Plaintiffs in Shady Mosque Deal Can Appeal to Michigan Supreme Court

via Eagle Lawsuit Plaintiffs May Appeal to Michigan Supreme Court – Farmington-Farmington Hills, MI Patch.

After the recent denial of their appeal to an appellate court ruling, the plaintiffs in a lawsuit over the sale of a Farmington Public Schools building to the Islamic Cultural Association (ICA) may take their case to the state’s highest court.

In an email to Farmington-Farmington Hills Patch, attorney Robert Davis said plaintiffs are looking at asking the Michigan Supreme Court to hear the case. “At the same time,” he wrote, “we are continuing to oppose local zoning approvals.”

Davis represents Eugene Greenstein of Farmington Hills and Melvin Sternfeld of West Bloomfield, who last year sued Farmington Public Schools over the sale. The former Eagle Elementary School building on 14 Mile Road west of Middlebelt Road was sold in November to the ICA, which is based in Franklin, for $1.1 million. That money waits in escrow pending the final outcome of the lawsuit.

At the ICA’s request, the West Bloomfield Township planning commission has tabled review of plans for the construction of a mosque and community center on the site.

In September, the Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed a trial court’s ruling that dismissed the lawsuit. Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Rae Lee Chabot initially declined to hear the case on its merits, after determining that plantiffs Greenstein and Sternfeld did not demonstrate that they would be harmed by the sale of the closed building.

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