NJ attorney general panders at another mosque

Adhimmi General Jeffrey Chiesa.

Apparently this is a different “outreach” committee than the one Gov Christie put Hamas-linked imam facing deportation and 3 other Islamists on.

via NJ’s attorney general visits mosque as part of outreach after NYPD surveillance flap – The Washington Post.

NEWARK, N.J. — New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa quietly visited a Newark mosque Friday that had been listed in a secret report by the New York Police Department, and he reassured worshippers that New Jersey officials do not believe certain groups of citizens have lesser rights than others.

Chiesa attended prayer services at Masjid Ibrahim, a modest, single-story mosque set up inside a ramshackle former commercial space in Newark. The mosque was among several in the report by the NYPD, which conducted surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey and elsewhere.

“It is not tolerable here in New Jersey for us to have people treated differently in this state — period,” Chiesa said.

Speaking of tolerable, El Amin sells a sermon on his website entitled, “Allah says the ‘Believers will be the Winners’.” Note to Chiesa, El Amin and all Muslims consider you a non-believer, despite your dhimmitude, and all that comes with that.

The attorney general’s visit was part of an ongoing effort by his office to repair relations between Muslims and New Jersey law enforcement after The Associated Press uncovered the NYPD spying. The NYPD has said its actions were legal and it has the right to travel to other cities in carrying out its duties.

Explaining to mosque-goers that he had only been in office about a month when the NYPD spying came to light, Chiesa said he was there to listen and answer questions from the community. He said he understood how badly he and his family would feel if they had been subjected to spying at their church or made to feel they could not freely practice their religion.

The mosque’s imam, Mustafa El-Amin, is a member of the Muslim outreach committee formed by Chiesa’s office in the wake of the NYPD revelations. He has gained a following for oratory that translates the teachings of the Quran into modern-day parables, relevant to his largely poor and working-class African-American congregants.

El-Amin’s sermon on Friday was somewhat tailored to his visitors. He emphasized that Islam is a religion of peace and explained the significance of Friday prayers.

“It’s not a conspiracy session. It’s not a session where we plot anything bad,” El-Amin said of Friday prayers. “All are welcome. Our doors are always open. We have nothing to hide.”

If the doors are open, then what’s the problem?

When Christie was AG, he spent his time pandering at Newark mosques too.

9 thoughts on “NJ attorney general panders at another mosque

  1. Q:How come no one spies in my non-denominational Christian church?
    A: We study the bible and reach out in love to the lost & needy. That’s all.

    BTW:Christie is an Islamo-fascist.

  2. Here’s an email that I just posted with Gov. Christy’s office on his official website:

    “Gov. Christy: Excuse me, but please tell me (and the rest of America) exactly what is going on in NJ. Are you and the new attorney general really woosing up to the muzzlums’ back sides???? I really want to know–and so do millions of other red-blooded Americans. HOW ABOUT TELLING US WHY YOU SUDDENLY FEEL IT NECESSARY TO KOWTOW TO THESE ANTI-AMERICAN DISSIDENTS AND PREACHERS OF SHARIA.

    >>> dapreach.1@comcast.net <<<
    I would encourage all who read these blogs to follow my suit. It's time to hold our public officials' feet to the fire–even if we think it's futile! Maybe, just maybe, we'll actually get some of them to wake up and smell the reeking cadaver in the room!!!!!

    • I did that months ago when Christie held up the deportation of his imam friend. The one that replaced the former imam who was convicted for laundering money and sending it to a terror group.
      Now his attorney general is questioning the NYPD?
      That’s right jerk, stand up for your Muslim friends over New York’s Finest. There’s a real American politician for you.

  3. please, dapreach1, give us gov christy’s e.mail address. i would like very much to send him a message to let him know that many of us do not approve of his [& others] accomodating these vile vultures in our midst. we must rid ourselves of this element or we will follow suit as is being done in “lost europe”. may i use, w/ your permission, some of your statements?

    • Yes, I searched “Gov Chris Christie”. I believe my original spelling of his name (above) was incorrect. You should find a “contact us” link.

      I’m not sure, but I think I picked a catagory of “homeland security” out of the list of topics which they offer. Funny thing, now I can’t find that catagory listed anymore. Hmmmm!!!
      His mailing address is:
      Office of the Governor
      P.O. Box 001
      Trenton, NJ 08625

      And yes, if you would like to quote me I’d be honored! Actually, maybe it will help to light a fire under his bum! Who knows??? Funny thing (again), until recently I thought Christie was on our side–I mean, what ever happened to all of that bravado telling everyone to “get the hell off the beach”???? SEEMS TO ME THAT SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TELL THESE LYIN’ BUNCH OF SHARIA SLIMEBALLS TO “BACK OFF AND GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES”!!!! I can’t believe that Christie and N.J. A/G Chiesa appear to have caved in on this!! Seems to me that if anybody should recognize that the ’emperor is wearing no clothing’ it ought to be the ‘loud-mouth’ likes of Gov. Christie!!! Makes you wonder what is really going on in our gov’t agencies!!!

      Let me know if the “Gov” responds to your email!!

  4. HHmmmm, mostly poor African Americans attend the mosque…well, I suggest a large dose of history about the Arab slave trade since Mohammad,….. 1400 years of black slavery and sexual servitude to the muslim arab..,,, a good dose of TRUTH should cure them!

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