Video: Bloody Muslim Ashura Ritual in Atlanta, Georgia


It was just last week we told you Islam is creeping in Georgia.

63 thoughts on “Video: Bloody Muslim Ashura Ritual in Atlanta, Georgia

  1. Why do they pat themselves on the head? I seen a black girl on the bus doing the same thing and I though that she was just crazy. Must be something in the water. Bunch of frickin animals, there has to be a law to stop this crap in America. Peace to all non-muslims who know.

    • maybe it numbs their scalp?- some of them cut their heads with knives and do it to the babies too- maybe they are just symbolically cutting their heads which would be an improvement over really doing it I guess

  2. It is not creeping anymore America!

    I clicked on an Arabic tweet last night. It showed Muslims in military uniforms in the desert doing some sort of rhymithic “dance”. Scary.

  3. It can’t be legal to harm yourself or assault yourself alone or as part of a group. Does the DA in Atlanta know about these videos?

  4. These savages evil camel humping filth need to be nuked back into the Stone ages. They are spewed from the bowels of Hell.

    Pure evil filth 100%. I am doing all I can to wake people up. Many
    still have no clue and that is what this filth is counting on until
    their work is done to force Sharia with help of Ayatollah Moron in the

  5. I wonder if these blood rituals pre-date ISLAM like walking around the black rock at Mecca? so much of their “religion” does not seem Abrahamic but pagan. No time to research it today

    PS only Shiite Muslims do this, the Sunni don’t

    there are some Christians who do bloodly re-enactments of the crucifixion complete with whipping too (Phillipines I think)

    I don’t have a problem with weird rituals as long as they do no harm to others then it’s none of my business- If ISLAM did not have political and military ambitions to rule over all I would not despise it. The problem with ISLAM is that they demand we participate, protect or respect their craziness

    • I agree with you isahiah62. Other faiths too have their brutal weirdness, but I find moslems one of the most bizarrely unpleasant(according to their whims and fancies) and the most weird and one of the most horrible coming from the Eastern culture.

  6. Every satanic ritual requires the shedding of blood. The reason: because they reject the One and only human sacrifice that was ever acceptable in the eyes of God–that being, the slaughter of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, when he died in our place on the Cross! It stands to reason–if you reject Christ’s substitutionary death and resurrection as payment for your sins, then you are obliged to pay for them by yourself in one way or another. satan always tries to upstage God and his followers always manage to prove their utter and total stupidity by the actions they follow as well!!!

  7. “Islam” is a cult…look at the faces of these “animals”…they ALL look “mesmerized!!!” Only cults brain-wash people into acts of depravity on this scale (yeah…along with the Nazi’s, Dictatorships, etc.)!!!

  8. Hey, don’t be so harsh on the wonderful cult-ture of “peace”, “freedom and justice” and “hope and development”… Consider all that historic progress it has brought to the world:

    “When I became the NASA administrator, Obama […] wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.” –Charles Bolden

    • But, but, but Mr. Bolden – Ah, ah, ah don’t you know that Obama is a Chris, Chris, Chris-lam???? YES–whatthehell–how is anybody with half a brain stupid enough to believe anything that comes out of his mouth???? The speed with which he is destroying this country is beyond all belief!!!!!


  9. [youtube

    ABOVE YOUTUBE VIDEO MAY NOT WORK–see original comment from ‘isahiah62’ to watch video.

    To isahiah62 – Yes I have heard of this appalling demonstration of the crucifixion which is carried out in the Philippines. It is absolutely appalling and it, by no means, is advocated by true Christians!!!! In fact, there is no question in my mind that this is demonically inspired.

    I hope you know the difference between cult extentions of Christianity and real, true Christianity!!!! THE REASON THAT CHRIST DIED ON THE CROSS IS SO THAT WE COULD HAVE GOD’S FORGIVENESS FOR OUR SINS–NOT SO THAT WE WOULD BE FURTHER CONDEMNED. HE SAID, “FATHER. FORGIVE THEM”–NOT,
    “FATHER, CONDEMN THEM”. Trust me, if you think this video is a true representation of the Christian faith, then you’re sadly mistaken!!!

