and Israel and after hearing from my followers, I decided to take down the tweets because I realised that some people were offended and hurt by what I said, and for that I apologize.”

She added: “I should have pointed out my intentions behind these tweets when I posted them.

“The fact is that regardless of religion and political beliefs, there are countless innocent people involved who didn’t choose this, and I pray for all of them and also for a resolution.

“I also pray for all the other people around the world who are caught in similar crossfires.”

Engage brain before opening mouth next time, Kimmy.

Engage brain? What exactly is the Sun’s “Bella Battle” suggesting? Battle also posted this caption under a picture of Kardashian:

Foolish … Kim Kardashian is forced to apologise for tweets in support of both Palestine and Israel

That Kardashian should not have tweeted a prayer for everyone in Israel? That she should not have shown support at all for Israel? Everyone knows that had she tweeted for the so-called ‘Palestinians’ that there would have been no death threats.

Kardashian inadvertently doubles down in her response to Muslim savages and those who encourage jihad when she refers to “similar crossfires.” There are dozens of Islamic jihads being waged around the world – but tweeting prayers for the victims earns death threats from Muslims. 

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama is absolutely silent on the latest outbreak in the perpetual Hamas-Israeli war. It should be noted that Hamas is the ‘Palestinian’ wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. It should also be noted that polls showed Jews overwhelmingly supported and voted for Obama.

Twitter is in on it:  Twitter suspends American Orthodox Jew for tweeting anti-Obama cartoon about Israel

Yet Hamas, the Taliban, al Shabaab and thousands of Muslims who threaten non-Muslims, particularly Jews, on a regular basis are free to tweet whatever they want. No problems.

132 thoughts on “Muslims threaten to kill Kim Kardashian after “Praying for everyone in Israel”

  1. Absolutely amazing the power and clout Islam already has in this country because they were so warmly met by liberals, progressives and the insane. Inconceivable our Congress’t watched Obama put them in gov’t jobs (some w/security clearances), amazing how the Obamas all but spit on this country and demand to be recognized if not adulated – wonder how many young military men Obama has put in the brig for making ‘less than happy’ comments about him as CIC…demoted, stripped of pay – while Army Col., Islamist Hasan, who 3 yrs. ago killed 13 Army officers at Ft. Hood languishes in prison still receiving his full pay of $6,000 +/- month……doctor & officer. This administration made its decision before taking office in 2009- we are playing second fiddle to Islam and Islamists. They want to change the culture of our society to Sharia and mosques – otherwise why would they say thier flag will fly above the White House and the Vatican……Never, ever the Vatican – our God will strike their Allah and them dead first….they are one insane group and are all allowed to walk our streets…………..

        • Precisely, we outnumber them anyway, we just all need to stick together, we need true leaders who wont back down, we need to take to the streets and protest !!! Islam is a cancer and needs to be killed, they have no place in our world !!!

          • Janet this is true this is what all the west need to do take to the streets in the thousands every town and city until they make it law to practise Islam and all whom do not agree go to a Islamic country this is the only way to stop it if they do carry on with it and riot deport them no other way. If not then when they become more they will get an islamic party and vote themselves in you pronably do not see it happening but Brussels in Belgium they have an islamic Party that has just got to seats and they are now caling for an idependant islamic state with the areas of these 2 seats and they copy so this will be sprouting soon. Although there is a Muslim Obamo but he does not do anything to endorse it he justs lets them carry on gain ground

          • And where will you find those leaders, Janet? America is crumbling so fast it makes your head spin! I’m on your side, but if you rely on a non-existent deity to help you–you’re gone.

            I’m sorry to tell you, but the way I see it the only way to deal with islam is by force–the only thing they understand.

      • “Yes, Janet! Just not soon enough “IF…WE, the People…” don’t speak up!

        How many more people must die and women beaten & raped before “they” (Muslims) are “eliminated???” IF, it is “just” one more…that’s ONE TOO MANY!

        I Pray to God, this insane CULT is eliminated…SOON!

      • nubwaxer,
        Normally, I don’t talk like this, but………..
        Why don’t you find a ‘nub’ to wax, while waiting for your heroes Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow to spout their hatred.

    • You think ur sick mate no one even knows who u r I’m a muslim yet I didn’t send a threat so get ur facts right and you talk too much sorry kardashians for all of this

  2. Well what can you say they are in all the west and can and will threaten anyone whom is not for an Musliom country free speech has gone and these threats the people should be arrested but they will not be because the US PM dont for get is an Muslim practising the the being allowed to lie factor in the Qu’ran to the kuffer. He wears a ring or did do that says only one God Allah.

