Taxpayers now fund “victim visas” for abused Saudi Muslim women

Forward, dhimmis. via Refugee Resettlement Watch.

There are a couple of messages in this story to ponder.

First, no doubt we feel sympathy for Muslim women abused by the men in their lives.   But, is it our duty to save each and every one whose husband, brother or father thinks ‘his’ woman has not behaved properly according to their ‘faith?’

And, take note that we are importing this behavioral mindset to the US every day through myriad legal immigration programs, including refugee resettlement, when we admit immigrants from Muslim countries?   Who will save the women when the US is paralyzed by pressure from multiculturalists urging us to respect diversity.  Believe it or not, we have occasionally heard ‘cultural relativism’ arguments that go like this—-who are we to say female genital mutilation is an evil practice?

Now, hat tip David, here is the story from Al Arabiya entitled, ‘Saudi women get U.S. ‘victim visas’ following family disputes‘:

Five Saudi women living in the United States replaced their student visas with “victim visas” following disputes with male members of their families.

The women, whose change of status renders them ineligible for financial support from Saudi Cultural Bureau in Washington DC, were accompanying their families to the United States and went to court after they got into fights with their husbands or brothers, the Saudi edition of al-Hayat newspaper quoted a source from the bureau as saying.

One of those women, the source explained, is a student currently living with her children in an orphanage because of a dispute with her husband.

After the American court with which she filed a complaint ruled in her favor, she was not able to go back to her husband and since there were no guarantees of her safety if she returns to Saudi Arabia, she preferred to stay in the United States. She is now financially supported by the American government.

The American government is broke and gets all its money by plundering American citizens so you are paying for this Islamic program.

The source noted that the financial assistance granted to those girls, who are usually students themselves, varies from one case to another. It could come in the form of a job, an academic scholarship, or food and shelter as in the case of the orphanage.

Let’s revisit RRW’s question, “is it our duty to save each and every one whose husband, brother or father thinks ‘his’ woman has not behaved properly according to their ‘faith?’”

No. Only those who adhere to sharia law.

8 thoughts on “Taxpayers now fund “victim visas” for abused Saudi Muslim women

  1. Tuesday tribal: Ahhhhhhhh!!!! This is to be loud and done while driving.Whats it going to take for people to recognize these individuals have no place in our society. They are using freedom against us by allowing their hate baggage in and unleashing it to cause destruction. Thats not the point of having a free society.There should be a Calition of Freedom Fighters proposing a law to criminalize any Defamation against the Constitutional right to freedom. Thismeans no sharia.No Islamic Doctrine.Any lawyers want to collaborate? They have their “Coalition”

  2. I can support letting the women in the US, but SA has to pay their share for the support of these women, and that should be in the form of some payment annually in a lump sum from the Saudi government for these cases.

    Then the press has a duty to cover these cases as well, respecting the privacy of the individuals for their safety. Then the Muslim world will have a hard time making the case that the US is some anti-Muslim force in the world, when we are the refuge for the abused victims of a harsh religiopolitical mindset.

    Then Muslims have to decide. Is this what they are content to let Islam be?

    • That is one illogical plan for disaster if ever there was one.

      Amnesty for abused Muslim women, paid for by Muslim dictators – all so we can appease the Muslim world and stop them from screaming Islamophobia.

      Four more years!!!

  3. I’m looking for a wife! Are any of them pretty? “Just kidding!”

    I DON’T have a problem with our government supporting “abused” women from “ANY” country! period! As long as it is for a limited time till they can support themselves and “they” DO NOT support anything contradictory to our Constitution and Freedoms and DO NOT follow any form of “Cult!”

  4. Any way islam can get people into the west, they will, and by now everyone should know why–the Trojan Horse.

    Far too many people in the west talk of ‘moderate muslims’ and how these people came to the west for a better life; but in every single country muslims have immigrated into, they have not integrated, they cause endless trouble, misery, murder and chaos out of all proportion to their numbers.

    Indeed, far from these people modernising and joining the human race, their presence is having the effect of downgrading the host, western country, so it will eventually resemble the medieval slum the muslims emigrated from.

    And still western countries not only welcome these utterly “anti-west” people; in all cases they go straight on to benefits (welfare) and the way western governments give in to their every whim and appease them makes it plain that they appear to be ‘preferred immigrants.’ This is beyond madness; the Japanese have a word for it: ‘Seppuku’.

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