TSA claims Congress has no jurisdiction over it; refuses to attend hearings

via TSA claims Congress has no jurisdiction over it; refuses to attend hearings.

(NaturalNews) When officials who head up a federal agency created and funded by Congress no longer feel obligated to appear before the congressional committee charged with overseeing the function of that agency, a situation of genuine tyranny exists.

Enter John Pistole, the Obama Administration’s head of the notorious Transportation Security Agency. He is not only refusing to appear before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, but he’s even gone so far as to declare that said congressional committee possesses “no jurisdiction over the TSA.”

That’s more than just arrogance; that’s a dangerous precedent to set.

According to the committee’s website, Pistole was requested to appear before the panel’s subcommittee on Aviation Nov. 28, to provide testimony at a hearing titled, “How Best to Improve Our Nation’s Airport Passenger Security System Through Common Sense Solutions.”

Chaired by Rep. Thomas Petri, R-Wis., the focus of the hearing was to “examine the impact that the regulations and policies of the Transportation Security Administration have on aviation passenger experience and the free flow of aviation commerce,” according to a summary posted on the panel’s website.

Despite being requested by a duly authorized congressional committee, Pistole, via a statement issued by the agency on its website, refused to comply:

By U.S. House of Representatives rules which state that the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has no jurisdiction over the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), no representative from TSA will be present at the Subcommittee on Aviation hearing scheduled for Nov. 29.

TSA will continue to work with its committees of jurisdiction to pursue effective and efficient security solutions. In the 112th Congress alone, TSA witnesses have testified at 38 hearings and provided 425 briefings for Members of Congress.

TSA also continues to work to enhance security screening measures and to improve the passenger experience including through the expansion of [an agency pre-check program]. As part of its risk-based security initiatives, TSA has modified screening procedures for passengers 12 and under and 75 and older while pursuing a multi-layered approach to security that includes behavior detection officers, explosives-detection systems and federal air marshals, among other measures both seen and unseen.

House Republicans on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee have long said the expansive and haughty agency is in need of major reform since its hasty creation in the pandemonium of the immediate post-9/11 era. A section on the panel’s website describes the agency as “a massive, inflexible, backward-looking bureaucracy of more than 65,000.”

“TSA is a top-heavy agency in need of reform,” says the site.

The Transportation committee is currently chaired by Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., who has been a consistent, vocal critic of the TSA and who has pushed for airports to stop using the agency and instead employ private security screeners.

Mica wrote the legislation that created the agency; he has recently declared it to be a miserable failure.

And the pawns of tyranny – some disturbing videos of power hungry TSA and airport officials who have been trained to treat Americans like terrorists. And one cop who does the right thing:


Keep in mind that the TSA policy tells Muslims where body scanners are, and exempts them.

11 thoughts on “TSA claims Congress has no jurisdiction over it; refuses to attend hearings

  1. So in the top video, the cop is a servant of intimidating government officers, who invent laws on the spur of the moment, million dollar liability, and who have separate laws to the constitution, that override it?? That old guy would be happy running a concentration camp in Nazi Germany!

  2. they do not want to come forward so they can continue letting middle aged men with full beards and of a certain descent through the gates as well as women with full body masks, without question. but turn around and body frisk a 16 year old girl or a 78 yr old grandmother because she might have c-4 in her false teeth…the whole office is a joke

  3. They are right. You must contact muslim brotherhood, and they will call them in, or zero can executive order them to come in for a talk.
    We no longer require congress or the senate. Zero can do everything with his ex orders..

  4. The Congress represents the people in government. When the Executive branch refuses to respond to the Congress, they are treating the People with contempt. The activities of the TSA violate the 4th amendment protecting us from unreasonable searches and seizures. The TSA must be defunded. Otherwise we are living in a tyranny.

  5. Well, if the TSA wants to play hard ball with Congress, the House of Representatives can just de-fund them. That will fix their wagon.

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