Obama Approved Weapons Transfer Went to Libyan Jihadis

As was the plan, and is the plan in Syria too.

via U.S.-Approved Weapons Transfer Ended Up With Libyan Jihadis – NYTimes.com.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration secretly gave its blessing to arms shipments to Libyan rebels from Qatar last year, but American officials later grew alarmed as evidence grew that Qatar was turning some of the weapons over to Islamic militants, according to United States officials and foreign diplomats.

…in the months before, the Obama administration clearly was worried about the consequences of its hidden hand in helping arm Libyan militants, concerns that have not previously been reported. The weapons and money from Qatar strengthened militant groups in Libya, allowing them to become a destabilizing force since the fall of the Qaddafi government.

The experience in Libya has taken on new urgency as the administration considers whether to play a direct role in arming rebels in Syria, where weapons are flowing in from Qatar and other countries.

The Obama administration did not initially raise objections when Qatar began shipping arms to opposition groups in Syria, even if it did not offer encouragement, according to current and former administration officials.

The United States, which had only small numbers of C.I.A. officers in Libya during the tumult of the rebellion, provided little oversight of the arms shipments. Within weeks of endorsing Qatar’s plan to send weapons there in spring 2011, the White House began receiving reports that they were going to Islamic militant groups. They were “more antidemocratic, more hard-line, closer to an extreme version of Islam” than the main rebel alliance in Libya, said a former Defense Department official.

Relying on surrogates allows the United States to keep its fingerprints off operations, but also means they may play out in ways that conflict with American interests.

Mahmoud Jibril, then the prime minister of the Libyan transitional government, expressed frustration to administration officials that the United States was allowing Qatar to arm extremist groups opposed to the new leadership, according to several American officials. They, like nearly a dozen current and former White House, diplomatic, intelligence, military and foreign officials, would speak only on the condition of anonymity for this article.

The administration has never determined where all of the weapons, paid for by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, went inside Libya, officials said. Qatar is believed to have shipped by air and sea small arms, including machine guns, automatic rifles, and ammunition, for which it has demanded reimbursement from Libya’s new government. Some of the arms since have been moved from Libya to militants with ties to Al Qaeda in Mali, where radical jihadi factions have imposed Shariah law in the northern part of the country, the former Defense Department official said. Others have gone to Syria, according to several American and foreign officials and arms traders.

What a coincidence: Obama is already engaged in another “hidden” war in Syria and threatening direct action, and has also initiated his next war in Mali.

Qatar has given arms and money to various opposition and militant groups, chiefly Sunni Islamists, in hopes of cementing alliances with the new governments. Officials from Qatar and the emirates would not comment.

After discussions among members of the National Security Council, the Obama administration backed the arms shipments from both countries, according to two former administration officials briefed on the talks.

American officials say that the United Arab Emirates first approached the Obama administration during the early months of the Libyan uprising, asking for permission to ship American-built weapons that the United States had supplied for the emirates’ use. The administration rejected that request, but instead urged the emirates to ship weapons to Libya that could not be traced to the United States.

Who were, are, they supposedly trying to hide it from and why? 

But the American support for the arms shipments from Qatar and the emirates could not be completely hidden. NATO air and sea forces around Libya had to be alerted not to interdict the cargo planes and freighters transporting the arms into Libya from Qatar and the emirates, American officials said.

Concerns in Washington soon rose about the groups Qatar was supporting, officials said. A debate over what to do about the weapons shipments dominated at least one meeting of the so-called Deputies Committee, the interagency panel consisting of the second-highest ranking officials in major agencies involved in national security. “There was a lot of concern that the Qatar weapons were going to Islamist groups,” one official recalled.

The Qataris provided weapons, money and training to various rebel groups in Libya.

“Nobody knew exactly who they were,” said the former defense official. The Qataris, the official added, are “supposedly good allies, but the Islamists they support are not in our interest.”

The case of Marc Turi, the American arms merchant who had sought to provide weapons to Libya, demonstrates other challenges the United States faced in dealing with Libya. A dealer who lives in both Arizona and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Turi sells small arms to buyers in the Middle East and Africa, relying primarily on suppliers of Russian-designed weapons in Eastern Europe.

Mr. Turi’s application for a license was rejected in late March 2011. Undeterred, he applied again, this time stating only that he planned to ship arms worth more than $200 million to Qatar. In May 2011, his application was approved. Mr. Turi, in an interview, said that his intent was to get weapons to Qatar and that what “the U.S. government and Qatar allowed from there was between them.”

