7 Responses

  1. Coming soon to a town near you. Muslims invented time travel. Follow Islam and you instantly get sent to the 7th Century.

  2. The problem is that you Brits gave up your guns! You have nothing to battle with except sticks & stones! So you might as well be back in the 7th century!

  3. i’m curious to know what the royals think about this turn of events. would the queen, indeed, have her couterier design her “hijab”? the situation in england has gone past the point of no return…they are toast & we’re next if we continue to allow them to infiltrate our country.

    • The Queen looks after their requests for halal meat when they dine at the palace. So nice.

    • She doesn’t like islam, and said so while being overheard. But, like everyone else did nothing. “the great protector of Britain” What a joke

  4. this is total bullshit…

    they have no legal value to those who do not want them

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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