    • I know it- the vid narrator even says it is not a part of normal Christian theology- Jesus is not my Messiah b/c I am Jewish and the idea of a dead Jew who was tortured to death hanging in churches is not my idea of LOVE- but I get your faith and devotion to it- I just don’t sign up to the belief that another’s blood can save you- IMO it is blood sacrifice too, and Xtians do compare it to a lamb slaughtered- My book says you must atone for your own sins-

      • To isahiah62 – First of all, please allow me to thank you for your honest and sincere response to my previous blog. Truly there can be no real dialogue or communication between truth seekers w/o honesty and integrity! Again, thank you!

        Secondly, I am very pleased and excited to be able to dialogue with you, a citizen of the house of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! It is because of the faith of Abraham that I, a gentile, now have a spiritual inheritance in God’s kingdom! Your mention of a “lamb slaughtered” is absolutely right on! It began in the Garden when Adam and Eve sought to cover their spiritual nakedness before God. The Lord knew that “fig leaves” could never get the job done so he clothed them with animal skins (hides). Clearly, it only stands to reason that in order to obtain animal hides to clothe them with, God had to kill the animals! Of course he’s God and he has every right to create or to take life as he chooses. The taking of life inevitably involves the shedding of blood. Now we don’t know what animal(s) God chose to kill but I strongly suspect that it was a lamb (or lambs). It was at that place and time that the Lord first made reference to the “suffering Messiah” who was to come. In Genesis 3.15, God is speaking to the serpent that had deceived the woman: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed: HE SHALL BRUISE YOU ON THE HEAD, AND YOU SHALL BRUISE HIM ON THE HEEL.”

        Tell me this, ‘isahiah62’, do you think this prophecy was just spoken for the benefit of one woman who lived some 6000 years ago??? No! I should say not! This prophecy is spoken in reference to the “SEED” (not seeds) of the woman. And that “SEED” of the woman, who crushed satan’s head, is none other than the very Son of the Father, born of a virgin, who yielded his flesh to be “bruised”, i.e., killed, as the Spotless Lamb of God to “cover” (atone for) the sins of the whole world. His Hebrew name was Jeshua (Joshua) which is interpreted–JEHOVAH SAVES!!! His substitutionary death on Golgatha’s hillside some 2000 years ago is why I can love my enemies. It’s why I have chosen to live my life as a gratitude to God, for the forgiveness He has shown me in His Son. I am far from being a perfect individual–my sins, past and present, are many, seen and unseen, but Jeshua’s Blood has washed them all away, just as if I had never sinned at all!!! My conscience is clear before God! I can look Him in the face and feel no guilt because He took my guilt and shame on Himself! This wonderful provision of grace (unmerited favor) has been made available to every human being who calls upon the Name of the Lord in truth and sincerity. IT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU!!!! I would strongly urge you to seek the face of the Lord for yourself. You’ll find that he is a compassionate loving FRIEND and ALMIGHTY FATHER!!! And the sins you have committed He will use to crush the head of the evil one, the serpent, satan, who can no longer accuse you because you have been forgiven and have been given an inheritance in God’s kingdom with the prophets and apostles who have preceded you!!!! Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 are further prophetic confirmations of God’s loving provision to send his “suffering Servant” to atone for the sins of the whole world!!! Please get back to me–I’d really like to continue this dialogue!!!

    • TK – Are you aware that God has, in fact, made it very clear in his holy book, the Bible, that he hates RELIGION! I am a born-again Christian, but I am, by no means, religious! My God is my friend. I never perform “religious” rituals to gain his approval. I talk to him and he talks to me through his Bible and the Holy Spirit. All true Christians know what I’m talking about–you can know this too. He’s as close as the mention of his Name! Jesus has shed his redeeming, saving Blood so that we would never have to do that. God’s prescribed penalty for all human sin and rebellion is DEATH. That’s why Jesus had to die in our place! The song goes: He paid a debt he did not owe; I owed a debt I could not pay….Christ Jesus paid the debt that I could never pay!!!!!

