Islam’s Quiet Colonization of Europe, A Warning

Replace France with USA and it reads about the same. Some excellent analogies highlighted in red. via Islam vs Europe  h/t BNI

From Algeria, A Dire Warning to the West About Islamization

When I was a teenager I thought that my ancestors were idiots, useless imbeciles for having accepted this miserable religion 15 centuries ago. I was ashamed of my people of origin. I forgot that they had simply been beaten in war and submitted to their conquerors who hurried to rewrite their history.

That twisted history that I learned myself at school and had to unlearn on my own, through effort and perseverance. Looking at France, Belgium, Germany, England, Spain and lots of other countries too, I realize that even people who have been warned can be islamized by stealth, by small innocent touches. In truth, it’s their political, cultural and economic environment that is being islamised under the attacks of new unassimilable North African populations.

As usual, the jihadists islamize the “continent” and the leaders first, then the “human content” adapts bit by bit after one or two generations. It’s a quiet colonisation of spirits and space. Of course the leaders of France deny it. It’s as if you’re looking at the big hand on a watch: fix your eyes on it and you would swear that it doesn’t move, but after a while it’s in a different place all the same. They fell for it!

French men, French women, don’t be surprised if one day the islamists force you to rewrite your own history. I say to you: don’t be surprised if you happen to notice it. They already forbid you, just by being there, from mentioning the battle of Poitiers and Charles Martel. In expecting you to teach in your schools that Charles Martel did not fight Islam, but only some undisciplined Muslim soldiers who took to pillaging.

They are already obliging you to revise your national identity by making you say publicly that Islam is one of the roots of France, waiting till it becomes the only root. They already claim Victor Hugo was a Muslim, Commander Cousteau was a religious fanatic 5 times a day and that Bonaparte admired the genius of Islamic civilisation.

You listen soberly to Malek Chebel telling you about the Golden Age of Islam and to a “really nice” reading of the Koran without anyone laughing at it openly. You already let Bouteldja insulte you with impunity on all the television panels and MRAP drags you in front of the courts with the first breath that isn’t halal. You already hear Tariq Ramadan keep trotting out to you that jihad is a defensive combat, without anyone asking what the Muslims were defending themselves from in North Africa, Spain, the Balkans, India, Vienna and Poitiers.

You are already eating halal without knowing it and if this goes on, soon you will close your butcher’s shops and your bar terraces, without knowing it either. They have already put you on your knees by forcing you to acknowledge the greatest lie in history, namely that the West discovered philosophy, mathematics, science, astronomy and technology thanks to Islam which generously passed them on to you (all the same forgetting to pass them on to Muslims).

Soon, you will be ashamed in bulk of Pierre and Marie Curie, Voltaire, Pasteur, Flaubert, Claude Levis Strauss, Molière, Louis IV and Jean Moulin. These renegades betrayed the Islamic roots of France!

Islam doesn’t give a damn about the truth, history and the identity of peoples. The only thing that counts for it is that these people submit to its law. It demands therefore as a sign of submission that these peoples themselves revise their own history, making a travesty of the truth, deny their collective identity, change their cultural references, profane their ancient religious places and discredit their own symbols. This is what all the people conquered by Arabo-Islamism have done. This is what the majority of elite intellectuals, almost all elected representatives, the majority of artists and almost all the French media. Only the ordinary people remain, silently enraged. And even the ordinary people are infested with the suicidally naive.

I say to the French people who are collaborating and the French people who are sleeping: France, and beyond that all of Europe, is at an advanced stage of its islamization from on high. You have already accepted Islam from the moment where the you complain about radical Islamand Salafists. That implies that you don’t have a problem with living under the yoke of an Islam that is temporarily more soft.

Don’t delude yourself: even the softest Islam will never renounce Sharia. Even if the islamist leaders in France promulgated a 100 year moratorium on everything that bothers the French, Sharia will remain a sword of Damocles that will fall fatally on your heads one day, unless you oppose Islam firmly and at the official level, without appeal. 

