Saudi prince to Clinton: “Muslims will never forget your deliverance of Bosnia-Herzogovenia and Kosovo”

To the Ummah. via Saudi Arabia’s [Prince] Turki al Faisal addressing Bill Clinton at Clinton Global Initiative shindig, September 25, 2012 video. Big hat tip to reader wtd2 for the video.

“Muslims will never forget your deliverance of Bosnia-Herzogovenia and Kosovo, and near-deliverance, within 100 meters, of Palestine from occupation.”

Clinton’s legacy is not one of peace to the non-Muslims in eastern Europe whom he bombed and sent U.S. troops to aid in the creation of Muslim nations. And where they are still defending Islam to this day.

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  1. I put the Clinton’s and the Obamas in the same bag of trash of thieves Liar’s . They are in it for how much they can steal of the people money and for NO OTHER REASON.
    The Russian news paper had it right people that elected and reelected Obama are ILLITERATE so goes the same reason for people that BELIEVE the CLINTON’S.
    These people are TRASH in expensive Cloths.Same goes for Botox Nancy and Harry REID and BOEHNER.
    And for you that can’t see or know that to be facts ,I WILL ADD A WORD that wasn’t in there News Headlines, STUPID.
    They are like so many people that are just EDUCATED IDIOTS!!!

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  3. Its not about money for the Clinton’s. It is everything to do with power and influence. It sickens me that this once great Republic is no better than a despotic criminal enterprise ruled by two very corrupt political powers. America badly needs a renascence. She needs to push back on the progressive, left wing, traitors who wage war on the People.

  4. Birds of a feather flock together. Islam ” The Religion of Peace “, said often. Reality shows a different story.

  5. Saudi prince to Clinton: “Muslims will never forget your deliverance of Bosnia-Herzogovenia and Kosovo”……INTO OUR BLOODY CLAWS…

    • IT IS incredible what NATO DID to Serbs;Serbs;always scape-goated….what satanic event .Yugoslavia has always been the key to understanding the real truth.It is a mini Babylon …. hard to understand,complex area.It is key to understanding 911 and the current world socialist takover sponsored by the CLINTON FAMILY OF COMPANIES;THEY ARE ALL BARBARIANS IN THREE-PIECE SUITS.HOWEVER;ARE THE BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPERS ANY DIFFERENT IN CHARACTAR AND MIND SET ?I THINK NOT!

  6. And 100 meters from taking Israel and giving it to the Palestinians (Arafat). All the while Chelsea is seated beside her Jewish husband and her father. Real nice. I’m shocked the Clinton’s allowed her to marry a Jew, as they are antisemitic. Oh what a world.

  7. Just look at that disgusting photo of them with arafat(head). Traitors all.

  8. At the risk of being ‘stomped on’,

    Meter: An apparatus for measuring gas or other fluid.

    Metre: A unit of metric measurement . 39.37 of one inch.

  9. Sorry, should be 39.37 inches. (Metre)

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  11. What is it with Americans? with over 300 million population to choose from, they repeatedly and incestuously keep the Bush and Clinton demagogues in power! The Bushes were muslim lovers, followed by the Clintons,, also muslim a$$kissers who then endorsed Obama,the supreme head of Islams propaganda machine and now theres talk that Shrillary may run for 2016 as President!!..ENOUGH ALREADY! they all have blood dripping from their hands! Time for new faces, new agendas, hopefully a decent candidate who knows we are facing Islamists and their dream of a worldwide Caliphate..If an honest, fresh leadership does not happen we are done for as a civilization, and we will all enter the Islamic Dark Ages.

    • Colonel Alan West comes to mind..makes no bones about the Islamic threat and Communist progressives, keeps his cool with hostile liberal media interviewers and has military knowledge to boot


  13. Muslims will never forget your deliverance of Bosnia-Herzogovenia and Kosovo, and near-deliverance, within 100 meters, of Palestine from occupation.”

    and that’s why we used the Egyptian youth, taught them how to make a FACEBOOK revolution to overthrow their govt, then watched their betrayal by the Muslims Brotherhood-

    yup Egypt’s so called Spring was engineered and orchestrated in BOSNIA by MUSLIMS that USA put in power

  14. this vid was disgusting to witness – too many specifics to even type

    here is the other Clinton in Hamas color jacket showing her true colors

  15. ever notice Bill and Hillary are always smiling when seen with the terrorist barbarians but when with Israeli’s they have a somber do I have to be seen with these people look. @sshats

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