      All satanic rituals involve the shedding of blood because they reject Christ’s sacrifice of himself on the Cross. “Religion”, per se, is not the answer to finding God. It only complicates things because the way to God has been opened through Jesus Christ.ALL OTHER “RELIGIONS” FALL SHORT because GOD MAKES THE RULES in how we should approach him. That’s why these heinous islamic rituals are an abomination in God’s eyes. HE LOVES ALL OF MANKIND but he hates these ignorance and satanic rituals because they deny Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice on the Cross. There’s no amount of human suffering or bloodshed that can ever appease God’s demands as payment for sin because Christ has already provided the remedy. All other attempts to pay for our sins are futile and fall flat on their faces!!!!! It’s why the GOSPEL really is the “GOOD NEWS”!!!!!

  10. Thank God for Obama care–These dudes probably don’t have the $’s for hospitals after this–If they do this to themselves just imagine what they will do to the Jews–What a f….ed up ideology

  11. The saddest part about all of this is that everyone watching this has no idea that this is NOT Islam. It is forbidden in the religion to harm yourself. This is the product of culture-based deviance and complete lack of understanding of the Quran and sunnah. What’s worse is that you guys are not to blame for your misunderstanding of what Islam is. That would be the fault of the false propaganda along with the fault of those who take cultural traditions of absolute stupidity and justify them under the banner of Islam. Regardless of whether 9/11 was an inside job or not, what happened on that day is infact against the teaching of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. So please stop judging this beautiful religion by those who claim to follow it. Humans aren’t perfect. Islam is. So if you judge the religion by the people who follow it, you will be misguided. Good day to you all.

    • Islam, a “beautiful religion?” Clearly, you’re either a muslim or into some weird drugs. islam is the only cult/religion on this planet which demands of it’s followers that they subdue and convert to islam all people of other faiths, by ANY means, including beating, beheading, raping etc..

      Sounds beautiful to me, and women rate lower than camels? Lovely. Anyone who questions 9/11 as being an ‘inside job’ when we KNOW the perpetrators were muslims, (atta an co.) is a certifiable lunatic. Having read the quran I find nothing of beauty in it–the ravings of an illiterate paedophile.

    • TO ‘SetJuice’ – My beloved friend, clearly you are genuinely convinced of the integrity of Islam and of your “Prophet Muhammed”. That being the case, it only stands to reason that your faith must of necessity be founded in love and compassion–assuming that all true faiths are always founded upon these principles. Of course the opposite of compassion and love is selfishness, vile repression and hatred.

      So you clearly believe your “prophet” was compassionate, loving and selfless!?!? And, of course he then is clearly the model for all men (mankind) everywhere to emulate and imitate. According to you he then must be the epitome of godly behavior and loving humanity. So tell me then, exactly where do these acts of brutality, i.e., brutal flagellations, heinous beheadings, honor killings of woman by their brothers, fathers and husbands, the severing of hands for the crimes of theft, and the killing of Jews, Christians, and other fellow Muslims for the “sins” of not belonging to the “correct” sect; not to mention suicide bombings, child indoctrination to commit jihad and childhood rapes and “marriages”???

      OK, so where do all of these acts come from???? BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEARLY, AND BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT, ASSOCIATED WITH THE “RELIGION” CALLED ISLAM!!!!! So you tell me. Where exactly do these heinous acts originate???? I am so interested to know your answer!!!! BEAUTIFUL!?!? BEAUTIFUL!?!? BEAUTIFUL!?!?! ARE YOU REALLY THAT IGNORANT????? REALLY?????? SO WHAT’S YOUR ANSWER????? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!!!!!
      >>> <<<

  12. Ashura celebrations at Imam Ali Center in Washington DC ( last year )

    FAST FORWARD to 8:30

    and here in Dearborn – Chicago – Michigan :

  13. To “Donald Bly” – HELLO!!! You will note that in my comment (above) to “SetJuice” I not only invited him to defend his “religion of peace” but I also supplied him with my personal email address. SO FAR NOTHING!!! WOW! BIG SURPRISE!!!! z z z z z z z – ISLAM, THE “RELIGION” OF DEMONS AND IDIOTS!!!!! Sadly enough of course, they actually think that we are the idiots!!!!

    P.S. Hey “SetJuice” I’m still waiting!!!!! So what’s your defense????? I’M TELLING YOU THAT YOU ARE WORSHIPPING A false god AND A NON-EXISTANT “prophet”!!!!! SO LET’S JUST SEE HOW PEACEFULLY AND LOVINGLY YOU CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE!!!!!!

