Emory Univ Professor Admits Sharia is Creeping & Warns of Jihad if not Accepted

On taxpayer-funded Voice of America radio Emory University’s John Witte says if the West doesn’t accept aspects of sharia law “then the so-called Danish cartoon crisis will seem tame by comparison.”

He then goes on to pooh pooh those who oppose sharia in America (a small but vocal group of right wingers and Christians) yet he admits sharia is gaining ground and says sharia as a parallel system to U.S. law should be a non-starter. Too many inaccuracies to counter but listen anyway to see how the elite feed the crocodile. via Radio program – Press Conference USA – VOA News.

Is there a place for family law systems such as Sharia, Halacha and Canon Law in liberal democracies? John Witte, specialist in legal history, marriage law and religious liberty tells host Carol Castiel that the answer is a qualified, but resounding yes, and provides concrete examples in the United States, the UK and Canada. Either way, Witte says that this will be one of the most hotly debated and politicized issues in America in the coming years.

MP3 at http://av.voanews.com/VOA_English/152/38/PCUS1230ab1117.mp3

Or listen at http://www.voanews.com/audio/audio/231605.html

Emory Univ. is in Georgia, where Islam is rapidly creeping.

18 Responses

  1. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire

  2. This guy is a dumb ass and of course, he’s probably a tenured prof. Figures.

  3. Shariah and “Canon Law” are completely different concepts. Canon Law controls activities within a Christian church hierarchy and belief system. Shariah controls ALL behavior of its victims – often with deadly results. The Christian church does not require stoning an adulteress wife – Shariah does. The Christian church preaches peace while Shariah requires violence on the part of its practitioners.

    These two things shouldn’t even be in the same sentence together much less compared with each other!

  4. The professor is as dangerous as sharia. Get rid of them both.

  5. Get rid of ALL religion, that would be a starter for the hole world….

    • Leon – Have you ever given thought to the fact that w/o the influence of Christianity and early Judaism there would be NO RESTRAINTS whatsoever in Western society against anyone who might take a fancy to quite literally chop off your head??? Have you ever considered that I could tell lies about your good name and no one would care if you didn’t like it??? W/o the influence of morality, i.e., religion, in Western society there would be no restraints against rapists, murderers, thieves, slanderers, liars, devil worshipers and slave traders!!!! DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT YOU WOULD WANT TO LIVE IN THAT KIND OF A WORLD????? SOMEHOW, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT!

      Have you ever given thought to the fact that nearly every charitable organization, i.e., hospitals, schools, universities, food pantries, relief organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and World Vision all had their beginnings with God-fearing individuals??? DO YOU BELIEVE IN ‘LOVE ONE ANOTHER’??? Well, guess what–you and I were not the ‘SMART’ ones who thought that up. Just FYI you might stop and think where that concept originally came from. Ahemm! Here’s a little clue–his initials are G.O.D! MAYBE IT NEVER OCCURED TO YOU HOW HOPELESSLY LOST THIS WORLD WOULD BE IF GOD WERE TOTALLY LEFT OUT OF THE PICTURE. Well just for the record, this is your FRIENDLY LITTLE REMINDER!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (Or do you hate that concept too???)

    • Leon…check out that whole in your head!

      • To slobo – I love it! Touché!!!!! BTW WHEN IS A WHOLE A HOLE???? Hmmmm….
        P.S. I don’t think Leon approved of my previous blog too well. Haven’t heard back from him yet! Maybe he’s just speechless (or headless)!

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    Emory Univ Professor Admits Sharia is Creeping & Warns of Jihad if not Accepted

  8. The professor is part of the problem. Relenting, giving up, surrendering to the demands of Muslims by a Judeo/Christian culture is absurd. The practitioners of shariah are virtually all uncivilized, undereducated and extreme. I am one proud Infidel who admits to being Islamaphobic because i can clearly see the threat that these folks and their cult pose to our beliefs, values, traditions and laws, not to mention our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is one American mind that cannot be persuaded to accept anything that Islam has to offer…ever.

    • Well said! And in any case, islam has nothing to offer but hatred, intolerance and inbred stupidity. What have they EVER contributed to any western country they infest?

  9. […] debate between Bostom and the Emory University professor who admits sharia is progressing in the U.S. and warns we must accept it, would be […]

  10. The original Methodist founders of Emory are spinning in their graves.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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