RAND report: Engage, embed with Muslim Brotherhood, invite to US universities, but do it quietly

“The Obama administration has already reached out to the Hill to educate members on the MB [Muslim Brotherhood]…” ~ RAND Corp

An incoming link to a site called “Deceptionation” links to a new RAND Corporation report entitled, “ The Muslim Brotherhood, It’s Youth, and the Implications for U.S. Engagement” referring to it as “The Deception Handbook for U.S. / Muslim Brotherhood relations in a Post-American World.” That sounds about right.

The author writes, via Selling the Muslim Brotherhood to America:

The RAND corporation’s National Defense Research Institute is a federally funded research and analysis center which is overseen by a Department of Defense advisory board in support of official administration policies and  goals.  Since my hard-earned tax dollars helped to pay for this report I was curious as to what sort of helpful advice RAND had produced as to the best way of dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood’s  ongoing threat to American interests.  After reading the study, I have got to tell you this is, without any doubt, one of the most psychologically manipulative efforts to alter the perceptions of the American public on a subject that I’ve ever heard of.

From the RAND report:

Regularize and routinize engagement, including among members of Congress and FJP parliamentarians, to reduce politicization of engagement efforts. Engagement will be most effective when it has bipartisan support in the United States and embeds contact with the MB as part of broader engagement with Egypt’s profusion of political parties.

The more regular and normalized that contact becomes, the less engagement is vulnerable to becoming a target of political attacks in the United States and the more it will be viewed as the normal course of diplomacy. As Nathan Brown argues, now that the MB operates a legal political party and has become a dominant player in Egyptian politics, “having normal diplomatic contact with the [MB] makes sense. But trumpeting the policy . . . is a mistake—it generates exaggerated expectations and fears all around.”50

Engagement can also be insulated from domestic political attacks by having more members of Congress, rather than just administration officials, directly meet MB members. The Obama administration has already reached out to the Hill to educate members on the MB, address concerns, and plan more parliamentary exchanges.51 Exchanges between American congressional and Egyptian parliamentary staff could also prove fruitful. In addition, Congress can host FJP parliamentarians and staff to observe American political processes, such as nominating conventions.

Expand engagement to the grassroots level, targeting youth leaders and student union activists outside the major cities. While U.S. engagement with the MB has expanded rapidly since the summer of 2011, contacts are still limited to a relatively small group of MB figures. According to one American official, there are approximately two dozen MB leaders with whom the United States engages, in addition to a number of FJP parliamentarians (including those MB members who toured the United States in April 2012).52 New avenues of engagement are already developing with FJP parliamentary leaders, including meetings with the head of the Defense and National SecurityCommittee and the head of the upper house.53

U.S. officials can request and help facilitate American speakers for MB student union events and invite MB youth leaders to speak to American university audiences. But in order to advance such initiatives, the U.S. government will need to involve more Arabic speakers—resources that it currently lacks—to reach young audiences outside the major cities, who are not as likely to be fluent in English.56

U.S. policymakers do not need to establish new programs targeted specifically at the MB; doing so would risk the perception that the United States is favoring the MB over other political actors. Instead, the United States can utilize existing outreach programs to reach MB youth.

If it wasn’t already clear, it should now be abundantly clear why no investigation into infiltration by Muslim Brotherhood members in the U.S. was undertaken. Because as we’ve noted for more than four years now, Obama is and has been working extensively WITH the Muslim Brotherhood.

Deceptionation further opines:

Promoting a strategy of engaging the brotherhood on its terms instead of our own, it melds well with the Obama administration’s policy of leading from behind in dealing with foreign policy issues. The report lives in that special liberal fantasy land where mutual engagement without any preconditions will  result in brotherhood members moderating their radical views towards western nations and those of other religious beliefs. Moreover, its focus is on changing how America views the brotherhood instead of how they conduct themselves. The authors only connection with reality is that they recognize this doomed strategy needs to be quietly hidden from the public who would be otherwise outraged.

For those who actually read the PDF report, there’s more. It’s another taxation for Islamization scheme:

In a period of budget constraints and competing priorities, the good news is that the U.S. government already has existing programs that can be used to expand engagement to incorporate MB youth.

Maybe Boehner can hold up these programs as negotiating points in the budget talks. After all, outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood can’t take priority over feeding and providing health care to millions of poor Americans can it?

14 thoughts on “RAND report: Engage, embed with Muslim Brotherhood, invite to US universities, but do it quietly

  1. The Administration is guilty of treason. Period. One day they will all be tried and convicted and spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  2. “more regular and normalized that contact becomes, the less engagement is vulnerable to becoming a target of political attacks in the United States and the more it will be viewed as the normal course of diplomacy.”

    hey it worked for the PLO today Arafat the Egyptian’s terrorist group led by an unelected Abbas will be admitted to UN as if they are a country. They don;t need USA vote so ) and Co. can continue to pretend they ae proIsrael-

    I am not so sure our nation is so much being DUPED, may are quite hostile to Israel and USA, too and so are aligned with MB. They have forgotten the Ayatollah killed the commies after they helped win Iran 1979

    the rest of USA? uneducated, sleeping, don’t know don’t care, worship the 0

    we have been well on the way to total dhimmification since Carter refused to fight Iran and sided with MB

  3. The toppling of the Dog Muncher-in-Chief’s Regime by some means or another is now an imperative for national survival, I am afraid.

    What says you Joint Chiefs of Staff? Loyalty to the usurper, or the Constitution?

    Not who, but where is John Galt?

  4. The Rand Corporation has long had a bid in to create and build the new state of Palestine. It’s been on their website for a few years now, and it’s called The Palestine Initiative. Also known as the Palestine Arc.

    When I saw this a couple of years ago, I knew Israel was going to be dismantled by whatever powers-that-be.

    On a side note, something else told me that a long time ago. Having worked for a major telephone company, one day I saw something interesting.

    A telephone area code (different from Israel’s) had been created for Palestine back in the 1990’s. An official area code, for a country that doesn’t actually exist, or didn’t until yesterday.

    I don’t know who was responsible for that, but it did tell me that the creation of a Palestinian state has been in the works for a long time. Not just by some garden variety Arabs either.

    Anyway, back to the Rand Corporation.
    There are two videos on the Rand Corporation’s website to watch about the Palestinian Initiative/Palestinian Arc. One is a short trailer, the other is more detailed.


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  7. Miracles still can happen. We must pray, pray, pray that Boehner and others that God has placed in leadership roles will miraculously grow a back-bone before it’s too late.

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