    P.S #2. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF ALL!!!!! EVEN YOUR so-called “holy book” acknowledges his VIRGIN BIRTH!!!!!!! Trust me, “SetJuice” we are not the idiots nor the demons!!!!!

    • If Jusus Christ is the Lord then Adam and Eve are his great grand parents.
      Should we worship Adam and Eve rather than the Lord who could not protect himself from few men? He who was crusified by a few men and could not save himself, how is he going to save us.

      • To “shawn955” – Ahemmm – whaaa???? DUH!!!!!
        I’m so sorry to have ruffled YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS’ feathers. Please tell me how you plan to be able to draw the attention of the ENTIRE WORLD to your sorry ass in 2000 years! z z z z z – I’m waiting!!!!!
        P.S. Interestingly enough, I never even mentioned “BEING SAVED” in my blog to “SetJuice”, nor Christ’s crucifixion, nor Adam and Eve!!!! SURE SOUNDS LIKE YOU KNOW YOUR BIBLE!!!!!

        • dapreach1, you said
          Where you were Christian Truth Values when you and the church were sitting in Bush Laps and killed almost 100k civilian for Iraqi Oil? Does Christianity stand for robbing and looting poor nations?

          • To ad lib the late “great” Rev. Jim Jones who caused the suicide / massacre of nearly 1000 people in Jonestown, Guyana, “Have another cup of my delicious Koolaid–Oops, I forgot, you’re already brain dead!”

          • Hey, Dareach!

            You know, it’s one thing to believe in Christ and then become “brain dead!” Unfortunately, for “ignorant” people such as shawn as their “soul” is dead (or soon will be)!!!

            So…shawn…when you time comes…and you find out that there “really is a GOD!”…what then? it will be too late for you!

            As for me…I “KNOW” Christ is “REAL”…and He IS Alive! All you have to do is read the “New Testament” to understand this!

            …never mind! “Dapreach” and I, have done our part…we have delivered the “Good News!” to you. Now, it’s “your” decision as God has “given” you, and everyone else, “free will” to follow Christ or NOT!

            Maybe you don’t understand this, but…this IS the “Final Showdown!”

          • I have better understanding who is God. I rather like to believe in God that was God of Ibrahim, Moses, Jacob, Ishmael and God of Adam and Eve. I cannot understand in God who was born 20K years ago and was crucified by few men. If a God can become by birth then there must be a Father, Grand Father and a Great Grand-Father and so on.
            If a person born from Virgin is God then the Adam and Eve were more deserving God since they were created from nothing.

          • Obviously, shawn…you do NOT know anything about the Holy Scriptures as your understanding of them is next to NOTHING!

            Please…until you actually “read” the Bible with at least the understanding of a “child”…do NOT post again! It simply shows everyone how “ignorant” you truly are!

            As Jesus said, “…forgive them Father, they know NOT what they do…”

            YES, shawn…Dapreach, myself, and others here on the website, ARE “Praying” for you!

            Take Care and God Bless!

  14. Hello “bobby90247” – HA HA HA!!! What a joke! These dimwhit badasses think they are so fantastic!!!!! Clearly he doesn’t even have half a grasp of the english language, i.e., notice how he spells “Jusus”, etc, etc. SADLY ENOUGH, HE’S THE FIRST ONE WHO WILL SCREAM OUT THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST WHEN HE’S STARING HIS OWN ULTIMATE DOOM IN THE FACE!!!!! I’m so glad that I’ve come to know the Truth (no thanks to my own previous rebellious lifestyle). I just pray that people like “shawn955” will wake up before it’s too late!!!! SADLY NOT ALL OF THEM WILL!!!!!


    • believe me…I CAN relate to your “…previous rebellious lifestyle…”!!!


      Hopefully, as you said…”they” will wake-up before it’s too late!!! I “Pray” for the same thing…first! Then, if they don’t want to hear…I “move on” to other’s, as Jesus said to do!


        Of course there’s always the option of repentance and faith!! One thing about God–HE ACCEPTS ANYBODY (EVEN FOOLS AND /OR JIHADI MURDERERS) WHO COME TO HIM!!! I’m reminded of that fact every time I look in the mirror!!!!! “BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, THERE GO I.”

