Arrested Florida imam had ties to 1993 WTC terrorist group (video)

We posted on this last week, Muslims bringing weapons and ammunition to Florida mosque, but some people are more visual so here’s a video report. h/t SDaMatt2a

The FBI said Jimenez was worried they’d all get caught, because he said Robertson wasn’t just talking about the Quran here at the Masjid Al-Ihsaan mosque in East Orange County, he was talking about the military, and people were bringing weapons and ammunition.

6 thoughts on “Arrested Florida imam had ties to 1993 WTC terrorist group (video)

  1. Isn’t he the one that Obama was going to trade for the Ambassador who was raped and slaughtered in Libya?
    He WAS going to use his, supposed, success of the trade as a new campaign slogan like “I got Osama bin Laden”!

  2. the sadness is people either don’t realize or care that this Republic, as we knew, will NO LONGER EXIST…With the level of Corruption and Fraud in this country, Is it TOO LATE TO MAKE ANY SIGNIFICANT CHANGES ???

    • what would george washington, thomas jefferson, ben franklin, abe lincoln, teddy roosevelt do? would they give up if faced w/ our current problems? IMO, they would fight on until death… all of these great patriots would not allow the forces of evil to prevail. another great patriot, nathan hale, spoke the immortal words: “i regret that i have but one life to give for my country”.

  3. I have been asking this very question for the past year now…and look, Obozo is President again! “WE, the People…” need to organize without the help of the “media” as they are part of the corruption!

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