Arkansas: Muslim Teacher Loses Case, Vows to Continue Legal Jihad

via Mark Leon Essex Smith, Arkansas Teacher, Loses Case Against District Claiming Religious Discrimination.

An Arkansas teacher has lost a case he lodged against the Watson Chapel School District for religious discrimination, a hostile work environment and retaliation.

Hijacking African garb for Islamic purposes?

Mark Leon Essex Smith filed a lawsuit against the district last October after he said he was discriminated against for his Muslim faith. According to the complaint, Smith arrived at Watson Chapel Junior High School in September 2010 wearing a dashiki — a colorful West African garment — and Muslim headwear kufi in observation of Eid al Fitre, a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.

When school Principal Henry Webb asked Smith to go home and change his clothes, citing “unprofessional” attire, the teacher complied under the assumption that his current dress was in violation of school policy. Smith later filed a grievance to the district — that was declined by district officials — upon discovery that the school dress code merely states that “the drew and grooming of all certified personnel should be appropriate for the professional duties performed.”

Smith claims that in retaliation for filing a grievance against the school to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, he was reassigned from his position. The teacher adds that he was forced to work through lunch, without added pay, for 92 days. The suit claims he is owed $1,486 plus interest for the unpaid hours.

But the district argues that because Smith’s faith does not require the attire, there is no case for discrimination. Officials also say that the district adheres to a strict neutral policy that backs away from taking public positions on political candidates, parties or theologies, the Pine Bluff Commercial reports. District officials also contend that Smith was reassigned for legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons and his salary remained the same, thus suffering “no adverse employment action.”

The jury found the case in the district’s favor on all three theories of religious discrimination, hostile work environment and retaliation, following a three-day trial. District Superintendent Danny Hazelwood told the Pine Bluff Commercial that the district “really did nothing wrong.” But Smith says he’s not giving up.

A spectacle for all the students and community to see as opportunist Muslim (convert) victimhood slash dawah continues.

20 thoughts on “Arkansas: Muslim Teacher Loses Case, Vows to Continue Legal Jihad

  1. memo to, mark leon essex smith: take your stupid islamic cult & your ridiculous wardrobe to a muslim african cesspool of a country where you’ll be appreciated. we don’t need any more of your ilk…we are OVERSTOCKED w/ muslim troublemakers! [i commend the jury for their verdict!]

  2. Working through lunch? I have taught for 18 years, and I always work through lunch by tutoring or performing some other professional duty. This guy must be someone new to being a teacher. We work befoe school, through lunch, after school weekends, and summers. It is not an hourly job, silly.
    How is dressing up like that supposed to help your students? Did you forget that teaching is a service profession…hint: you are there to help the kids, not to be paid for proselytizing for a cult, dipwad.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of complaining that comes from one single group. If you are an employer and hire one of the followers then you can pretty much expect a confrontation in the future over something they perceive as having wronged them.
    They have no desire to get along with anybody, they are on the path to dominate the entire world and destroy everybody else’s way of life. It has been that way since the 7th Century.

    • Tye, You got that right. If you hire a Muslin expect trouble.

      My kids teacher donned a burqa in AP History to show how beautiful women look in one. Funny she didn’t wear a costume for any other country.

      Remember, burqa = cloth chains (not beauty).

  4. I am a Christian and for many years I thought that God and allah was the same. After seeing a video of Egyptians having a riot over the Youtube video they say disrespected their beloved mohammed my mind was forever changed! They were running down the street screaming “THERE IS NO GOD ONLY ALLAH!” Then they chanted “DEATH TO AMERICA” and burned our flag! Then obama gets up in front of the UN (united nuts) and says islam must be respected. (Not to mention that he said that America was no longer a Christian nation). He sends money we don’t have to Egypt, is taking a stand with the UN on gun control (by passing congress and senate to get his way). Muslims have infiltrated our country! They hold the highest seat our nation has! Am I racist? No, just starting to realize the truth. At one time I would have voted for Colin Powell and at this moment I would vote for Condi Rice. I can’t tell if this country is going towards islam or becoming a communist state.

  5. they are alway sueing employers and claiming religion as their excuse. Follow the work place rules or work elsewhere and that goes for everyone.

  6. He should have come in a face mask holding an AK 47 screaming alla akbar. Thats the garb and religion of a true muslim….

    Pinheads hired him. Let them deal with the constant threats and humiliation this monster brings. When are they giving up pork in the cafeteria, btw? Must be soon.

  7. If you notice, he is a convert…they usually are the most vocal in their new belief, but in this case nearly all muslims are trying to cause strife and discord with those around them. Claiming all kinds of things in the name of their ‘religion’ which is nothing more then a sick cult of men who hate women, rape little girls,under the guise of marriage, and think they can get to their heaven by killing ‘non-believers’. Any man who believes in this is as sick and warped as they are and the women are beaten and brain washed….

  8. As can be seen in the photo, he’s already part of the professional victim class. Therefore, he already had his whine perfected. Why ANY black person would adhere to Islam is beyond me except that it promotes even larger doses of faux victimhood. Islam is the biggest slaver ideology on the planet and always has been. Wake up, black people, Islam will use you to attain it’s goals then turn you right back into slaves. Hey, don’t believe me, read up on it and simply watch what happens.

    • Right on Pray Hard. I’ve wondered about this too. Muslims hate blacks; but at this point taqiyya comes in, i.e. the blacks are “useful idiots”, but they just can’t see it, mind you, they also fail to see what obama is doing to their beloved(?) country. Makes one want to weep.

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