World Bank spends your money to support sharia

via Money Jihad.

The World Bank has agreed to collaborate with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) “in the development of Islamic Finance,” according to the Arab News.

The Jeddah-based IDB, which Shariah Finance Watch describes as “the financial jihad wing of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (the world’s foremost Islamic imperialist organization),” has a disturbing history and role in international finance that you can read about here.

From the Arab News last month:

World Bank and IDB sign Islamic finance deal

The World Bank and Islamic Development Bank have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to set out a framework for collaboration between the two parties and lend support to global, regional and country efforts in the development of Islamic Finance.

World Bank Managing Director Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin and Islamic Development Bank Group President Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali signed the memorandum on behalf of their institutions with the common objectives of fostering, encouraging, and studying the expansion of Islamic finance globally.

The MoU adopts the following principles:

  • Knowledge sharing to identify and disseminate sound practices in the Islamic financial services industry.
  • Cross fertilization of ideas that would foster the development of Islamic finance that is critical for growth, efficiency and financial inclusion.
  • Encourage research and promote awareness of appropriate risk management framework for Islamic financial institutions in particular and the Islamic finance industry in general; and
  • Capacity building in the Islamic financial services industry with a view to fostering financial stability and promoting increased access to Islamic financial services in markets around the world.

World Bank Managing Director Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin stressed the importance of the memorandum for increased capacity-building and knowledge-sharing between the two organizations.

“The MoU signed today between the IDB and WB will help us deepen our understanding of Islamic finance and build capacities to develop institutions and instruments to support sustainable inclusive growth and help societies to achieve their development goals with emphasis on poverty alleviation and shared prosperity,” he said.

“The signing of MoU between the World Bank and IDB aims to forge a strategic partnership between our two institutions in the area of Islamic finance to support inclusive growth, including greater access to finance for the poor, and financial stability in our mutual member countries,” said IDB President Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali.

Money Jihad continues:

The World Bank previously dallied with at least one sukuk (Islamic bonds) issuance in 2009, and declared Islamic finance to be a “priority area” last year.  The World Bank also co-hosts an annual conference with AAOIFI, a Bahrain-based standards setting board for sharia finance that is chaired by the notorious sharia law advocate, Taqi Usmani.

The World Bank is funded by member country contributions from taxpayers like you, and international investors and institutions that buy their bonds.

More here, Tax-funded World Bank Pushes Sharia Finance.

4 thoughts on “World Bank spends your money to support sharia

  1. An “open message” to Steve Dooley.

    NOW…I know “why” you and I parted company so many years ago! I didn’t realize then, as I do now, what you meant when you said you were…”Muslim!”

    I’m “straight-up Christian” and you knew (after many months of working together) that there was NO WAY you could EVER change me! I “still” Pray for you to see the “light” and change your ways as you have been deceived by Satan and this world.

    Please, if you still possess any influence over this World Bank as you did in the past…DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! All it will do is bring death and misery to millions of innocent “children!”

    “…nuff, said!”

  2. we are heading into very dangerous ground with this latest initiative…we are getting too deeply involved in the muslim world, which has only have one outcome …for us to lose our collective asses. obama is charging right ahead in promoting these ties that in the future will be extremely difficult to break, and we will have to break them for our own survival ….FREE SPEECH MUST MAKE A STAND NOW to stop weaving our destinies together …they are and will forever be POLAR OPPOSITES.

    • You’re right on, Betsy, now if only all the journalists and news media and politicians and other so-called ‘leaders’ would understand that–islam and democracy are indeed polar opposites! For all the screaming about ‘democracy’ in the arab countries, it can never be–unless they give up islam.

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