    • Hey wildhorses! You’re 100% right about Obozo NOT directly endorsing Islam…however, by “allowing” them to continue to destroy “our” Freedom’s…he IS essentially “endorsing” ALL of their actions…especially when he “allows” sales of “our” weapons to the ENEMY!!!

      • isahiah62, on November 17, 2012 at 2:21 PM said:
        What you say is true on this post the whole thing is corrupt. Why did the Jews vote for him any ideas? Obamo very much like Hitlers a brilliant speaker. A master of disguise.

        • Traditionally most JEWS have always voted DEM- one reason- they do really think 0 is proIsrael- they fell for every line- every lie- hook line and sinker- historically fundy Xtians have been jew killers and they have a hard time getting past that history- on their way to kill the Muslims they killed the JEWs too (Crusades) and in every nation that they fled too they got invited then ousted by force – so the trust is not there for what they think of as the fundy Xtian party- Jews think they must always fight for those who are being discriminated- they fought for civil rights for blacks and think Muslims need to be protected for their religion or Jews – or will also be swept up in some Xtian pogrom- Obama says in his book- he knows how to manipulate white people by using racist accusations- he is successful with them- Jews are bound to try and not kill, to compromise, to seek peace- Dems talk a good game on that and sadly my fellow Jews do not see through the game being played on them- Jews in USA are very complacent- they feel secure- they live in communities with mostly other Jews and do not see or hear much hatred- when they do hear it they makes excuses for those – they want to see people as GOOD- ALL people have fallen for charismatic leaders in past- Mao, Hitler, Castro, Osama, history is full of bamboozlers like 0 and history is full of people who followed them right into the GRAVE

    • How many people have Christians killed in the past and still doing it using war as an excuse how about the slavery of the black people at least Islam is against slavery no matter race or colour.

      • Arabs are still enslaving blacks- KSA only outlawed slavery in 1965—–>in Sudan and Mauritania, racist Arab societies enslave blacks. Today. Most of the slaves are African Muslims.

        in addition they use indentured servitude as a way of life- Bangladesh and other poor Muslims are enslaved by their own

        buy a clue -get into the present day- the founders wanted to abolish slavery in 1776 but had to compromise or would be no USA

        the sellers of slaves to USA were ARAB selling Africans

        • Thank-you for your reply. I often wonder why the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s and Barack Obama’s in this world, who are so quick to jump on alleged abuse/racial issues here, are so silent about the actual history of slavery and to the human trafficking and slavery going on all over the world, now. Can it be that those poor people all over the world aren’t able to vote or donate? Interesting.

        • Islam does not alow slavery, and whoever does it is not following Islam but their own evil self, you are clearly a Jew trying to poising everyone against Muslims, you are probably not a normal Jew because they are ok you are a ZIONIST heaters of the whole world only capable of caring and loving their own race.

    • And how many muslims did America kill? That’s the question !! Lol every one is killing in time of war but the Americans do it by throwing the stone and hiding their hand 😱😱😱 viva España!!!!

  3. how damned disgusting does it have to get before people stand up to the islam idiocy. islam is the minority in the universe which makes them the supreme haters. you cannot be a victim unless you give them permission to victimize you; stop kowtowing to them at every level. it is VERY unfortunate we have a muslim friendly president. he is an idiot also. they will stop at nothing to destroy our freedoms; especially freedom of speech. In defense of Kim, there was nothing wrong in her tweeting her message. She lives in America, the GREATEST country in the world. Had she said that in Saudia Arabia or any other muslim country, she would have been beheaded.

    • Yes I agree what right have these Muslim got to threaten her for being worried about he loved ones. Why does she have to depersonlise it and say she is upset for everyboby if you did not allow the practice of Islam in the west then they would not be here and go back to their Muslim countries or face prison this is the only way forward if they start being violent deprot them and start using finger printing has a method of all people coming in and leaving the country.
      Radical yes but this is what is needed now too much PC before it is too late.

  4. If you are going to make a ‘statement’, then stand behind it; so much for her sincerity if she lets anti-semitic ignoramuses threaten her. Who cares what they think….Islam is NOTHING! Judaism and Christianity – are from God and Jesus – Islam is just a made up allah, a koran plagiarized from the Torah and Bible by a sicko named Mohammad. Pure insanity –

    • I understand what you say but you know these evil people may do it this is the sad fact of having them amoungst you clear all practicers of radical Islam out if you can weed the lairs out whom will pretend they are moderates. So I think Kim did the right thimg has things stand sad but very true.