          • Shawn – God’s penalty for sin is DEATH!!! And since he’s God I think he should have the right to make the rules! IT’S YOUR OWN DISBELIEF, AND / OR PRIDE, THAT MAKES YOU SUCH A FOOL! Haven’t you heard, IT WAS FOR YOUR SINS AND MINE that Christ died on that Cross? HE DIED BECAUSE HE DIDN’T WANT YOU AND ME TO BEAR THE PENALTY FOR OUR OWN SINS! It’s God’s free gift to a world of wicked sinners. If Christ had saved himself we would not have a “SAVIOR”! HE DID THAT FOR ME–WHAT ABOUT YOU????
            P.S. “I asked Jesus, ‘How much do you really love me?’ And he answered back, ‘This much!’ Then he opened his arms wide and bowed his head and died.”

      • To “shawn955” – Forgive me, I called you a fool because–from your American sounding name–I thought you were a stupid American! I see now (DUH) that you are unquestionably Muslim–and probably not American-born. FORGIVE ME!!!

        Shawn, I tried very hard to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with you in my previous blog. One thing really impresses me about you!!! You are honest enough to actually consider the claims of the Gospel even though, at the present time, you reject them as being false. You have a head knowledge of how Christ was born of a virgin. You also know about his crucifixion. AND SOMETHING TELLS ME (OR SOMEONE) that you honestly want to know whether or not Jesus is the REAL Messiah and Savior of the world. Well, here’s the answer….

        Seek him for yourself!!!! Don’t take my word for anything!!!! God is a great big God!!! He doesn’t need my help–or yours, or anybody else’s. Here is what I will promise you–IF YOU WILL PRAY TO THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB and ask him to reveal himself to you, I promise you that you will not be disappoointed!!! But here’s something else that I can promise you–you might be shocked by the answer that you get!!!

        • Thanks for your well constructive dialogue and understanding.
          Besides believing in all messiahs from Adam to Jesus and Muhammad, I believe in another person too. In my opinion they all were messengers of God and were Holy and Non-Sinners. In my belief none of them ever committed any sin. However, occasionally they may have acted in less-rewarding acts.
          The last person I believe is the person for whom people of above video are beating themselves. Although, I myself do not bleed for that cause I do sympathize with his follower.
          Fourteen-hundred years ago a person stood in the scorching desert of Karbala against a tyrant Muslim ruler Yazid. After sacrificing his 72 follower, his brothers, nephews and his sons, he brought out his six month old baby. All he asked for a drop of water for 3-days thirsty and dying baby. What he got in return was an arrow pierced thru the child neck. Remaining women and children were chained and paraded thru towns from Karbala to Damascus 800KM distance. That man was no other than Imam Hussein, grandson of Muhammad.
          As I said I do not bleed myself for that Holly person I do sympathize with his followers and they have fundamental right to protest against the injustice of fellow Muslims.

  15. What is your opinion of Ibrahim, Moses, Jacob, Ishmael and God of Adam and Eve? Since Jesus was born after they passed away, who was their God? Were they on the right path? I rather stay with them and worship God who was God of Ibrahim, Moses and God of Adam and Eve.
    I cannot understand in God who was born 20K years ago and was crucified by few men. If a God can become by birth then there must be a Father, Grand Father and a Great Grand-Father and so on.
    If a person born from Virgin is God then the Adam and Eve were more deserving God since they were created from nothing.

  16. To “shawn955” – I believe you have a good heart and that you are seeking the truth about who God is. I don’t know whether or not you are a Muslim, and I don’t really care one way or the other–AND NEITHER DOES GOD CARE!!! He only cares for you, as an individual. But Shawn, it’s not enough to have a ‘head knowledge’ of who you think God is. I am telling you that you can have a personal friendship with the living Creator and God of the universe. I know, because I have such a relationship with him. I am not crazy when I tell you that HE lives in my heart through his Holy Spirit!!!! His plan for my life is that I should introduce him and his plan of love for this world to everyone that I can. I admit that I often fall short of that goal, but I am overjoyed when I have an opportunity to dialogue with someone such as yourself. Please continue to seek God for yourself. He will not disappoint you!!! I would also encourage you to write to my personal email address if you care to do so, at >> << I promise I will not again be calling you 'a fool' for any reason.