You have already made Islam a religion of state when your leaders deal with the UOIF and CFCM, and transfer part of the authority of the state to them in a sign of allegiance. Islam is a religion of state in France from the moment where your leaders celebrate it, cajole it, subsidise it, protect it, it and it alone. In a good Islamic state, France manages the questions of hijab, burka, street prayers, halal, lamb sacrifice, breaking the fast during Ramadan and “Islamic events” with supposedly moderate Muslim dignitaries. These dignitaries treat the elected representatives of the people like veritable tribal chiefs from whom they need allegiance and loyalty. And they get it!

When Dalil Boubekeur [head of Islamic association] speaks, he presents himself as as a second head of state, head high, wth a facile tongue and an assurance ready for any test. Islam is now at home in France, A mini-Islamic republic in the Republic. The cuckoo has laid its egg. Just a few more recalcitrant “tribal chiefs” to be reduced and the country will be declared “Dar al Islam”. Then they’ll just have to learn the technical modalities for practising Islam through the assimilation method. Morocco and Algeria will supply (are already supplying) teachers paid for with the taxes – I mean the zakat – of the French taxpayer.

Ordinary French people aren’t blind. They see the pressures their politicians are subjected to from the communitarian Muslim population organised in strata: The mass of practicing Muslims brandished as a threat to public order, moderately radical Muslims whom their leaders think of as reservists, militant Islamists who deal with propaganda, lobbying and legal jihad, the Salafists who create a diversion and the terrorists who terrorise.

They form an ensemble of players who work in concert with only one objective: forcing the Republic to bend to their will by forcing the politicians and institutions to bend to their will. All are hammering on the same nail : sharia, the ultimate goal of Islamic doctrine.

Do you think all the North Africans were islamised one by one the day after the landing at Oqba? No. It was necessary to islamize the chiefs of the tribes first of all, then mark the physical, political, cultural environment with Islamic markers. Once this environment has become familiar to the natives, the leaders have no trouble islamizing their small tribes “en masse”. Sharia follows later to ensure that the process remains irreversible. That’s what the conquering Muslims in France are trying to do.

Tariq Ramadan is the first to swear that there is no question of sharia in France. But inside he adds: “for now”. What Muslim, however moderate, would be ready to definitively and publicly renounce sharia? At best, they will defer it till later. The more cheeky claim that it is these others who are deficient in intellect and don’t properly understand sharia.

Not having weapons to match the West, the islamist conquerors don’t lower their arms for all that. They fight, conduct their jihad openly, mobilise more and more troops, form alliances with NGOs, infiltrate the political world, literally buy the conscience of elected officials and use the slightest flaw in the law to turn it to their advantage. As the icing on the cake, they authorize here and there some attacks and murders, to show the capacity of this foul ideology to do harm and thus paralyze any vague desire to resist.

The French leftists don’t understand that what they call Salafists are to the moderates (Moussaoui, Boubekeur, Ramadan and other preachers) what air power is to infantry. Air power smashes all serious defences, which allows the infantry to advance by stealth until it has encircled the enemy HQ and forced the generals to surrender. The French “generals” here are the elected representatives of the people and the government. They are surrendering one by one.

In the end, in France, the Islamist conquerors are doing their job of conquerors, but those who are supposed to defend the homeland – that is to say the politicians, the ministers, civil society, the intellectuals…- are not doing the job of patriots. That’s why Islam is penetrating into France like butter. Without the slightest resistance. Those who try to resist are just ordinary citizens who end up neutralised by the law, discredited by the politically correct or intimidated by the readymade thoughts beaten in day and night by the media. At the slightest misdemeanour, they are hauled in front of the tribunals under the ironic eye of the burka and kamis wearers, more arrogant than ever.

This isn’t meant to discourage you, but I doubt very much that those who are Islam-aware in the virtual world are going to succeed in dissolving the UOIF, or the CFCM, or in getting an event of the pyromaniac Tariq Ramadan banned, or even closing the site, this giant mosque filled with islamist propagande, brainwashing material and smears of French patriots. It’s no longer that the worm is inside the fruit, but the fruit is enmeshed in a tangle of slimy worms.

