Cross Landmark Removed From Bavarian Tourist Leaflet to Appease Muslims

via Islam Versus Europe

The Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen boasts the highest peak in Germany, the Zugspitze, topped by a landmark Christian cross which has become a symbol of the town. Despite its iconic status, however, the cross was removed from tourist leaflets published this year – but only those in Arabic. As you can see below, prospective Spanish tourists still see the cross; Arabs don’t.

10 thoughts on “Cross Landmark Removed From Bavarian Tourist Leaflet to Appease Muslims

    • My sentiments, exactly. The Bible talks of a time when people will be martyred for not worshiping the religious leader of the “one-world government”. Revelation 20:4. We’re inching closer and closer to it. Whether he will be Muslim or not is a question. He will definitely not be a believer in the God and Jesus of the Bible. In the meantime…we have chosen ourselves who we will serve…and as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:14.

  1. …and I looked and saw what appeared to be 4 phallic towers sticking up into the air at the four corners of A Mosque in Iran.Then I realized that these towers were disguised missiles capable of spreading Anthrax throughout Europe …..or the four corners of the mid-east.Are not missiles or rockets simile’s of the penis?I knw there is a numerous collection of penile personalities in Iran…particularly the big boss of bosses;I also suspect he suffers from anal itch as well as mental delusions of grandeur .I also understand that the president of Iran has obtained the military rank of little corporal.ON TO EGYPT!!!THE ROSETTA STONE AWAITS!

  2. everywhere & anywhere we see those in authority waffling to the demands of the muslim hoards. at the rate they are moving, we will be conquered in a short time. we see gov’ts, schools, businesses, agencies, judges, etc, bending or breaking any & all rules to accomodate the ultimatums of the interlopers. isn’t it strange that the jews, the catholics, the protestants, the buddhists, the hindis & all of the other religions, don’t make demands? they are content to live & let live & survive as best they can…wherever they may be. god bless them all.

    • Moslems respect the Jesus of the gospel of Barnabas, a long discredited writing of the apocryphal genre. These writings include talking animals, evil spirits and the like. You can read it on line by doing a google search

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