30 Tennessee counties received bomb threats Tuesday

Not major news? via Tennessee latest state to chase multiple bomb threats – CNN.com.

(CNN) — Courthouses and other government buildings in 30 Tennessee counties received bomb threats Tuesday, a state official said, making it the fifth state this month to see a similar round of false alarms.

No explosive devices had been found in any of the counties where threats were called in, said Dalya Qualls, a spokeswoman for the state’s Department of Homeland Security.

Qualls said county courthouses, as well as federal and state buildings, received threats on Tuesday.

Tennessee’s bomb scares came eight days after similar threats were made to 28 courthouses and a state office building in Oregon and within a month of similar incidents around Nebraska and Washington, according to Oregon state police.

Qualls said Tennessee Highway Patrol officers are assisting local authorities as needed, but the threats were still being investigated at the local level Tuesday evening.

Updates: Statewide scare: 31 Tenn. courthouses receive bomb threats

Three threatening calls, all within about 10 minutes, came in to the Knox County Courthouse on Tuesday morning, but staffers already were more skeptical than scared after the first.

“The first time, a guy called in and said there was an atomic bomb in the courthouse,” said Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett, whose employees fielded the bomb threat calls, beginning about 10:30 a.m. “Then he called back, and said there were many bombs in the courthouse.

“I don’t know what he said the third time.”

Ultimately, the calls were among a flurry of bogus bomb threats made to 31 courthouses and other government facilities across Tennessee on Tuesday, including the federal building in downtown Memphis, according Dean to Flener, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency spokesman.

Statewide, government workers in 24 courthouses were ordered out of the their offices, some for several hours. The federal building in Memphis, which houses the federal court and other federal offices, was evacuated around 9 a.m. for a couple of hours while authorities checked it.

No explosives were found at any of the sites.

A similar bomb threat hoax last week targeted 28 courthouses in Oregon. Threats also were reported this month in Washington and Nebraska, according to The Associated Press.

Hear anything about these mass bomb threats in the news?

And while authorities have yet to confirm that the calls among the various states are related, “Logic suggests there would be a connection,” Stone said.

In Hamblen County, Morristown Police Department Maj. Michelle Jones noted that the caller gave no indication of a cause or reason for the bomb threat, “and appears to have taken steps to try to mask the real number” from which the call was made.

A mosque gets opposed and the Feds are immediately on it. Thirty plus bomb threats and local cops take care of it.

Just for knowing, there is a large, growing, troubling Muslim population in Tennessee and they’ve infiltrated state government.

See our category here and also Refugee Resettlement Watch post’s on Tennessee.

7 thoughts on “30 Tennessee counties received bomb threats Tuesday

  1. Love the last dig in the article…mosque gets opposed,feds are on it…bomb threats, local police are sent in….this whole country is run by MAJOR SH$Tballs

  2. Odd to me that there was not one single article on this rash of bomb threats in TN, or in the other states on the large media outlets. Not one.

    CSharia was the first to point out that there were other bomb threats to similar location types in other states previously.

    Is this not even news today? How is it helpful to ignore news that contradicts a liberal line, even if only potentially? We just don’t know who is behind this. Shall we ignore it until we can blame the “Tea Party” as was the case with the Giffords shooter?

  3. time to lock and load since our government will continue to protect the muzzies long as aholeobama is in office. people need to wake up.
    the main stream media should be hung; they also favor the muslims; a damn shame we have to be politically correct so they aren’t ‘offended’ but ok for them to do any damn stupid stuff and they get by with it.

    won’t be long before they start bombing the infidel’s worship places; wait and watch; but of course, they will get by with it.

    any state that allows them to multiply should plan on losing
    ALL rights for the infidels as it is the MAIN goal for the islamites to take over and with the head muzzie in office, this could happen unless the infidels rise and make some noise.

  4. Find Dave Gaubautz, he is the only one who is digging deep and wide to give real Americans an Fair Shot at shutting down Islam in America. It won’t take long to gain support because we know that Islam is Islam, no moderate, no mild, only Islam. They share the same material to overthrow our Government and exposing all enablers is just around the corner…..

  5. Any Mosques get bomb threats? Any threats traced to them? Any pass Pravda-Left media approval for reporting?

    When things start getting blown up by these muslims how is the left going to handle their “golden boys” as the perps?

    Whats it going to take to educate America Left on this menace?

    Is there a difference between the Left and muslims any more?

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