Islam creeping in Georgia

An interesting Twitter account does our job for us. @IslamGeorgia

Although he doesn’t have many tweets, here are a few.

Where there is a need for halal there must be barracks mosques.

Corporate America falls for the sharia line.

Are those meals for all unsuspecting patrons or just for Muslims by request?

Posting this is just pure crazy talk. Islamophobia even. Muslims just want to get along and integrate with non-Muslims. Right?


More on Georgia in our archives. Seriously, scroll through the archives for posts like this one more than two years ago, Georgia: An Islamic diaspora grows in Lilburn:

46 thoughts on “Islam creeping in Georgia

    • Nahh! WE won’t let that happen…..Their day is coming, we’ll kick their asses just like Israel has done and is doing as I write this. Deo Vindice

      • Don’t count on it. Israel understands exactly who they are dealing with. Our government either doesn’t, (like refusing to call “acts of terror” exactly what they are), or, which is more likely, are facilitating the way that Islam has traditionally taken-over countries…slowly, but surely.

        • I don’t mean our GOVERNMENT…..I mean the PEOPLE of the U.S. Our Government is the problem..AKA Obama/Social Liberals…Obama is a muslim and not surprisingly has sympathies for them.(A very long story). Don’t underestimate the people of this country that are against all of this (and the majority of the US military). I hear too many defeatist attitudes …look at our history and what we come from. We will not succumb to any type of takeover…..”Deo Vindice”

    • Maria (and other’s)….

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    • You are so right! Try to discuss islamism with someone critically, not aggressively. You will be shut down for fear of ‘offending’ a moslem. The strength of Christianity, Judaism and others is the opposite of islamism, they welcome introspection and criticism of what it means to adhere to their beliefs. The only answer a moslemite can give is, ‘we kill you’.

  1. In the last election an issue failed to pass that would require markets, manufacturers, etc., to label food that had been genetically modified…GMO. I thought passage of this would have been a positive thing because people should be able to know exactly what they are eating, and choose appropriately. A lot of chemical companies spent a lot of money to defeat it. Since Halal food has been prepared in a certain way, I think it should be required that such food be labeled so the public can know exactly what they are eating, and be able to choose other foods.

    • Don’t be so naive….it’s much more political than what we want or what we think is best for us…..”many things in life are not what they appear to be” It’s Government intervention to the most personal level..with Obama and his socialist beliefs they will attempt to be even more intrusive….thank your neighbor that voted him back into office!

      • My immediate neighbors didn’t vote him back into office. The corrupt election system did, just like it orchestrated the defeat of Congressman Allen West. God help us.

  2. I will say it again…100 million firearms in the hands of 80 million Patriotic Born Again Christians, Catholics, Jews, and “Others”…will preclude any take over of our precious country. Even if The President of these United States doesn’t…The Constitution Will Prevail! Jesus Is Lord! Yeweh is His Father! Allah is nothing more than an opium dream of some obscure 7th century goat herder and pig farmer! Which The Second Coming will erase from the memory of Mankind! AMEN!

  3. whats wrong with u people .. u are soo sick a muslim i was raised in islamic schools we dont want to take your country and or whatever crazy stuff you are doing.. i live in jordan.astian friends ..they dont have your crazy thoughts.. now of course there are muslims who have wrong thoughts just as many nonmuslims have.. islam teachs us to kind and merciful to everyone ..actually there is a verse in quran that tells us to treat non muslims with “ber” which is the same word used described to treat our parents which means utmost respect stop all these lies about islam and mind your own buisness ..

    • There are verses in the Koran that encourage followers to be kind, and there are verses that encourage followers to be ruthless. You must read it very carefully and not just pick and choose those you want to acknowledge. “The perfect Muslim is gentle with his fellow believers and harsh towards his enemy, the infidel.” Allah says in Koran 47:4: “So when you meet the infidel (unbeliever) in battle, then cut off their heads…” A Muslim can kill any person he wishes if it be a “just cause”. Sura 6:152. What the heck does that mean? What constitutes a “just cause”? Please read Koran 8:57; 16:126; 9:123; Sura 9:5;4:90. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, says in Matthew 5:44: “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…” Quite a difference between the two.

    • Your “Korupt” also says it’s “OKAY!” to lie! Which is what you are doing now! So “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!” Sorry if that “seems” harsh…but anyone or any “group” attempting to “change” our Freedoms and Laws…just doesn’t need to be here!

