Dozen Salafist soldiers in Belgian army put under surveillance

 via islamversuseurope

The Belgian army has put a dozen soldiers under surveillance because of their Salafist convictions and to ensure their loyalty to the country, reveals “La Libre Belgique” on Wednesday. The surveillance is conducted by military intelligence, the Service général du renseignement et de la sécurité (SGRS) [General intelligence and security service], and the Sûreté de l’Etat [state police]. In some cases, the checks have been effective, but in others candidates who are well known in Islamist milieux escaped the vigilance of the recruiters.

The army fears infiltrations and worries about training islamists whose objective is to conduct jihad abroad. In the worst case, the latter would then, for example, be able to turn against Belgian soldiers in areas like Afghanistan, writes La Libre.

“The problem is that there is no check before training. To get into the army, you just need a clean criminal record. The candidate is interviewed by officials, but nothing more”, explains one of the newspaper’s sources. It is only at the authorisation stage that the monitoring is tighter.


Yep: Elected Muslims Declare: “Belgium Will Become an Islamic State”

12 thoughts on “Dozen Salafist soldiers in Belgian army put under surveillance

  1. interesting, i’ve got an online friend who is an officer in the belgian army reserves, (a christian, an “american style” conservative, and a gun owner) i’ll have to check in with him and see what he says about this. i can predict that as long as he has a rifle in his hands belgium will not become a “moslem state”.

  2. the a.c.l.u. would throw a major hissy fit about that, but i’d agree. i swore to the oath of enlistment many years ago, and i do not remember any “escape clauses” in that oath to protect the constitution and laws of this nation against all enemies, domestic and foreign

  3. Please consider Belgium, Sweeden, De Nederlands and England, mooslime caliphates as we speak! Deutchland not far behind! Why? They all have Social Democrats running the show who actually believe that “MultiKulti” is a good thing! More votes for them! The citizenry are all disarmed sheeple! The mooslimes know this! Anything they attempt, they get away with! Bye, bye EU! Enjoy your impending slavery!

  4. don’t give up on europe just yet, there is a growing resistance movement, even in france. they just don’t get much ink in the euromedia. check “the dissident frogman” blog.

  5. more fool them for even allowing muslims into the armed forces..
    Did we see Nazi sympathizers allowed into the British Forces during WW2? same sh*t , different bucket!
    Muslims should be banned from all western countries armed forces ..This is WW3 and islam IS the enemy!


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