Two months later, though, his home near Phoenix was raided by agents from the Department of Homeland Security. Administration officials say he remains under investigation in connection with his arms dealings. The Justice Department would not comment.

Mr. Turi said he believed that United States officials had shut down his proposed arms pipeline because he was getting in the way of the Obama administration’s dealings with Qatar. The Qataris, he complained, imposed no controls on who got the weapons. “They just handed them out like candy,” he said.

It should be pretty clear that Obama and people like John McCain knew they were on the same side as al Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups and provided funds, arms and CIA direction nonetheless. They have done the same in Syria. Now they are using the specter of supposed chemical weapons (sound familiar?) to mass a full blown assault on Syria. One of the NYT’s anonymous sources must be the White House.

As we told you previously, the NYT reported that “American intelligence agents have helped funnel arms to rebel groups,” but later scrubbed that to an almost equally damning version in light of the information above, reading, “American intelligence agents have helped to identify the rebel groups that receive arms.” View both versions here. They may have to go back and rewrite that for the 10th time – by News Sniffer’s count.

18 thoughts on “Obama Approved Weapons Transfer Went to Libyan Jihadis

  1. I heard at the beginning of the tragedy in Benghazi this was what the CIA people were doing and why Stevens was there… They were trying to track the guns the jihadis got.. Do you think Obama let this happen to cover up the guns going to them???

    • That is like spitting in the wind in a country like that or any Muslim country. Arms should never be sent to any Muslim country period but we have a muslim president and muslim administration basically with air heads thinking they can somehow sort out the good guys from the bad guys.
      We need to bring all our troups home other than the navy and airforce…

    • To ‘MaggieL56@aol.com’ – NOTHING WOULD SURPRISE ME COMING FROM THIS ROGUE ADMINISTRATION!!! I believe we are only beginning to see the extent of degradation and deception to which this ‘LIAR IN CHIEF’ will sink!!!!!

    • yes this is why the ambassador got assassinated- another cover-up- 0bama is criminally responsible for dead Americans in Libya and in (Fast&Furious)- dead Mexicans too. No 0ne could be this incompetent so must be intentional and complicit

    • Jihadist, al-Qaeda, Hamas, are linked directly to the Muslim Brotherhood. These elements have sworn to wage war on the United States. al-Qaeda and Hamas are listed on the State Departments list of terrorist organizations. Additionally, there is reason to believe, that President Obama and his Administration facilitated the infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood operatives into various Government Departments. Now comes this information that President Obama used a proxy to arm al_Qaeda elements in Syria and Libya. Obama’s decision to send $1.3 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood is further evidence of his support for Islamic groups. In the totality of Obama’s actions, it is clear that he is aiding and abetting our mortal enemies. This is a clear violation of Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution. And, what if Obama is a foreign citizen of Islamic training. Is it possible that the United States has a foreign agent operating as the legitimate President of the United States? Surely, the DOD has vetted its Commander in Chief given the practices of Obama to date and his multi-million dollar effort to conceal his past.

  2. are we surprised, really are we? the american public is so contemptious………. remember united we stand and divided we fall. can we get any further apart? seemingly we are complacent and content with looking around at the misery of others whilst we remain aloof and deride everyone else. in the words of our last great american president…”your either for us or against us”. how many of us would stand together as a whole to remove those whom would behead and slay us for not being muslim?

    • Very damned few, Anonymous, and when people at last do wake up, you’ll be shocked at how many of your coutrymen will (at least initially) actually be on the side of the muslims, while chanting: “Multiculturalism forever”, and then they will wake up with a thud, and realize what they have done. Will it be too late then?

  3. Obama supplies weapons to terrorists? –shocking!
    A muslim working to take down America. No new news there.

    He is our president, there are now more have-nots than haves and they have spoken. We sold our butt to the devil.

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  8. As it look from the surface, the progressive elites and leftist politicians in the EE.UU had all committed an indescribable act of treason against their owns country and constitution, with the assistance and complicity of the mainstream media. In the meanwhile someone decided to hoist the colors of the appeasement and engagement into his hands, hoping to bring the enemy toward his camp, but instead he lost all of them including all his friends.
    Now the entire country is suffering, waiting for somebody to pay at the hanging post, because of the broken dishes.

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