In France, those who present themselves as saviours of Marianne [symbol of France] engage in navel-gazing, cry cock-a-doodle-doo, make fun of the islamists instead of combating them on the ground, get caught up in moaning and remain on the defensive against MRAP, LICRA, SOS Racisme [all “anti-racist” multicult associations] and other French “intellectuals”, notorious and well-established collaborators. These terrific online resistance fighters end up disappearing, like Bivouac ID and Liberty vox [French anti-Islam websites] or reduced to defending their skin like Riposte laïque.

In France, it is now fascist to fight against fascism. We’re right in 1984! Madness! It seems that fascism shouldn’t be fought against when it is hungry, when it is unemployed and when it is brought by hundreds of millions of people without resources, without culture, without education and, above all, without shame.


36 thoughts on “Islam’s Quiet Colonization of Europe, A Warning

  1. France will fall. No backbone there, and in America its Muslim brotherhood with puppet Obama. Americans need to learn about islam and how to remove it. Not likely with the left controlling all the media and schools.

      • If you want to better understand shari’a, read Bostom’s ‘Sahria ans Freedom” and or Mayer’s ‘Islam and Human Rights’. Its not enough to oppose islamics, you have to know their ideas at least as well as they do. My goal is to plant seeds of doubt in moslem’s heads. Maybe one will take time to examine what they believe.

  2. The premise of American culture is Freedom. Always has been. And always will be. The premise of sharia is oppression. Always has been. Always will be. Europe allowed itself to be prostituted without consequences. America allows a lot but doesn’t like being told what to do by anyone.

    No Freeom No Peace

  3. Henri Pirenne, in the 1920’s suggested the ‘lost 3 centuries’, from 700 to 1,000 A.D. were the result of muslamic conquest of Spain and part of France with its destruction of civilization. Historians are paying more attention to his thesis as there is indeed a gap in numismatics, architecture and pottery of this time. We may see this same phenomenon soon.

    • Thats an interesting thesis. The common perception is that the so-called “barbarian” Germanic tribes, i.e. Vandals, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, brought about the “Fall” of Rome. It is not that simple. These Germans were already somewhat Romanised, Christian, and many of their elites were commanders of Roman Army units. Some were even scholars, and clerics. When they set up successer kingdoms in Italy, Spain and Gaul (France), they did their best to maintain Roman culture and institutions, and to a major degree, they were successfull. After all, those lands are still Latin speaking, and Catholic to this day. Even after over 700 years of muslim dommination of the Iberian Penninsula after the fall of Visigothic Spain, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, and other Latin languages are still spoken in these traditionally Catholic regions.

      Yes I can definitely see how islam can be attributed to those lost three centuries you speak of.

  4. This is no quiet colonization of France!!! Where is the French backbone. They had do be rescued in World War II. They need their military in there and throw them out or put them to death Their is no other way. Germany being so close owes France the favor in helping them with this….

  5. Absolutely the best essay I have read in a long time. I am becomming more and more convinced that the only way to reverse this process (yes, even here in the USA) is by a violent overthrow of the government and a thorough purging of leftist (read Democrats and some Republicans) elements in all walks of life. It sounds positively scary and fascist doesn’t it? Even to me it does, but what else will stop this ongoing process? Ever since Obama’s fraudulent win, it seems as if Conservatives are so thoroughly demoralised to the point of giving up all hope.

    I ask, is this how our country’s founders looked upon their situation? Did they throw their hands in the air and give up all hope? Are any of us willing to take this route, or are we cowards unworthy of our forefathers?

    Yes, I run the risk of attracting the attention of the authorities by making such statements, but oh well, that is the price we pay, and for our decendants sake, we sure as Hell better make a stand.

    I am not advocating Fascism, I am opposing Islamofascism, and the leftist enablement of Islamofascism.

    • I support the ‘revolution of law’ by which I demand the U.S. government and its functionaries enfore the law already on the books. There is enough ammunition to send the moslems and fellow travelers packing for the sands of Saudi Arabia!

    • I agree. The only thing that will save the US now is a military coup that removes all leftards from positions of authority.. I keep hoping.

