Islam’s Rise and the West’s Denial

Following yesterday’s dire but needed warning in essay format from Algeria, author William Kilpatrick expounds, via Islam’s Rise and the West’s Denial: Catholic World Report.

One thing that the West doesn’t grasp is that Islam is a political religion with political ambitions. Omar Ahmad, the co-founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations, has said that “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to be dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” Numerous Islamic authorities have expressed similar sentiments. The supposedly moderate Imam Feisal Rauf, the initiator of the Ground Zero mosque project, wrote an article for the Huffington Post containing the observation, “What Muslims want is a judiciary (in the US) that ensures that the laws are not in conflict with the Qur`an and the Hadith.” What he means is that US law must be brought in line with Islamic sharia law. Since very many provisions of sharia law are considered criminal under US law, that would mean the overthrow of much of our legal code.

Many Catholics also fail to realize the political nature of Islam and imagine that a mosque, like a church, is simply a place of worship. But a mosque is more than that. Political and community issues are dealt with in a mosque, and calls to jihad are frequently issued in mosques. For example, many of the “Arab Spring” demonstrations were set in motion from mosques following the Friday sermons. Moreover, there are many instances of mosques being used for mentoring terrorists or for storing arms and explosives. According to a popular Muslim poem:

The mosques are our barracks,

the domes our helmets

the minarets our bayonets

And the faithful our soldiers

Many Muslims think of Islam not only as a religion but also as an army—an army with a mission of subjugation. That’s why the penalty for apostasy is death. Just as a deserter from an army in time of war may be punished with the death penalty, so also a deserter from the army of Islam.

The political nature of Islam ought to give pause to Catholics who think they can dialogue with Muslims in the same way they dialogue with Baptists or Jews. A recently concluded series of Catholic-Muslim dialogues sponsored by the USCCB highlights the problem. It turns out that the bishops’ dialogue partners are all members of Muslim activist groups with links to the Muslim Brotherhood. One of the counterparts, Sayyid Syeed, is a prominent figure in the Islamic Society of North America—a group that was designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in a massive terrorist funding scheme. One wonders if the bishops fully understand who they are dealing with.

The recent revival of traditional, militant Islam is, in many respects, a reaction to that loss of faith. The new breed of Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood preachers are intent on recalling Muslims to the full practice of their faith—including the “forgotten obligation” of jihad.

The attacks on Christianity are not rooted in a flaw in multiculturalism, but rather in the nature of multiculturalism. The multicultural creed is based on the fiction that all cultures, religions, and traditions are roughly equal. But there is no equivalence between the achievements of Western Christian civilization and Islamic civilization. In order to equalize them it’s necessary to pull down Christianity and the West while applying affirmative action whitewash to Islam. This, of course, leads to any number of bizarre double standards. For example, Mayor Tom Menino of Boston stated that the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain was not welcome in Boston because its president does not approve of gay marriage, while the same Mayor Menino has been very welcoming to Islamic groups that, in addition to wanting to abolish gay marriage, also want to abolish gays. Mayor Menino gave a speech at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a very large mosque built by the Islamic Society of Boston. Not only that, he donated a $1.8 million parcel of municipal land to the project. One of the seven trustees of the Islamic Society of Boston is the world-renowned Imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who believes that gays should either be burned to death or thrown from a high place. So, in Boston, what’s sauce for the goose is not necessarily sauce for the chicken fillet.

A more ominous development is that there now exists a tacit alliance between radical secularists and radical Islam. The most obvious example of this is the alliance between Islamic Iran and leftist Venezuela, but there are many other examples. Leftist professors regularly work with members of the Muslim Student Association (a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot) toward furthering Islamic goals. The campaign against the supposed hate crime of Islamophobia has been largely engineered by the left. And the leftist Justice Department has done its best to undercut the ability of law enforcement to investigate terrorist activities. Muslims, for their part, quickly learned to employ the methods pioneered by secular militants. Muslim activists groups portrayed themselves as civil rights groups and labeled any resistance to their agenda as hateful, bigoted, racist, and Islamophobic. At the same time, these Muslim groups can rely on the secular media to portray them in the best possible light.

The US is on the same river as Europe, but not as close to the falls. It appears, however, that it’s trying hard to catch up. During the last three administrations, Muslim activists have worked hard to gain positions of influence in the government, and with great success. Muslim activist groups convinced the Department of Homeland Security to delete words like “jihad,” “Islamist,” and “terrorist” from their lexicon. In compliance with Muslim demands the Justice Department ordered the military to delete from its training manuals any suggestion that there is a connection between Islam and violence. And the State Department played a major role in enabling the Muslim Brotherhood to come to power in North Africa. Moreover, the State Department has been working with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for more than a year toward the goal of establishing anti-blasphemy laws or something akin to them. If the effort succeeds, criticism of Islam will then be a crime—as it already in many European countries. Meanwhile, a steady flow of Saudi money helps to ensure that college students learn only an Islam-friendly version of history and current events.

At first glance it would appear that Islamization is unlikely here because the Muslim population is small and, unlike Europe, America is a churchgoing nation with a healthy birthrate. But there is still reason for alarm.

Islamization is not simply a numbers game. For an analogy, consider that homosexuals make up only 2 to 3 percent of the population, but have nevertheless exerted an outsize influence on public policy and school curriculums. Of course, they have been able to do this with the help of liberal elites in media, academia, the courts, and the entertainment industry. But remember that Islamic activists have the backing of the very same people.

