South Africa: KFC forced to rehire man fired for bringing non-halal lunch

We missed this back in July, thanks to who posted it, via KFC fires worker in food mix-up – The Star |

KFC is being challenged to reinstate an employee who was dismissed for bringing non-halaal food to work.

The fast-food outlet in Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal, dismissed Jabulani Cele last month. He had been working for the restaurant for six years.

The franchise is owned by the Colefax Trading (Pty) Ltd and Yum Restaurants, which follows Islam.

According to a letter of suspension handed to Cele in March, his offence was to bring non-halaal food – uphutu and bean curry – onto the restaurant’s premises.

Cele, 31, a father-of-two, said workers had been allowed to bring their own lunch and eat it in a demarcated staffroom. He said the staffroom was closed when the new employer took over last year. He said the employees were ordered to keep their lunchboxes outside the building.

He said that on the day he committed the offence, he arrived at work and entered the premises with his lunchbox. “The store manager accused me of breaching the company policy.” He was given a letter of final warning, which he refused to sign.

Cele was suspended, then dismissed last month.

Cele has referred the matter to the United Chemical Industries Mining Electrical State Health and Aligned Workers unions. The matter has been taken to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration.

Yet there’s always a few who comment after every post on halal food issues that it’s a non-event, not a sign of sharia creeping into a society. The follow up:  KFC told to back down over food rule

KFC has been forced to reinstate an Empangeni employee who was fired for bringing non-halaal food to work.

Jabulani Cele was to resume working at the KFC branch in the KZN town today after the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration overturned his employer’s decision to fire him.

The CCMA made public its finding on Friday, ordering Colefax Trading and Yum Restaurants to allow Cele back to work before 1pm.

Colefax and Yum own a chain of KFC restaurants around the country and have a policy that restricts employees from bringing food to work as they follow Islamic laws.

The CCMA ordered that Cele be paid about R5 200 in back-pay for two months and that he be allowed to bring his own food to work.

KFC chief marketing officer Dave Timm confirmed Cele’s reinstatement.

The trouble started in March when Cele, 31, refused to submit to the rule and brought his lunchbox, containing uphuthu and bean curry, into the KFC branch.

He was immediately handed a final written warning that he refused to sign, maintaining he had a right to bring his food to work.

He was suspended and later hauled to a disciplinary hearing that found him guilty of breaching the policy. He was fired from the job he had held for six years in June.

Cele, a father-of-two, said he was “ecstatic” to have his job back and that the CCMA ruling would benefit his colleagues who were restricted from bringing their food to work.

“But I’m also concerned that I will now be intimidated. I’m happy that, through my case, there will be changes to this oppressive policy.”

Ya think?

13 thoughts on “South Africa: KFC forced to rehire man fired for bringing non-halal lunch

  1. There is nothing more offensive on earth than Islam and its followers. Why do people put up with them and their endless demands for the rest of the world to do things their way? It would be horrible and disgusting to live as they or think as they do. Not an original thought among them that does not come from the Koran (which is pure evil). I’m glad Cele got his job back – but I’ll never step foot in another KFC.

    • Goes for me too, in fact I’m done with chicken and turkey, since seeing the word “halal” on some of the packages in a supermarket here on Vancouver Island, BC. We took the halal chicken and placed it in the pork section. You may ask ‘why?’ As far as we know, there is only one muslim family in the Cowichan valley.

  2. This is an example of when unions and government commissions did what they were designed to do…protect the rights of the workers. This happened in South Africa where the wounds from unfair labor practices are still fresh. I wonder what would have been the outcome if it had happened here? I hope he is not intimidated. History has shown that intimidation is how followers of Islam eventually, slowly but surely, gets their way.

  3. a pox on colefax & yum! i’m not a fan of unions & i know that at one time in our history, they were a necessity to champion the under-paid, exploited worker who was forced to toil in unsafe conditions. as we all know now, the shoe has slipped on the other foot & the unions exploit the workers. in this instance, the union accomplished the job for which it was intended. i praise them.

    • Me too. In a perfect world we would not need unions. Unfortunately, now we sometimes do. Too bad so many unions have lost sight of their original purpose.

  4. So, the owners fired him for bringing and eating non halaal food. But is this the same KFC Kentucky fried chicken? Most Franchises require adherence to the chain. No? Since when is KFC adhering to Islamic sharia? If this is the same co, then There needs to be a KFC boycott in the US

    • Good point. KFC’s are individually owned, but I was under the impression that owners had to follow company guidelines to insure that the product tasted the same, wherever you bought it, all over the world. Maybe they let the owners prepare the food according to sharia as long as it didn’t interfere with the company standard of product quality. For instance, sharia-approved, halal processed chickens would have to be processed by hand, not machines. The chickens would have to be slaughtered while facing Mecca, as an act of offering to their god. Interesting.

        • We were having a discussion recently. The question was asked whether we would take a million dollars to give up all access to the internet. Answers were varied, and I said no. Where else are we able to hear the truth about what is really going on in the world? No, access to the truth, sometimes overwhelming, is worth it’s weight in gold. God Bless You!

  5. You realize KFC kills chickens in the Halal manner here in the US as well, yes? We no longer patronize KFC because of this practice. They hang them on a conveyer by their feet and chop their heads off as they move along the line. Muslim males are the required killers. A photo of this barbarism is located at the link below.

    Requirements for Halal slaughtering:

    To be certifi ed Halal, meat for human consumption must come from animals slaughtered and processed in full compliance with the Shariah’s requirements:

    – The slaughterhouse where the animals are slaughtered ritually according to the Islamic Law should be Halal certifi ed by an accredited Muslin body and/or authority.

    – Only Muslim males mindful of the fundamental rules and conditions related to the slaughtering of animals in Islam can perform the slaughtering of the animals.

    – The slaughtering is devoted to Allah.

    – Only live animals can be slaughtered.

    – The animal must be healthy and attested as so by the local health authority.

    – The sentence “In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate” must be pronounced by the employees when performing the slaughtering.

    – The slaughter lines, tools and utensils may be used for Halal slaughtering purpose only.

    – The knives must be very sharp.

    – The slaughtering must consist of a semi-circular clean cut of the artery carotid, windpipe, oesophagus and the jugular vein.

    – Bones and teeth cannot be used as slaughtering tools.

    – A Muslim inspector responsible for inspecting the animals and the slaughter process must be on duty at the plant.

    – The stun prior to slaughter is not recommended

  6. So…are you saying that KFC slaughters ALL their chickens according to halal? That no matter where you eat KFC that you are eating an animal that has been dedicated to Allah? If not…it’s coming to a town near us, sooner than later? Creeping sharia!

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