    P.S. Tell me, Shawn, with reference to the story that you described to me in your last blog, do you honestly feel that the followers of Muhammed still have the right to continue to seek revenge for one alleged act of hatred which occured over 1400 years ago???? I mean really, how many people must die in order to avenge the blood of one individual–assuming that such a story is historically accurate????

    Jesus Christ was crucified over 2000 years ago but none of his true followers ever sought to avenge his blood on anyone–and there are millions upon millions of Christians around the world. So why don't they fight to avenge his Blood????? And yes, even though the Crusades were horrific for both Muslims and Christians, they were not fought to avenge Christ's death. For the most part, they were simply a dreadful tragedy of one man, i.e., army, fighting another in order to achieve property rights. Hitler was a murderer and a vile person but all of his warfare was in vain because he was full of hatred and evil. God never supports the killing of anyone anywhere unless it is done in self-defense. Hatred comes from the devil–God is a God of love and mercy!The Bible teaches us that, "Vengence is mine, I will repay, saith the LORD." God bless you, Shawn, I'm praying for you!!!!!

    • To Dapreach1
      Thanks for your detailed reply. I am a Muslim but liberal than most others. I see fundamental flaws in most Muslims attitude and condemn them along with other wrong doers.
      Like other religions, any person can claim to be a Muslim regardless of his/her inner belief. From early days of Islam few people accepted religion by heart, others went along with and the third group took it as an opportunity to rule.
      Just like crusaders some of early Muslim ruler took new religion to concur, capture and rule other nations. Their actions were simply expansionism. However they disguised their action under the name to Islam to mass the fellow Muslim behind them.
      As far the concept of God is concerned, majority of human believe in God. For example some consider an idle to be worth of worship, some believe in Sun, some in Jesus, others in Allah (God). There has to be creator the one who created from an ant to a human being, from earth to universe.
      Most religions believe in some form of repentance and forgiveness including Christians, Jews and Muslims. I consider this hand-holding free-ride- to-heavens theory to be fundamentally flawed. Assume few moments before their death Osama bin Laden, Jeffry Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh, Adolf Hitler, Yazid and Pharaoh held the hand of their savior Jesus, Moses or Mohammad and repent. Would they be forgiven? If they are worthy of mercy and forgiveness then what happens to God’s Divine Justice. What is the use of creating heavens and hell? In that case Devil or Satan deserves forgiveness more than the above cited men.
      The people in the above video are not seeking revenge; they were simply flagging themselves to offer their affection and empathize to their martyred leader. Their action is nothing more than Ibrahim scarification of his son to his beloved God. As far the historically correctness of the above story is concerned, one has the right to question the accuracy of the above story along with other Holly books including Bible, Quran and the theory of Jesus being a Son of God.
      Since there are so many version of Bibles are around what is your opinion on alterations in the Bible?

      I am sending you direct email as well.

      • Thanks so much for your honest inquiries about my faith in Jesus Christ! I consider it my highest privilege and responsibility to share my faith with anyone and everyone who may inquire of me. I may not have all the answers–and I certainly don’t know everything about Islam, (or, for that matter, about Christianity either!) but this much I can promise you, I will not be offended by anything that you care to ask me about my faith. I will have more comments, and /or answers to your comments, via my email account. May the everlasting God of love and mercy touch you deeply with his light and his life.

  17. BUMP- while re-visiting this page today so many months later- it makes me sure “rules” are being so selectively enforced on evangelicals and NEVER on Muslims- a German family was deported from USA for home schooling their kids- home schooling was made illegal by the Nazi party in 1938 and the law still exists- so USA gave them refugee status for freedom of religion-
    now Muslims these above have the freedom to do this in their nations – how are they getting refugee status? – why is such systematic repeated child abuse not ILLEGAL- not reason to have these kids taken away by child protection services??

    (your kids can be taken from you for a lot less dramatic abuse)

    • The deportation story does not appears to be true. The INS cannot deport anyone due to home-schooling.
      You can talk to an attorney and he will guide you

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