TV Chef Lost in UK Islamic Enclave: “a complete outcast and pariah”

via This is Leicestershire. h/t sheikyermami

In her book Clarissa’s England, the chef describes her visit to Leicester.

‘I had one of the most frightening adventures of my life there. I turned off the ring road because there had been a car crash and I wanted to avoid being stuck in traffic, and soon found myself lost. I couldn’t tell you where I was but it was not terribly far from the city centre.

‘As we know, Leicester has a very high Asian Muslim population and I found myself in an area where all the men were wearing Islamic clothing and all the women were wearing burkas and walking slightly behind them.

‘None of the men would talk to me when I tried to find out where I was and how to get out of there because I was an English female and they don’t talk to females they don’t know, while if the women could speak English they weren’t about to show it by having a word with me.

‘Eventually I had to stop at a newsagents and the only way I could discover my location was to buy a map of the city. Somebody, very reluctantly, pointed to where I was and then I had to work out the rest for myself.

‘I am not a particular admirer of Islam or indeed, I should add, almost any other religion, but I have many good acquaintances and even some friends among the Muslim community, yet here I was in the heart of city in the middle of my own country a complete outcast and pariah. 

‘If multiculturalism works, which I have always been rather dubious of, surely it must be multicultural and not monocultural. I just wanted to relate this to you because I think you ought to be aware of such things.

‘However, everything has an upside and one of the results of this is that Leicester has a very good selection of Asian restaurants where you can eat excellent curry.

‘The city also has a thriving market attended by farmers from the local countryside and quite a number from the Asian community too, who sell not only herbs and spices and Asian vegetables but also delicious ready-made goods.

‘So thinking back to the East End of London of my childhood, I can only hope that in generations to come there will be a merging of the cultures and not the exclusion zone that is the ghetto.’

For more such excursions into European cities conquered by Muslims check out the four-part undercover video documentary.

15 thoughts on “TV Chef Lost in UK Islamic Enclave: “a complete outcast and pariah”

    • To MO – YES! TOTALLY PATHETIC! How does someone live right in the clutches of the LION’S DEN with ravenous beasts all around and shivers running up her spine — and then talk about how beautiful the lions seem to be getting along among themselves???? HEY CLARISSA (SH!T-FOR-BRAINS)! THOSE BEAUTIFUL LIONS ARE TALKING AMONG THEMSELVES ABOUT HOW DELICIOUS YOU ARE GOING TO TASTE WHEN THEY BITE YOUR HEAD CLEAN OFF YOUR SHOULDERS!!! YOU’RE PATHETIC!!!! Trust me, Clarissa, the generations to come, i.e., I’ll give it about 20 yrs, tops, your family members will be named Ammed and Muslima. YES, WAKE UP!!!!! YOUR BEAUTIFUL ISLAND NATION IS NO MORE BECAUSE DUMB-ASSES LIKE YOU BELIEVE IN “islamist multiculturalism”, i.e., “give the 7th century islamist NEANDERTHALS what they want.

      Of course, the alternative would be to demand ASSIMILATION WITH A CIVILIZED PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY HAVE LEARNED TO LIVE WITH THEIR ENEMIES, i.e., colonial America and Northern Ireland. Tell me, Clarissa, WHAT PART OF “COMPLETE ANNIHILATION” OF EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING THAT DOESN’T WORSHIP THE devil moon god, allah, DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND???!!!!!

    • I know, right?

      The original story was even more disgusting. You hear repeatedly from Muslims saying they were offended or hurt by this lady’s account of her experience.

      Can you believe that?. Not a word of apology for how SHE was treated, just whining about how THEIR feelings are hurt. No matter what THEY do, Muslims turn it around to paint themselves as the victims.

  1. The poor chef is just decrying the lack of manners in a place where refusing to give directions to someone would once have been unthinkable, especially by several people, and even more so based on come bizarre idea of religiopolitical correctness.

    The PC brigade in the UK is trying to eviscerate her for that. Shame on them!

  2. It is strange for more reasons- Muslims are known for their generous hospitality in their own nations- they even have a book on how to treat travelers- most places in Muslims countries you will be treated overly politely- formally- bowing, tea, invited to be a guest etc.

    So it would seem that as immigrants these Muslims in UK have a lot of hostility to their hosts b/c they are not the dominant ones, they are submitted to UK an unacceptable position for Muslims- and b/c they are taught racist racist racist when they get to a white people’s country.

  3. As far as I can ascertain, multiculturalism has only worked twice in history; the first time was in ancient Rome, and the last time was in the Uniited States of America, but only up to about 30 yrs ago; and since then it has been a dismal failure–as in all other western countries.

    Up to about 30 yrs ago the US allowed immigrants to follow their native cultures in private, but insisted they become AMERICANS. This is not the case any more–Dearbornistan. As regards ALL other western countries, not one insisted the ‘immigrants’ become full, patriotic citizens of those countries. A recipe for utter disaster.

  4. If multiculturalism failed to promote all these good points, for example,
    patriotic to decent freedom, respect for individual liberty,
    respect for freedom of speech of the white people,
    patriotic to decent western values, respect for western civlization, respect for the disadvantaged, and other good points that would contribute towards
    good quality living, then multicultralism is certainly a faillure. For me, I will stay put with decent Western culture, that is free from any totalitarian ideology,
    that promote enlightenment, freedom, advancement and other good points.

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