Inspector General Probing FBI/CAIR Interactions


via Inspector General Probing FBI/CAIR Interactions :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

The Justice Department’s Inspector General is investigating contact between FBI field offices and representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a report to Congress first flagged by reporter Ryan Reilly shows.

The FBI cut off contact with CAIR in 2008, citing evidence in a Hamas-financing trial that tied the organization to both the Palestinian terrorist group and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Internal records of a U.S.-based Hamas support network listed CAIR among the group’s member organizations. “[U]ntil we can resolve whether there continues to be a connection between CAIR or its executives and HAMAS,” a senior FBI official wrote in 2009, “the FBI does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner.”

FBI Director Robert Mueller reaffirmed the ban on working with CAIR during congressional testimony in April, 2011.

But reports about field offices defying that order have surfaced repeatedly.

Last year, the Investigative Project on Terrorism reported on efforts by the Hartford, Conn. field office to hide their work with CAIR officials. An e-mail obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request showed that agents were unhappy having to abide by FBI headquarters’ policy of not working with CAIR.

“I can only share our mutual disappointment in the ongoing stalemate between CAIR-National and our FBI office in Washington, DC,” wrote the agent, whose name was redacted. “It is apparent that until the stalemate ends, FBI Headquarters will continue to instruct all FBI field offices across the country not to have formal relations with their local CAIR Chapters. It is not a decision each field office makes on their own. This mandate/order is given to us by FBI Headquarters.”

The investigation is disclosed in the IG’s semi-annual report to Congress.

“In response to a congressional request, the OIG is reviewing interactions between FBI field offices and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),” it says. “The review will determine if these interactions were in compliance with FBI policy and guidance that restricts certain interactions with CAIR.”

No other details are provided.

Considering Holder refused to prosecute CAIR in the Holy Land Foundation trial despite overwhelming evidence and that Obama is now educating House members on Hamas’ parent org the Muslim Brotherhood, this can’t end well. At best, they will reaffirm the ban which is essentially being ignored, or they will do as Obama has and end the ban praising CAIR as a valued partner in crime. Meanwhile, CAIR is being exposed for victimizing Muslims in a massive fraud scheme.

7 thoughts on “Inspector General Probing FBI/CAIR Interactions

  1. Without additional information about this, my first thought is that it reminds me of the “fox investigating the hen house”…or something like that.

  2. Obviously Islam is much more intelligent then our so-called Intelligent Agencies, average everyday Americans know Islam has no place in our American system of Government.

    Federal Officials knowingly enable our enemy (ISLAM) with the support of this Administration.

    Average Americans know full well Islam will continue to grow under this Administration unless this president is impeached.

    Other then that, our grand kids will be hearing the Call To Prayer 5 times a day, our grand kids will be third class citizens, and our country will indeed fly the flag of Islam.

    Average Americans know this, our Intelligence including our Military is mis-guided by Islamic force coming from the middle east. Saudi Arabia Muslim Brotherhood.

    Benghazi would be an impeachable offense, however, it is considered a bump in the road.

    • DB88, no, islam is certainly not more intelligent, a reasonably bright 12 yr old would have no difficulty understanding what they are doing; the problem is OUR OWN PEOPLE, who know damned well what is happening, and know what is right and what’s wrong, but just keep giving in to them.

      Americans talk about how easily ‘Eurabia’ is succumbing to islam, (true) but many of us in other countries cannot believe what’s happening in the US. Nixon was forced to resign for lying–something all politicians do, and obama does every time he opens his mouth; and with Clinton there was talk of impeachment, but the present regime is getting away with murder and running America into the ground and hey, not only is there no talk of impeachment–he’s re-elected!!

      Do the Republicans still exist? Or is the once mighty USA now a one party state–on the way to being a caliphate?

      • Islam is using our system against us. We have to find a way to eliminate them and their influences without giving up the rights we as citizens so richly deserve because ” yes, we DID build this ” but our government refuses to do it because if they did they would be diminished in power. Instead, withIslam in power here, they will sell us all out and take a place in power amongst the new regime.

        We all know that the majority in government, on both sides, are completely devoid of spinal bone structure. That is to say, they are spineless jellyfish. It is not a stretch that they want to change bosses.

  3. The most sickening thing is to walk around malls and eat at restaurants where Islamic scam wearing the MB headbag are free to walk around.

    Knowing they are ALL traitors makes you want to throw up just looking at them.

    It is time for intern camps!!!

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