      • Me too Pigs, me too. Will the Joint Chiefs of Staff honor their oaths to the Constitution of the United States, or their loyalty to this thoroughly corrupt, treasonous, unlawful regime? If not, they too must be made to suffer for their complicity in this present evil. I risk much for saying this because of my circumstances, but I will not be silenced.

  6. David, I absolutely believe in rule of law just as our Founding Fathers did. The problem is, our current usurper’s executive branch believes in rule by executive directive (decree) and our legislative branch has all but given up on holding the executive branch’s nose to the Constitutional grindstone.

    At this point, there is no guarrantee that this will end in four years time. Obama could easily usurp more time, and/or the insinuation of the Democratic Party into so many of our nation’s institutions,both public and private, along with their demonstrated propensity to cheat their way to power (as shown on 6 Nov.) could put up something equally hideous post Obama. Eventully, the Democratic Party must be destroyed some way or another, because of it’s demonstrated socialist authortarian proclivities and willingness to disregard constitutional law.

    • You are right. This is where, I think, the moslem concept of TERRORIZING NON-MOSLEMS plays a very important role. These folk know the moslems are not above seeking out the least able to defend themselves and their families and killing them. Its the moslem way of life. I also believe if a moslem caught breaking the law and possessing a weapon should be unceremoniously deported! If a moslem discharges a weapon, they become ‘free-fire’ casualties. Or they can take the short ride to the desert sands.

      • Yep, I am also for rendering Mecca into a radiological wasteland for the next 10 to 20 thousand years, and the rest of the Arabian Penninsula to undergo intense neutron-enhanced therapy as to preserve it’s mineral extractive capacity. When these things happen, and the rest of the muslim world sees the terrible resolve of a people willing to go to such extremes, the world will clearly see how fast muslims will be willing to forget much of what the quran speaks of concerning jihad and the propagation of islam. Indeed, many muslims will be too busy trying to erase the memory of islam from their own minds. There is nothing magic about islam that cannot be overcome. After all, islam is nothing but a human invention, and a very bad one at that. Furthermore, fanatics can be cowed into submission when confronted with the futility of their obstinance. Hiroshima and Nagasaki clearly provide a perfect example of how human nature operates and islam is by no means, immune to human nature. Even muslims can be made to read the writing on the walls.

          • Well, WHO let you out of the phone booth? Here’s a novel idea for you. BUTT OUT!! Go exterminate yourself, you stinking, rusty-assed Dalek!

          • dalek, and you all asian moslems and asian non-moslems always caused sufferring and damge to the more advance and more superior Western way of life .

  7. David and Randy, just a short comment to say I agree totally with both of you. I’ve been saying for years that the solution to this problem must be massive violence, the time for talk or negotiation is past.

    The US continues to puzzle me; it’s as though Americans are mesmerized by the obama gang, who should never have been installed in the first place, but since they are, should have been impeached, particularly over the Benghazi affair.

    The GOP are running around like chooks with their heads cut off; the US is in dire financial straights, and the muslim has just promised another $6 billion to islamic countries, (the ENEMY!) and still I can’t hear the word: “Impeachment?”…………………….!

    • I love to read history. There are several books about the collapse of France during the late twenties and thirties. The parallels are instructive. Large parts of France remain rural and conservative. They will be the ones in France to say no in their own peculiar Gaulist ways. This is my hope. Sometimes I think the French leadership, political and academic, act as if they were ducks hit on their collective head.

    • Pete, the US continues to puzzle me too, and I AM American, lol! I mean I constantly shake my head in shame and disgust at my fellow Americans for either being of the usurper’s political persuation, the opposition for not screaming bloody murder over this chain of events, and that enormous demographic, blissfully, purposely ignorant of the world’s events. You know the type, the self-absorded celebrity-loving, electronically-dependent, narcissists who cannot be bothered by such trifling events as the end of life as they know it.

      It seems that it is you Canadians that keep me sane and give me a sense of levity lately, and it is much appreciated. We need a Stephen Harper of our own down south.

      • Randy, “Big Steve” here has his faults too–hey, he’s a politician, and they have been known to tell lies, but we have no one else in Canada at present, or to put it another way, one Justin Trudeau (yes, the son) an aspiring Liberal would make the Marx bros look positively cerebral.