Islamization won’t happen tomorrow in America, but there is a distinct possibility that our children will grow up in an America dominated by Islam. It’s not necessary to be a majority or anywhere near a majority in order to dominate. Throughout history Islamic warriors have managed to subdue populations much larger than their own. If America is eventually subjugated, however, it won’t be the result of armed jihad, but of cultural jihad—the steady incremental advance of sharia law through agitation, propaganda, lawfare, political activism, and infiltration of key governmental and educational institutions. Many Muslim leaders have made it plain that they plan to subjugate America under Islam. We should take them seriously.

The first thing Christians need to do is inform themselves about Islam. Christians, like secularists, tend to view Islam through a multicultural lens and assume that Islam is like other religions. But it is not. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of conquest that aims to subjugate non-Muslims. This isn’t just a theory. Look at every nation where Muslims rule and you will find that non-Muslims are assigned an inferior status. In studying Islam, Christians will also find that the Jesus of the Koran is nothing at all like the Jesus of the Gospels. In fact, he seems to have been introduced into the Koran for the sole purpose of contradicting the Christian belief in Jesus as the son of God. The Church also has an obligation to more fully inform Catholics about Islam. The treatment of the subject in Nostra Aetate andthe Catechism of the Catholic Church are brief and inadequate. Catholics need to know a great deal more about Islam and have to move beyond the simplistic assumption that because God and Jesus and Mary are in the Koran, everything must be okay.

As I said earlier, Christians must realize that Islam is a political religion, and they need to be aware that religious overtures on the part of Muslims are often nothing other than political maneuvering. For example, Christians should avoid being pulled into Islam’s anti-blasphemy/anti-defamation campaign, because the ultimate goal of this campaign is to criminalize criticism of Islam. And, by the way, simply to assert the divinity of Christ is a blasphemy of the highest order according to the Koran.

Likewise, Christians should be careful about aligning themselves with Islamic activist groups on religious freedom issues. When Muslim leaders talk about freedom of religion, they mean freedom to practice sharia—a legal, social, political, and theological system that is inimical both to Christianity and the First Amendment. Muslim spokesmen are quite willing to affirm their belief in religious freedom because according to Islamic tradition there is only one religion—Islam. Under Islamic law, all other religions are considered abrogated.

Read the full interview at the link above.


17 thoughts on “Islam’s Rise and the West’s Denial

  1. The caliph obama’s health plan is just an undercover method of having Americans pay the JIZYA to islam. The biggest percentage of funds paid for the phony insurance will end up in the islamic sovereign banks to be used to bring America under sharia.

    • Jerry…that is precisly the reason I have no intention of paying for the insurance nor will I pay the fine….in the constitution, I am not allowed to have an undue payment put upon me (the irs is different since that actually is an admenement in the constitution)

  2. OMG – I have just spent a few weeks on gathering info so I can approach my local pastor (I want to go higher) about what the Catholic church is doing to itself with these interfaith dialogs. They have become useful idiots – that same website USCCB is putting forward the same B.S. the history books are about islam – total propaganda.

    Direct everyone’s attention to the and read at tleat least the Executive Summary.

  3. On different blogs I am trying to get people to go to their religious leaders and start educating them on islam, the Muslim Brotherhood – find out the background their leaders are meeting with in these dialogs, and then go to the website and print out the Executive Summary for their leaders to read, along with the info on the MB, and maybe add some things such as the real meaning of jihad that the moslems don’t like to admit to (war against non-moslem), and the fact that islamic deception is an obligation.

  4. Have these people been living under a rock? What is wrong with 99% of Americans? Are they too lazy to contribute some brain cells? This information has been out there over and over again. Act for America is just one such organization that has been trying to educate Americans, but there are dozens more.
    Muslims have never assimilated in ANY country. Just look at what’s happening throughout Europe.
    Why are you all so surprised? Their goal is to take over the earth. They produce children at a rate of 8 times the rate of Americans and Europeans. That’s why abortion is our downfall.
    This is also why Obama’s stance on the Muslim world is so dangerous.
    Morsi’s is the darling of this administration. He’s also incorporating Shariah into his new constitution, even though we were told The Muslim Brotherhood was secular. If you don’t know what Shariah is, look it up! The Muslims in America are becoming a huge voting block, and courts have already allowed Shariah Law to influence decisions based on religious principles. That means, for those of you in Rio Linda, they trump the Rule of Law.
    We are on our way to falling into the same trap as Europe. Very, very dangerous times ahead if Americans don’t wake up!

  5. we aren’t sheep to follow along like the nuts that voted for obama who is the number one muslim supporter even though he lies about it.

    there should be national outrage that muslims have infiltrated our government at every level.

    wait till the first Christian church is burned down in this country by muslims then maybe the sheep will wake up.

    • Oh, I wouldn’t bet on it, look at Eurabia! I don’t have to list all the muslim attrocities, if you’ve been following CS you should know them by now. True, they haven’t burnt churches yet–just taken them over and converted them into mosques, but it will come.

      Damn it, it’s as though the West is mesmerized!!!!

  6. As I keep saying, it’s as though the West is mesmerized. This is a good article, but I think perhaps the writer is wrong about America being a churchgoing nation, and therefore not so prone to islamization–yes it’s a personal opinion, but I think the fact that Americans are so pious is working against them, in that they are far, far more tolerant of other religions. Too tolerant.

  7. The people are NOT educated about islam. A mans daughter being raped killed or forced into islam and going to a police station to see her beaten by the man who stole her might do it. And that in front of police with machine guns enforcing islam could be a wake up call.

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