      • im not in “your” country , im jordanian ..I LIVE IN JORDAN ..i dont care what you ppl do .. i m just a normal person and i hate that you try to demonize me just because im different

          • i didn want to come to your country.. i love mine ..but this shows how democratic and free and open you are.. ” if you are amuslim stay there” i wont say that to my christian naighbours if i disgree with them.. i wont hate someone ” like you did” becuase i disgree with their believe..

          • Hello Peter35!

            I “thought” I clicked to reply to nara, but instead it’s going to you? hmmm…???

            Anyway…”why” do all these Muslims and the “general public” believe all the “lies?” and “ignore” the facts? Perhaps, it is as Jesus said, “…all these things must come to pass before I return…” (paraphrased and NOT the exact wording…i’m sure).

            Therefore (and please…this is “just” a thought, NOT an arguement!)…perhaps, when the Holy Scriptures talk about the Anti-Christ, it is “figuratively-speaking.”

            The “rise” of Islam is from a long “thought-to-be”…dead faction (I simply hate to use the word “religion” and Islam together…they just don’t fit). In other words…it “was” dealt a mortal wound. Now, in today’s world, it has “miraculously” come back to life! AND…their followers…”accept” ALLAH as GOD (the Anti-Christ)!

            NO! I have NOT “thought” this “idea(?)” all the way out!!! Like I said, “…it’s just a thought…” and a different viewpoint of what’s happening in the world today! At-a-glance…some of the pieces “fit!” Do they ALL “fit?” Really…I don’t know.

            I’m a “Christian” and follow the “teachings of Jesus Christ” through the “Holy Scriptures!” as I believe in “God!”

            Take Care and God Bless!

            ps. Yeah…I know I’m going to get a lot of “flack” from this, but then…Jesus already told me that and, personally…that’s a “GOOD THING!”

          • Sometimes I thin the anti-Christ is whatever opposes The Father’s will. In my opinion, there is evidence that no other, including communism, force in the world which is so much anti-Christ. If you want to dig into this, read the gospel of Barnabas and ‘Jesus, a prophet of islam’. Available on line. This is the foundation for understanding Christ in moslem terms. Seems our Christianity is a bastadrized version of the gospel, fomented by Paul who took over the religion. It makes fascinating reading. As a Catholic, I can say, ‘we were there last time-1687.

    • Simple response – we don’t want to be like Jordan, or any other country that was conquered by Muslims.

      You know, a similar reason you don’t want ‘Palestinians’ to take over your country.

      • palestinans are my naighbours and friends ..i even have some christian palesitinian friends and i love them ..we all live free to worship..

        • YES…Anonymous! Many Christians are being persecuted in Palestine as one Palestinian remarked, “…one day he woke-up and discovered he was a, PALESTINE!” He wasn’t given a choice!

        • So you also have some Christian friends? Don’t know your quran very well, do you? Another thing: are you ‘nara’ or anonymous? Make up your mind, and if you’re ‘anonymous’ then have the courtesy to add a number (you know, 3, 7, 4, etc.) after it, so we know which ‘anonymous’ you are, OK?

    • Really?…..You must not be a student of World History? Take a look at Islamic aggression through out history you ignoramus….many attempts from over 100 years ago… can’t convince me otherwise..history shows the Islamic intent to conquer and covert all.

      • i did study history … muslims were the only armies in the world with what crusaders did when they intered jerusalem ..they killed 80 thousand muslim..but when muslim leader salahu addin intered no one was read …read from the right books and you will know

        • YES…Anonymous! Please…read from the “right” books…like the Holy Scriptures and NOT “CULT” books like the Koran…PLEASE! When you discover “who” the Crusaders ARE…you will find that they are NOT “Christians!”


          • History teaches us the Jews and Christians were treated worse than dogs during the moslem occupation of Jerusalem, regulating who, how many, when and where non-moslems could go. All, ALL dhimmi laws were imposed. It was always a ‘free fire zone’ for non-moslems.

          • Bobby as you know there is only one ‘right’ book for muslims, the murderous cult quran. Re the crusaders killing 80,000 muslims; obviously they didn’t get enough! And as for muslim armies being the only armies with ‘morals’, give me strength! muslims have time and time again shown themselves to be mindless, vicious, barbaric thugs.

          • Hey Peter35! I don’t think “this” Anonymous has the mental capacity to “understand” anything he reads! Just like the rest of these “mindless” Muslims!!! INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT! “OMG!” the other day when he was talking about how Muslims contributed to…NEVERMIND!