        But you’re not doing too badly in Oklahoma; oh, a few mosques being built, but I seem to remember that obama didn’t win a single seat in OK., also, didn’t you pass legislation recently to incarcerate all illegal aliens and threaten to deport them if they didn’t become Americans? Also, OK. is to take DNA samples from the same, to add to the database of known criminals, and I understand OK joins Texas, Montana and Utah in becoming a sovereign state, along with several others.(hopefully)

        I like the fact OK. will print their drivers licences in English only, wish we had that here, we have this province, Quebec …………….

        • Well, he is a politician, true enough, but i’ll take him over Obama in a New York minute, lol. Now Justin, son of Pierre Trudeau, now that is terrifying to say the least. I am proud that not a single county in Oklahoma went to the POS (SCROATUS). Now as far as the secession thing goes, I think nothing will come of it, and personally, I would rather we take the entire country back from these leftwing scum. All 50 states, well, mabey not California, lol!

  8. I am a nonbeliever and I just hope I can leave their horrible asian and predominant islamic shabby world behind and start a new life in a western country that is not dominated by exploitive, inhumane asian culture or totalitarian islamic culture. Europe have let in too many chinese, islamic, and other asians who failed to support Europe against islamization.

    • This is where, I believe, the government of any country should act. I mean they should protect those who wish to change their life. And this is the major failure (treason) of current regimes. This may mean enacting and enforcing laws moslems find unpleasant. Then they can go home. Most people are open and welcoming to strangers. The break point is when the strangers are COLONISTS which is what moslems believe themselves to be!

      • Being swamped by asian or islamic culture is a horrible thing for anyone who don’t belong to their horrible asian or horrible islamic culture. I agree those moslems and other asians can go home if they don’t like the West or known to harm the West in various ways..

  9. USA need to interview people in detail before letting any non-whites in. Many non-whites are known to share culture that are similar to horrible islamic culture..Too many Asian non-moslems are also to be blamed for supporting islamic people in their quest for power and wealth.Europe should try to rectify its mistakes and prevent lettting in too many non-whites who are subtlely pro-islamics, even if not ideology.

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  11. if all knowledge came from muslims, why werent they on the moon first? islam created a huge bottleneck for knowledge …once they controlled the silk road all knowledged stopped in turkey…the knowledge muslims claim wasnt created by them at all, but by the civilizations they conquered and killed…islam is in essence a parasite which will kill its host leaving stagnation, ignorance and poverty. this is proven time and again by countries muslims conquered ….please read this letter by a descendent of one of those ancient civilizations, he sets the record straight and please pass this information on. this needs to rise to the surface and stay there

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  13. we can no longer be quiet. we must get off the fence and take action. certainly agree with getting rid of the govt we have now, they are too corrupt. was in England for a short visit, and couldnt believe the things i saw and heard, as far as the muslims were concerned. they (muslims), are slowly taking over our way of living, and we are allowing it. it is time to stand up and fight back. our freedom is at stake, we must not longer have our heads in the sand!!

  14. tyle żarłocznością smoka, co
    bezwzględnością królewskich przybocznych, strzegących Annette smoczej jamy.
    Specyfiki dawny rozmaite. I tymczasem premia za śmierć
    bestia nie dorównywała zwyczajowym, fun.

  15. Such civilized existence that Europeans have is entirely due to the United States. Europeans are much too docile, compliant and submissive to maintain any civilized order themselves. They’re just too eager to bow down, suck up, wimp out, roll over, cave in, knuckle under to petty tyrants.

    Throughout the Cold War, the U.S. had to lean on its European allies to put up some sort of defense when Europeans yearned to follow the Finnish policy of complete submission.

    Now, it seems, Europeans might just achieve their strongest desires and jettison their decent, civilized existence and import more bloodthirsty tyrants to submit to.

  16. For all the French and Europeans at a loss how this could happen? It’s summarised in 2 simple truths… 1) your white guilt, and 2) your abandonment of your Judeo-Christian heritage for liberal relativism… So please don’t blame anybody but yourselves, and the election of a 38 year old President is the final mail into the indictment against you.

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