Muslim who planned Ohio mall attack deported to Somalia

He was an illegal immigrant, otherwise he’d be back in Ohio. via Ohio mall terrorism defendant deported to Somalia – SFGate.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A Somali immigrant who federal prosecutors say plotted to attack an Ohio shopping mall has been deported to Somalia.

Nuradin Abdi completed his prison sentence in August and was in federal custody in Louisiana while final preparations were made to return him to Somalia.

Nuradin Mahamoud Abdi, a Somali immigrant convicted of terrorism charges in Columbus, Ohio in 2007 in a plot to bomb an unspecified area shopping mall.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Monday confirmed the deportation.

Abdi’s sister, Kaltun Karani, says the family is happy that Abdi is a free man.

The Justice Department accused Abdi of suggesting a plan to shoot up an unidentified Columbus shopping mall during an August 2002 meeting at a coffee shop with two friends, both of whom were later convicted of terrorism charges.

Early reports indicated the threat might also have included bombing a mall.

Background from Wikipedia:

Nuradin Abdi entered the United States Illegally in 1999 from Somalia.[2] He lived in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood on the north side of Columbus. According to one report, Abdi flew to Ethiopia to train in a military-style training camp in January 2000. There he allegedly was trained in the use of guns, guerrilla warfare, and bombs.[3] He returned two months later. Abdi met with Christopher Paul and Iyman Faris at a coffee shop in Upper Arlington on August 6, 2002.[4]

From Militant Islam Monitor:

After insisting for years he had done nothing wrong, Abdi pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support for terrorists. As part of his plea deal, he will be deported to Somalia after serving his 10-year term.

Abdi and two friends “could attack the mall with a bomb,” Abdi told his friends Aug. 8, 2002, as they sipped refreshments at the coffee shop, according to court documents filed in U.S. District Court.

One of the men with Abdi that day was Iyman Faris, who pleaded guilty in May 2003 to providing material support for terrorism. A Pakistani immigrant, Faris was convicted of plotting with al-Qaida to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

A second man, Christopher Paul, a U.S. citizen who grew up in suburban Columbus, was charged in April with plotting to bomb European tourist resorts frequented by Americans as well as overseas U.S. military bases. Paul’s trial is scheduled for January 2009.

Abdi was arrested on Nov. 28, 2003, as he left his house for morning prayer.

Anyone want to wager we hear this name again in the future?

13 thoughts on “Muslim who planned Ohio mall attack deported to Somalia

  1. …oh, good…back to somalia to continue his mission to destroy america. the muslim’s dream! these 3rd world maggots come here, get all of the freebies, live a good life & then they turn on the goose that laid the golden egg. go figure.

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  3. He’ll be back under a new name. Why don’t we ship all these bastards back to the rathole they came from. None of them want to accept our way of living. None will assimilate into our society. They come here and immediately demand we change this for them and that and were supposed to agree to all their demands or else were called racist. Too all you Somalis out there, get the hell out of my country if you don’t like our way of living.

    • Oh shut the fuck up u racist asshole so didn’t choices to come and other was born it hate it or love it we ain’t going no were studio punk ass

  4. Its going to take him all month to secretly get back to the US on one of his extra passports, I bet. Did they find ALL the mother-cousins he brought to the US, beat up and fathered children with? They will be sending him ALL that money welfare gives them. May be they should have gone with him. If we sold his weapons to Israel, that would have really hurt his feelings. And his sharia cab, too.

  5. How does this guy enter the U.S. illegally in 1999, leave the country in 2000 and get back in again two months later and not get stopped either flying in or flying out? Hell, I cannot go from Toronto to Buffalo to shop without getting the third degree and suspicious looks from the border guards yet terrorists fly in and out with ease! Face it, the U.S. is in big, big trouble. If they do not go bankupt first, they will succumb to a bunch of third world thugs who will terrorize them into submission.

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