Annual listing of world’s top 10 most dangerous countries almost entirely Muslim

via h/t TROP

The magazine Travel and Leisure just recently released its annual listing of the world’s most dangerous countries. The chief intent of the article was to simply warn or advise travelers of the dangers that might exist in traveling to certain countries or areas within countries that pose a verifiable risk.

However, while the travel and lifestyle magazine largely focuses on the simple fact of how dangerous a particular nation is, as well as the specific dangers that exist, we thought it might be interesting to look at the “why’s” of that danger which, more often than not, speak to the political themes at play.

The list:

1) Pakistan

2) Sudan

3) Georgia

4) Lebanon

5) North Korea

6) Syria

7) Yemen

8) Uzbekistan

9) Iran

10) Algeria


13 thoughts on “Annual listing of world’s top 10 most dangerous countries almost entirely Muslim

    • Maybe so, but what’s changed? Top 20 or even 30 would make it interesting. No wait, top 60. And in 20 to 30 years time top 100 would be appropriate.

  1. how uzbekistan can be one of the most dangerous countries, however uzbekistan is very peace country, have you ever been to uzbekistan, First know, what about you are writing

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    Prophet muhammed is satanicall orientated!

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