Video: Robert Spencer elaborates on Islam’s war against free speech

Robert Spencer speaks about the war against free speech – Jihad Watch.

More videos from that conference here. If anyone has time to view, feel free to post the links on a separate line in the comments to share here.


VideoImam: “We don’t have freedom of speech in Islam”

Imam at largest US mosque calls on U.S. to enforce sharia laws against free speech

13 thoughts on “Video: Robert Spencer elaborates on Islam’s war against free speech

      • you and Saved patriot have both been urging people to say what actions they will do to combat ISLAM in our nation- The more suspicious part of me says you might be agents monitoring sites like these for Nappy’s HS- or FBI trying to entrap Americans who despise sharia into making threats or taking part in bombings or other illegal actions-

        I urge all the posters here to NEVER make death threats or to contact any of these persons outside comments on this blog, if yo do, see gint red flags if they are encouraging you to violence—

        We have a government who deems us ordinary concerned citizens & vets who KNOW what ISLAM is like– as enemies of their proMuslim state. From the top down beginning with 0, their priority and loyalties are not with us but with our enemies and haters.

        To both of you- if I am wrong I do apologize– but better than seeing people make grievous error and land in JAIL

          • I probably would, but I prefer opportunity to comment, often I like to add some other references or info to the posts and comments- – however some commenters here used to be quite over the top- and moderators on many sites would have deleted or banned them (death threats, cursing etc) I prefer people exercise self control and behave like adults-and I like to see what people really think so pehaps free for all is best- – if you go to pjmedia (moderated) you will read very intelligent (for the most part) comments, well informed, well written- if you go to townhall for example you will see spam selling crap from asia, and very low level of decent commentary, a lot of off topic cut and pastes

          • Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs – one of Obama’s “Czar” positions.

            His name is Cass Sunstein, and he is as high in the US power structure as one can get. His wife – just to give you a feel for how very deeply connected this guy is – is a Special Assistant to the President, runs the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, and is on the Staff of the National Security Council.

            Her name is Samantha Powers- a video of her advocating US troops to defend the terrorists from Israel was on the net in 08- Obama denounced her- then after his re-election hired her-

            no coincidence 0 surrounds himself with dangerous people- he is the head of the snake

  1. So we are 5 judges away from not being able to say Islam is full of perverts, pedophiles, beheaders, liars/tagiyya, cheats, keeper of women in cloth chains (burqa), FGM supporters, rapist of little English girls, 9/11 murders (1683, 2001, 2012), suicide bombers, jizyaers, kafir haters, you can fill in the rest cause I an feeling sick!

    Remember Frank Gaffney said “The time for corrective action is short.”

  2. moslems label us racists and islamophobes when we criticize islam. Well, maybe we need to do the same to them to a koran that dehumanizes all unbelievers and then calls for our deaths or subjugation.

    islam says that the Bible is Tahrif/corrupted/illigitimate and that is racist and hateful.

    islam says the Bible is Tahrif/illigitimate and that violates UN Resolution 62/154

    islam says the Bible is Tahrif and that violates Religious tolerance, it’s defamation of religion.

  3. It would be fantastic not to have comments however, there will always be Islamic Terrorist inciting violence, so, if the violence ends the comments end, that ain’t gonna happen soon due to the fact Islam has not been warned, threatened, or even discussed by our elected leaders, the one in the White House does not appear to be tolerant to Americans that want Islam out of our culture.

    In accordance to our Constitution Article Vl we have an organization that wants to overthrow our government…So, you make the call, silence as our leader or risk going to prison like Tommy Robinson in the U.K. We all know Anjem Chaudray should be behind bars in England but he is free and inciting world wide Caliphate.

    Plus, there are many non Muslims needing our attention, they do not have anyone speaking out and shinning spotlight on Islam that is killing them……………

  4. Truly remarkable and saddening to be reminded that what I consider common sense when I was growing up has become a topic for such high level concern. By that I mean the debate over what an American can and cannot do under protection of the Constitution-free speech.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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