  5. I am glad Kim said what she did (even for a low watt bulb), I just wish she had the courage of her convictions. Islam and mohammed and allah and who ever else wants to involve themselves, are all a travisty of the world. I have witnessed first hand what a buch of A$$es the people are. If I had a tweet account I surley wouldn’t have taken it back…if fact I would have sent my address. Might see jail time but I bet I would be the last one standing. (note to self…get tweeter account)

    • Bill she is female and they like I have said are so fantical they could do it I guess you would be better of saying it.We need people like you to stand up to them. This has to stop these death threats they should be arrested why are they not?

      • A better way to handle it is to tweet “to the Islamic Muhammed pedephile clones. Bring it. Israel should never have agreed to a cease-fire, we all knew as soo. As the cease-fire were agreed to, Hamas would rearm and resupply. Too bah for your people hat hey allow Hamas use them as human shields. Hamas are just a bunch of gutless turds.

  6. I don’t know much about the Kardashian family but I know her comments were not meant to be anything other than loving. Muhammad was a religious leader AND a military leader who advocated violence. His followers are doing the same. Muhammad told his followers to kill the infidel…Jesus told his to love everyone. Islam continues to grow because of intimidating tactics like those mentioned in this article. We must pray, pray, pray for the people of the world to stay strong as we face such tactics.

    • Come on tyedyed out of all the millions of Muslims in this world we only hear of a few crazy people, and they all have to carry the burden? I don’t think so, how many child molesters, wife beaters, rapest, murderest, etc… Are in every other religion? So…. Is it the religion or the person? I think is got to do with the crazy people in this world and not with any religion, but I guess people love to concentrate at the Muslims 🙏

      • You are correct that each individual person chooses to act the way they do. Subsequently, if someone is a devout Muslim and follows the Koran, he has to choose whether or not he will obey Allah.

        In the Quran: An-Nisaa 34-35, it says it is OK to beat your wife. To beat, or not to beat? Choices, choices.

        Allah said that it is permissible to lie. “Reliance of the Traveler, a Classical Manual of Islamic Sacred Law. r8.2.” Subsequently, if the god of the Muslims says that it is permissible to lie, should we believe everything a Muslim says? I think not.

        Individual people throughout the world may choose to lie or beat their wives. Islam is the only religion I know of that gives it’s followers permission to do so.

        • Whatever, should we believe what Muslims say? Sounds sooo stupid!! you believe the person as everyone is different, and people lie in every single religion or haven’t you ever told a lie?… Should we blame your religion about you living, I have Muslim friends and they are the most honest friends I have ever had so what you are saying sounds out of order, racist and ridiculous

    • Well you have to get this all Muslims are a brotherhood kick one you kick all and you have to be killed for everything really in their religion.

  7. “KIM! WE, the People…” are with you whether you believe it or not! It’s just that most of the American people are distracted from reality due to the controlled propaganda reporting of the government and media!

  8. finally, something of substance comes from the mouth of this formerly silly woman…then, she’s shot down for it. yes, it is unfortunate that she backed down but she may, indeed, be in fear for her life. look what other atrocities have been done to those who say a negative word against islam, draw & publish a cartoon, write a book against islam, create & circulate a video that slams islam. she has reason to fear!…

    • If people don’t stand up to these bullies the intimidation & threats will never stop. It’s also time to stop making excuses for the cowards that apologize and grovel before muslim threats.

  9. and we can see that terror, threats, and just plain thuggery does work – look at the adherents of islam and its useful idiots using it and/or being ok with it all.

  10. AAAAAAAAAH life in Obamanation- support Israel? you will be under threat – and your govt will NOT stand for you- the prez has told us- I will stand with the Muslims- his family are Muslims- his advisors all hate Israel- before 08 Samantha Power wanted troops form USA to protect Gaza and Fatah islamonazis- 0 sat in jewhater Israel bashing “church” for 20 years- he OWES big time to his friends- the popular internet star Electronic Intifada jewhater Ali Abunimah is his buddy- Rashid Khalidi who Obama says taught him how to view the Middle East is a pro Fakestinian jewhater- LA Times carefully conceals all evidence of their collaboration- the Dems booed G-d and Jerusalem- showed exactly who they ARE to us and still got voted in- Lib, peacenik Obama Jews agreed to ethnic cleanse Gaza of Jews and thought giving Israel land piece by piece would make them stand down on their threats, forget the Jihad- instead Israel got rockets and more dead people- and still endorse two state farce idea- J-streeters cared more about gay marriage and forcing Catholics to pay for abortion than they did about the Admin that enabled all of Israel’s enemies (Egypt) and surrounded her with hostiles weaponed up- supported giving money to Gaza that bought the rockets and these fucking hypocrites now wring their hands and cry for Israel?? they disgust me- doubled down on hope a dope FATER seeing all this? 0’s first move, the Cairo speech, was to encourage “Arab Spring” to and to then disrespect Bibi in public and private (Sarkozy) – to blame Israel for building LEGALLY in their own capital- he backtracked on his Jerusalem promise – he called to go back to 1967 or 1949 borders- undermined Israel at every opportunity- emboldened Hamas and Fatah (they call these suit wearing Nazis moderates, call Abbas a peace partner (the man who masterminded death of Munich athletes) ) and Hillary did nothing about IRAN nukes, ignored their dissidents, left them to die in the streets, yet supported Libya to get more Muslim Brothers into power- we got a dead ambassador and LIEs and coverups- had the gall to blame a movie, instead of standing for OUR free speech he groveled and promised to abide Islam’s blasphemy laws, sent a woman to LIE for him 5 times!!
    This admin has threatened to pull weapons support to Israel, blackmail our ally and then tell them to sit and do nothing while they world cries for another genocide-
    why do I have to see signs praising HITLER in Ft Lauderdale my own state- and hear cries for BIGGER OVENS?? and know 0 is importing more of these hostiles every day – and says NOTHING about them doing hate speech or incitement to murder? This admin is giving them aid and money , building a Dem voter base by importation of Muslims and other people who want revenge on white people and to PUNISH R’s their fellow Americans.