            “IT WAS SIMPLY LUDICROUS!!!”


        • you must’ve forgotten the BIRTH of ISLAM Sunni and Shiite split after Mohammed died – the two sects split- in bloodshed- massacre of the Banu Qurayza, a Medinan Jewish tribe-killed the men who surrendered and refused ISLAM then raped & enslaved the women- For example, in his 1895 biography of Muhammad (“Mahomet and Islam”, London, 1895, p. 151), which relied entirely on the original Muslim sources, the scholar Sir William Muir observed:

          “The massacre of the Banu Coreiza was a barbarous deed which cannot be justified by any reason of political necessity…the indiscriminate slaughter of the whole tribe cannot be recognized otherwise than as an act of monstrous cruelty…

          maybe tell us how merciful and moral the Fogel family murderers were- and how Fakestinains celebrate those child killers as hereos

          perhaps you call moral those 11 Sunni who blew up the world trade and pentagon with planes full of HUMAN BEINGS

          “yup very moral, merciful compassionate- go tell your tales to people who don’t know

          • Muslims claim that the period of the Emirate and the Caliphate was tolerant to the surviving Christianand Jewish dhimmis living on the conquered land provided that they followed stringent dhimmi rules imposed by the Islamic occupiers. The Caliphate during the tenth century has been called an Islamic Golden Age by Muslims though critics challenge this as a myth pointing out that this supposed golden age was preceded by the brutal slaughter of tens of thousands of native spaniards by the invading Muslim armies. In Muslim culture, Andalus today is a nostalgic symbol of an earlier “Golden period” of Islam.

      • Best source for info are Andrew Bostom’s books, especially the book on jihad. Moslems don’t take over countries – they occupy them. In the occupation, like we are having in America today, they gradually impose shari’a until they control the government. Since the world belongs to mohammad’s god allah, or so he says, non-moslem rulers are usurpers of the true government.

    • “stop all these lies about islam and mind your own buisness ..”

      To nara – Here’s the problem–you’re defending you’re “religion” w/o truly knowing what you’re talking about. What planet are you from??? Islam is for world domination! “Kill the infidel” is a command given by your founder! Maybe not all Muslims are terrorists but the majority of terrorists ARE DEFINITELY MUSLIM!!!!! Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with Americans, Jews and Christians who just want to live in peace with their neighbors–the problem always arises when you introduce Muslims into the equation. THEY DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN PEACE–WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID????? You remind me of the little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar who said, “Mommy, I didn’t take any cookies.” MEANWHILE HE’S COVERED FROM HEAD TO FOOT WITH COOKIE CRUMBS AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!!! Here’s a concept you need to consider–THE DEVIL IS STILL A FILTHY LIAR EVEN WHEN HE MAKES AN ATTEMPT TO TELL THE TRUTH!!!!! DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH??? I DARE YOU TO GET A HOLY BIBLE AND READ ABOUT THE LORD JESUS CHRIST–THAT IS, UNLESS YOU’RE AFRAID SOMEONE MIGHT TRY TO KILL YOU FOR READING THE BIBLE. AHEMMM!! BUT THEN WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER TRY TO KILL YOU FOR JUST READING THE BIBLE????? AHEMMMM!!!!!

      Trust me, there’s no one in my world who is trying to stop me from buying a koran and reading it from cover to cover–but you know and everyone else knows, that you had better not even dare to buy and read a HOLY BIBLE under penalty of death, probably by decapitation!!!!!

      P.S. How many Christian churches and Christian missionaries are there in your town??? If any exist, I dare you to go to church next Sunday!!!

      • They tend to forget the Armenian massacre less than a hundred years ago. Also the rape and destruction of the last church of revelation Smyrna five years later. Look it up

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  5. To Peter35 – Inbred–yes!!! And brainwashed beyond all description! What really gets me is that there are females (which I suspect may be the case with “nara”) who defend this insanity!!! I just can’t imagine what kind of a hellish life she must be subjected to. I know this–we westerners absolutely cannot fathom, in our wildest imaginations, what it must be like to live life as a female muslim–because we take our freedoms so much for granted.

    Of course, these muslimas always counter the outspoken “infidels” like myself by saying that their fathers and “husbands” are kind to them. We all know, however, that most of them are lying just so they don’t incur the wrath of the “kind-hearted superior ones”. The truth is, I really do feel sorry for these people. And no American man or woman who has known what freedom is all about has any excuse for ever defending the spread of islam–here or anywhere!!!

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