Syrian rebels: “When we finish with Assad, we will fight the U.S.!”

Liberty Blitzkrieg wants to know, Why is the U.S. Allied with Al Qaeda in Syria?

via Al Qaida-linked group now key to anti-Assad victories | McClatchy.

When the group Jabhat al Nusra first claimed responsibility for car and suicide bombings in Damascus that killed dozens last January, many of Syria’s revolutionaries claimed that the organization was a creation of the Syrian government, designed to discredit those who opposed the regime of President Bashar Assad and to hide the regime’s own brutal tactics.

Nearly a year later, however, Jabhat al Nusra, which U.S. officials believe has links to al Qaida, has become essential to the frontline operations of the rebels fighting to topple Assad.

Not only does the group still conduct suicide bombings that have killed hundreds, but they’ve proved to be critical to the rebels’ military advance. In battle after battle across the country, Nusra and similar groups do the heaviest frontline fighting.

“When we finish with Assad, we will fight the U.S.!” one Nusra fighter shouted in the northeastern Syrian city of Ras al Ayn when he was told an American journalist present.

Meanwhile, Obama is prepping to call off his war on al Qaeda (aka war on terror). Jihad Watch noted it’s all about sharia, according to Obama’s coalition of al Qaeda led rebels:

Jabhat al-Nusra — Arabic for “the Support Front” — has claimed responsibility for suicide bombings and other attacks on regime targets across the country. The group has raised fears of a growing Islamic militant element among the forces seeking to topple President Bashar Assad.

“Thanks to our strong faith we do not fear death, because we think that if you are killed by the hands of this regime, then we will be martyrs and we will go to paradise,” said Sheik Abu Ahmed, 41, a regional military commander for al-Nusra in the northern Hasaka region.

We want Sharia (Islamic law) to be applied because it’s the right path for all humanity,” he added. “All these constitutional laws couldn’t realize the people’s happiness.”


Free Syrian Army terrorist: We won’t stop until flag of jihad over White House (video)

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16 thoughts on “Syrian rebels: “When we finish with Assad, we will fight the U.S.!”

  1. dying for nothing. allah does not exist, martys ,if they believe, but no question of whore houose paradise. Obummer is a muslim supporting the muslim brotherhood, too bad america

  2. “SHARIA–THE PEOPLE’S HAPPINESS”–RIGHT!!! AND YOU CAN TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THAT all the “suicide bombings and other attacks… across the country” (of Syria) ONLY HELP TO ENSURE MORE HAPPINESS!!! RIGHT!!!!!


    I’m really afraid we’ve crossed the point of NO RETURN!!!!!

    >> <<

  3. True to form, Obama is backing the sharia loving islamists..same scenario as Egypt…. Mubarak was and Assad is, too moderate for Obamas taste, under their regimes Christians were relatively safe and had at least some protection,, Assad gave asylum to many Christian Iraqis who fled when American troops left them defenceless to the slaughter..of muslims.. Under Mubarak christians had at least some protection., which is null and void now under Morsi. Now in Syria there is mass slaughter of christians by the rebel troops, masked as Syrian government forces casualties.. Obama is a criminal, backing A lQaeda. .Even Putin said America is backing the wrong side and the rebels Obama is supporting are the same ilk as those terrorists locked up at Gitmo,, NEVER thought I would find myself agreeing with a Russian Communist leader but he’s dead right! .

  4. Obama is certainly this — an appeaser of the violent element in Islam, such as we saw in the late response to Benghazi, or non response, more like, to his confusion about Syria and if or when to do anything to save innocent lives.

    Then he appears to be favoring the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and with Hamas with an eye to destabilize US interests and security.

    This violent element Obama appeases or ignores is often affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in some cases, such as Egypt and Hamas, or is certainly a more radical Sunni.

    No liberal has dared to try to characterize Obama’s foreign policy on Muslim conflict and change. They might have to say it is a policy of laissez-faire similar to the one that allowed states to join to fight a losing war that resulted in a dictatorship run by a madman. It was called Nazi Germany. The response of the world up until WWII was “It can’t possibly be as bad as all that.”

    • “It can’t possibly be as bad as all that.” But, but, but, ‘you’re just an alarmest!’ Ah, ah, ah, ‘why can’t everybody just get along?’ Ah, ah ‘all roads lead to Rome!’ Ah, ah, “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!”–OH NO, NOT THAT, ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!!

  5. do they know the US Obama sent them the weapons? I think they do.
    I am sure obama will give them visas to come. He sides with islam as he said. The one time he did not lie.

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