    I am angry and sick about this- I can forgive those gays and blacks for being proBAMA but I can never forgive the Obama JEWS- they are the stupidest Jews since the ones who thought Hitler would ignore them if they acted German enough and watered down their Judaism enough.

  11. The only thing Kim has going for her is the fact she is very good looking. No brain, but she’s got the looks. She shows no back bone by backing down to the muzzie threats. islam will be destroyed and every muzzie will be dead as they are the spawn of SATAN.

    • Her “publicist” told her to “back-down!” Kim “plays” the role she’s been given…and she plays it well! Excuse me, but…How much do ALL you people earn in a year that call her stupid? I “doubt” ALL your earnings “together”…adds up what “she” racks in!

      • what’s your point? rich people shouldn’t pray for the people of Israel? they should back down and retract their words when Muslims threaten to kill them?

        • sorry you took what i said the wrong way! What I said had NOTHING to do with what “she” said! It had to do with everyone calling her “stupid!”…which I “know” she isn’t!

          As for her remarks, she, “Prayed for everyone in Israel!” DONE DEAL! She already did it! RETRACTION OR NO RETRACTION…SHE DID IT! PERIOD!

          Does anyone know for a “fact” that SHE made the decision to “retract” her statement? OR, did her publicist do it for her? or “made” her do it?

  12. Armenia’s history with Israel and Islam is complicated. While The ethnic cleansing of the Ottoman Empire’s Armenian population is a perpetual issue of contention between Armenia (and its diaspora, like Kim’s late father), and post-Ottoman Turkey. But Armenia today actively supports Iran, since the enemy of their enemy (Azerbaijan) is their friend. Meanwhile, Shi’a Muslim Azerbaijan has excellent relations with Israel, and Israel was one of the first countries to recognize Azerbaijan’s independence.

    As for Kim Kardashian, she’s faced more serious threats before–like jealous Beliebers:

    • Marie if you think she is a coward then you get on twitter and say the same thing then I wonder how you will like a death threat. I bet you don’t do it.

      • I have, many times..not necessarily on twitter but lots of other websites, I’ve actually said worse. I don’t recall if I’ve ever had a death threat but I’ve been called every name in the book and guess what? It doesn’t bother me..I’m not gonna let those morons intimidate me, I’m gonna say what I feel…..

        • Marie C: you are anonymous here. It would take a lot of effort for someone to find out who and where you actually are. The circumstances for you and Kim Kardashian (a public figure) are not the same.

  13. yeap! the “media” is definitely controlling the American people with “propaganda” which is designed to keep “our” attention on everything “except” that which is important…like our “Rights!”

    • We cannot be intimidated into not speaking the truth, with love. However, she has a very public, pretty face, and we are talking about very fanatic people here. There was nothing wrong with what she said, but even if she is a Christian she should be alert because, “…your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” I Peter 5:8, (part).

      • Joy, there you go quoting me again! But seriously, you’re quite right; despite the fact there was nothing wrong with what she originally said, she is very much in the public eye, and we are talking vicious, barbaric sub humans here.

    • Anonymous!!!!! You are such a loser Mather fucking racist peace of crap, you hide behind a computer and say that looool you have no balls not even a name loool you lot a so funny

      • OMG that’s exactly what I was thinking until I saw your message all this people talking about hate and getting rid of Islam loool you said it they sound worse than the f***** Taliban and they don’t even know it, man!!!!!! And they think they are better humans looool

  14. I do not believe in violence on any side or even religons,but I do feel that any country would have no option to retaliate if their country is being hit by missiles all bombs…I dont like hamas or any other scum bag extremists groups…but Islam is the blame for most of the worlds violence….like it or not,but its a fact…..21st century now and about time islam grow up and integrated or even left their medieval ideology

  15. You are all nothing more than a cult of racist monsters hiding no doubt behind a laptop letting your keyboard do your dirty work hahah it’s actually very laughable I mean you have so very much to say yet what do you actually do to make a difference in the world?? Set up and comment on a poxy website?? Very selfless of you.. In fact we should all applaud you for your bravely and righteousness.. All those soldiers in the wars around the world defending their honour and country through actions have nothing on on you or your words.. GROW UP and grow some balls in the process you fascists!! This world doesn’t need idiots like you currupting the minds of our people.. Well saying that normal sane people would never take your unintelligible nonsense for some kind of hidden truth so please do continue to waste your time on making ridiculous fictional stories about a religion that only preaches love and peace unlike you foul horrid inhumane deceases!! It should NOT even matter what religion, race or colour a person is’ everyone has the right to be respected for who and what they are!! Anyway dont even bother replying as I am far too busy to read anymore filth and just before I forget let me say THANKYOU in advance just incase you have any comments regarding me as I couldn’t care any less trust me.. Good evening and may god be with you all =]

    • Do you feel better now? I agree with you that most of the time “It should NOT even matter what religion, race or color a person is…”. However, I believe eternal consequences are determined by what religion we are so sometimes I have to speak about what I believe is the truth. We enjoy free-speech here…a concept the fanatics cannot or will not comprehend…and we are told in the Bible to speak the truth “in love…”. Ephesians 4:15, (part). I just wish the fanatics in the world believed the same.

  16. i’m sorry but israel has no defence what soever, they humiliate, starve, torment and push the palestinians more and more everyday and then kick and scream foul play as soon as they bite back. i’d be firing rockets at fuckers if people were illegally building settlements on land that wasn’t there’s to take in my country. as for religious fanaticism israel is full of it, and i’ve never heard anything as stupid in my life. we can’t even comprehend the vast expanse of our own solar system, then for a people to think that a god that’s created the entire cosmos filled with billions of galaxies and septillion stars then centillion planets, has said to a tiny group of people on a floating spec of dust in space that they have the right to an insignificant spot of land over another group of people is hilariously dumb and outdated, and unnecessarily costing lives.

    • You obviously don’t believe that the Bible is the true word of God or you would believe that God, who “created the entire cosmos”, actually decided to make a covenant with “a tiny group of people”, Genesis 17:1-8. It is incomprehensible…but, He’s God Almighty and he can do what he wants. God created the world and the people in it. He gave them free-will, just like we have today. The people of the world (including the Jews) were prideful and arrogant and had turned from God. Instead of destroying the entire world, like they deserved, He made a covenant promise to the Jews, (read about it in Isaiah 9:6-7; 11, and elsewhere), that He would send a savior of the world (Jesus) that would come from their lineage, “…because Abraham (a Jew) obeyed me and kept my requirements, my commands, my decrees and my laws.” Genesis 26:4-5. God gave them just one TINY piece of this entire planet to call their own, (SPECIFIC boundaries), Genesis 15:18-21; Exodus 23:31; Numbers 34:1-12; Ezekiel 47:13-23. Nations who have/are facilitating the dividing of Israel, (Joel 3:1-2), are promised God’s wrath. That includes us.

      Israel isn’t perfect…no people are…but they have not been the aggressors, here. They are defending themselves and sometimes they have to be proactive, especially when mad-men like Amadinejad, with access to nuclear bombs, have promised to remove them from the face of the earth. Would you give up such a legacy without a fight? I think not.

      • okay, your quoting me passages from a book that is supposed to be the “word of god”, yet has been edited countless times. so no, i certainly don’t believe that it is the true word of god, because if it were from a god as vengeful as you believe, i’m sure he wouldn’t be too pleased with one of us mere mortals having the arrogance to reinterpret a supposedly infallible beings words, as he is infallible therefore reinterpreting would be unnecessary and therefore against the word of god.
        so that leaves one option, it is written by men who have used religion to wield power, destroy nations, create nations, and to basically give them the right to do whatever the hell they want, because “it’s gods will”. the inquisition for example, has never officially ended, and has destroyed millions of lives, the churches hands are soaked in blood all in the name of religion, and israel and palestine is yet another example of how people are dying needlessly and inhumanly for these outdated and ridiculous ideals.

        and also israel isn’t the aggressor, on what planet have you been living on, or do you just not read history? israel has been on the offensive since the 60’s, and it won’t stop until the palestinians are pushed into the sea. if they were defending themselves they would’ve been more proactive in trying to handle things peacefully, and running unarmed women over with bulldozers, chaining kids to their landrovers to be used as human shields, and mowing countless civilians down with machine gun fire, and stopping aid reaching civilian casualties is not peaceful. it’s genocide plain and simple, and out of all the kinds of people on the planet you’d think the people of israel would understand better than anyone, and would work harder than anyone else to stop the sort of suffering the jews went through from the nazis, but no.

        they’re doing the displacing, humiliating, and the ravaging now, and every time they attack gaza like they do, they may as well walk to poland and take a huge steaming shit on the mass graves that their unfortunate predecessors are buried in. especially when they use it to justify what they’re doing now. genocide is no excuse for genocide!

        • DAn, Were have you been…even the liberal press has been reporting on the palist..lobbing rockets for about a year now (though the libs make it look innocent) ISRAEL are the ones defending themselves. As soon as they fired back (which they should) MSNBC,CNN,abc,nbc…etc.etc, have been all over them. It is people like you that have everyone screwed up. Israel just wants to be Israel, they are the ones who gave up the west bank in the first place to avoid an all out war.

          • i’m sorry i don’t know about the US news groups, but the BBC has been glazing over the realties of what’s been going on over there since 2006, hence the THOMAS report in 2006 and has conveniently swept that under the carpet. i will admit that reports are starting to get better since overwhelming public pressure. but israel has grown experientially, since the agreed 60 % of palestine they were “legally” given by britain and france since the 40’s to the point that the palestinians have been pushed into a tiny corner of their own land, so israel don’t just want to be israel. if that were true why would they need to be illegally expanding onto soil that’s not theirs? so i really don’t blame palestinians for trying to fight back. also they’re fighting an army who the US alone spend 3 billion a year on, which is basically impossible, so they need all the international coverage and help they can get, which they’re really not getting!

          • @DAN u are correct that the BBC- Bloviating Bigot’s Channel is biased- against ISRAEL- there are whole sites dedicated to showing their disdain, the one sided reports- the absolute lies and Pallywood productions hosted by Big Brit Chavs papers and TV-

        • Well, since you don’t believe the Bible to be true you’re not going to believe this either: “All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 3 Timothy: 3:16. Over the years men have CHOSEN to do things that were contrary to Scripture and not pleasing to God. Even the Jews. That’s not His fault. I don’t think God was behind the inquisition at all. You are confusing organized “religion” with belief in the One True God of the Bible. Read a good translation of the Bible. Start with Proverbs and then read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Then Romans. Good Lord…there is so much! “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” Romans 15:4. I am praying for you whether you like it or not. God Bless You.

          • see i’m not actually atheist, i just don’t believe in organised religion of any kind. i like to think of myself as a spiritual person, i believe in things that i think make me a better person. i’d say i believe in liberty, justice, and for the right that every human has to their own freedoms and choices AS LONG as those freedoms and choices don’t interfere with another persons freedoms and choices. i think we live in a world in which we let the demons run amuck, people are power hungry, fickle, and largely have no regard for others. the uk’s run by tori fucking idiots, that quite literally don’t know there arses from their elbows. you may as well put senile mentally crippled old people, who have to shit into a bag in charge, as they could do no worse. hence why i want to see this shit stop, and i’d do literally whatever it takes. there’s massive injustice taking place everywhere you look, hence why i feel so strongly about israel, the whole thing seems massively unjust, and it CANNOT be tolerated anymore!!!

        • dan- nothing to see here- the usual _ I hate all religion equally- he must live on backwards planet- his narrative on Israel told as only an indoctrinated progressive or Muslim asskisser could write- maybe he works for Obama at the UN

          • and dan would like to think he is “spiritual” LOLpretty funny – dan think what you like— it does not make it true- your diatribe gives evidence the spirit inside you is not godly- quite the contrary

            you hate old people, you hate Israel etc just man up get some balls and be proud of the bigot hatered you have inside

            “” freedoms and choices don’t interfere with another persons freedoms and choices”” as long as it’s not jews eh??

            funniest part of your BS-dan thinks rockets rained on JEWS for months and years, kidnapping , murdering of babies in the beds, constant preaching of genocide, every 20 minutes running to bomb shelter is not interfering with Israeli’s freedom

            you are just a run of the mill Brit jewhater! begone now troll boy-

          • your a fucking idiot mate, firstly i’m in no way anti Semitic, maybe anti zionist based on what i’ve seen, and if you think the 2 are exactly the same, then you really are a retarded fuck witt. at what point did i say i hate old people? i used them in context to my own government stating that an old person who is at that point in his life where he is senile and has to shit into a bag (which is what happens when you get really old) would be just as much use as a leader to use as what we’ve already got. which is fact, the tori government literally have no idea what they’re doing in power. i would regard myself in no way indoctrinated, i have made my own judgement from what i have read about, and seen reported on the conflict in gaza over many years, i have come to my decision’s of my own free will.
            and everything that i have have read and seen over the years shows me that israel is being time and time again completely unjust in it’s efforts to wipe out the palestinians. and it’s very clearly noted, that my government the US barely say a fucking word against it. When william hague did a talk for the press 3 days ago it was hammas this and hammas that, basically casting all blame on them. and then when he did use israel in the speech he gave us an incredibly vague account of what they were planning to do and what they were doing. Why do they and the US do this, because israel is their foothold in the middle east, that is fact. Why else would the US spend sooo much fucking money on israel.
            and going back to me thinking i’m a spiritually minded person, yes i am, and i will think what i like.. and it’s as true as what you believe about your own religion, you arrogant ignorant prick. i do things because i believe them to be right until proven wrong, hence why i don’t believe in a set religion because no one can say for fact that what we believe is god is right ( and that’s called logic, it will help you). so if you can show me that i am wrong about what i think are the facts regarding this conflict, please go ahead, being proven wrong is healthy, as you learn. if not, fuck off and shut up!!

          • @dan: Believing in the one true God is an act of FAITH. Even the Jews, when faced with irrefutable proof that Moses was leading them under the direction of the one-true God, (Exodus 14, parting of the sea), started to doubt, immediately after. Concerning Israel, God says “All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and obstinate people.” Romans 10:21. The Israelites were promised a Messiah…they’re still waiting for Him…we believe it’s Jesus. “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved. For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge. Since they did not know the righteousness that comes from God and sought to establish their own, they did not submit to God’s righteousness. Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes.” Romans 10:1-4.

            There are and have been many false teachers in the world, so that is why you have to know what the Bible says. “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves…Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'” Matthew 7:21-23, (part). A good way to get to know Jesus is by reading Matthew 5-7. Look how far we’ve all gotten from His perfect will for us.

            God says in Ezekiel 36:26 that He will, “…give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” Romans 10: 9-13, (part), says: “…if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved…there is no difference between Jew and Gentile-the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on Him, for, ‘everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

            The bottom line is that righteousness, pleasing God, is gained by FAITH, not by deeds, and is readily available to anyone who will receive it freely from God through Christ. I am praying that for you. Amen.

          • “YES, Joy!”

            As Jesus said, “…I came to save the lost and non-believers…”, NOT those that “believe” as they are already saved…right!

            Take Care and God Bless!

          • Hey isahia!!! I agree with what Dan is saying his right plus, your people have caused enough damage to this world with their greed don’t u think? Because you are a Jew right?😈

    • Don’t be sorry, dan…everyone that believes they are “Palestinian” has been LIED TOO! Just as the Koran allows! Therefore, go ahead and continue to believe what you want…God has given you the freedom to make the wrong decision! In the meantime…”we” Christians will continue to “Pray” for you!

      Take Care and God Bless!


    Janet who are u? Hitler’s daughter?
    Because you look like him, want to kill inocent people.

    • Then you must be Mohammed’s child- who is nnocent according to MUSLIMS? no one!! yet you cry when same is directed towards you

      Just big FYI Hilter and Muslims?? allies friends – Hitler loved ISLAM, inventors of the yellow star, people who like his ideas – like killing JEWS and bonus did it for their god, easier to manipulate than patriotic Germans who had that pathetic past of Christian ideals- yup one and the same likes and loves-

      Anjem Choudhury of the Omar Bakri group of jihadists in Britain …He is entirely ready to condemn attacks on innocent civilians, but he notes that because non-Muslims have rejected Islam, none of them are innocent. Therefore attacks like 9/11 and 7/7 are perfectly justified.

      Choudhury can and no doubt does easily support his view from the Qur’an, in which Jews and Christians are under Allah’s curse (9:30) and unbelievers are the “vilest of creatures” (98:6). In the face of this kind of thinking, we have seen British Muslim leaders condemn the killing of “innocent civilians.” And in the U.S., we have received the much-publicized fatwa against terrorism issued by the Fiqh Council of North America, which declares: “Islam strictly condemns religious extremism and the use of violence against innocent lives.”

      Why isn’t any law enforcement official asking Muslim leaders (in both the U.S. and Britain) to denounce in clear terms the statement by Anjem Choudhury, that no non-Muslim is innocent? And to follow up that denunciation with nationwide programs in mosques, teaching against the ideology enunciated here by Anjem Choudhury in unambiguous terms?

      UPDATE: Daniel Pipes has an illuminating discussion of this concept here.

  18. Excuse me no hate please on Muslims :)I have no hate against anyone Muslims are the most nicest people that support people if your poor or not wealthy the Taliban has a meaning the meaning for Taliban is students why is it called students? Because in Afghanistan there was a war in the 1960’s and there was no Taliban or any army not protect Afghanistan so a mother lost her child in the war and went to the nearest mosque pleading to her teacher (mullah a mosque teacher) to find her son so the mullah told his students which were the age 30 and above to fight and get her son back… And blah blah the rest I forgot. but never trust the media it’s full of bullshit like fx, CNN, etc they talk shit about Muslims because the Jewish people own all those media company’s they all lie these American governments they started it!

    • Everyone is going to live forever. The question is, are you going to be living forever in heaven or in hell? Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6. That’s Christianity, Sarah…not Islam.

      • Hey Thompson you obiously haven’t read the Quran like I did, it’s got nothing to do with what some ignorant think it is, you know the ignorants that just follow media, I just can’t believe some narrow minded 😵😵they hate Muslim people because the think its a religion of hate, when they haven’t taken a minute to read like I did. They just can’t judge everyone because of some lunatics decision or can they?

        • I do not hate the Muslim people. I have not read the entire Quran, just like I have not read the entire Bible. However, I have read enough of both of them to know what they are about. The Quran contradicts itself with the verses written in Mecca vs those written in Medina. Please take a few minutes to read this: Thank-you.

          • I never said you hate Muslims, you don’t sound like a person of hate, you sound like a religious person trying to get everyone to the right path. But about what you said ( the Quran contradicts it self) I don’t think you understand it, you have to really be interested to want to understand it. Thank u

          • Wow that link is full of lies, 100% bull s***, rituals??? Really??? rape???? You think this is excepted? No wonder there is so many people agains Islam, reading all this lies, who wouldn’t?? Any way there is a lot of smart people out there so who cares about the few ignorants that believe everything they read.
            It’s like if you were told from a young age that 3+2=4 you will believe it loool😳😝
            Did you know that Islam is the fastes growing religion?
            Me being 1 of them, so proud to be part of such a beautiful religion😇 and like you said at the biginning about hell and heaven, we will have to wait and see who ends up there…. leave it in the Lords hand to decide right ??

          • Sarah, let me start by saying you are making a huge mistake…then I will are correct, not all muslims are terrorists or backward morally bankrupt people….but most terrorist (92%), backward morally bankrupt people are Muslim

  19. You are all a bunch of hurtles people, do u think that the do that for pleasure? This people are full of hate due to whats happend to their country and their people,
    (Children) and woman getting killed by the Jews in a daily basis. But ofcourse no one cares… Right? They only care when a bad comment is left about the Jews, well go and check what the Jews book says about the Christians (Talmud) maybe you will open your eyes unless you are Jews in which case you already know

  20. Well Mr Bill, let me star by saying that if 92% of Muslims were terrorist then there would of been a bomb every single day and you and i would of been blown away a long time ago, and about bankrupt Muslims? Let me tell you that I work in a bank and everyone goes bankrupt having said that the Muslims are the least going bankrupt due to the religion being agains interest it seems like you are 1 of those ignorants that talk but I don’t care about lol

    • You apperently did not read what I said (which does not suprise me) I said not all Muslims are terrorists…but most terrorists are muslim. And morally bankrupt has nothing to do with money it has to do with the soul being hateful and cruel….I think Sarah might be a 17 yr old behind a keyboard

    • There are approximately 1.3 billion Muslims, worldwide. Someone said that only 1% of Muslims are Jihadists. That means that “only” 10.3 million Muslims engage in passive or active Jihad. So, since the Koran says (Sura 3, v.28) to KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, is it not logical that the unbelievers (myself included) would wonder what those 10.3 million have planned for us?

      Also, the Muslims usually just infiltrate countries and when their numbers are large enough they take over.

      • You people are sick, hiding behind computer screens and saying stupid things.
        This world is corrupted from every single angle for do yourself a favor and get a live

        • How are the people here sick???? Telling the truth is sick??? are you so out of touch you cannot see the writing on the wall? by the way it is “get a LIFE”

        • What, exactly, have we been saying that is “stupid”? I agree that this world is corrupt. What life, (I am assuming that you meant “life”, not “live”) are you suggesting we get?

          • Wow, I have been checking all the messages and its kind of always the same people replying so I agree with that guy Jason, get a real life. Lol

      • 10.3 Muslims?? You can not be serious!!! If that was true the world would be a war zone, so that’s none sense, joy Thomson you sound very concerned, why don’t you tell your doctor that you are having mental issues she might help you, but be careful she just might be a Muslim ( sounds absolutely ridiculous and racists ) looool

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