Terrorists Enter U.S. via Resettlement Program for “Vulnerable Refugees”

via Terrorists Enter U.S. via Resettlement Program for “Vulnerable Refugees” | Judicial Watch.

Islamic terrorists—including two al Qaeda affiliates indicted last year in Kentucky—have entered the United States legally through a resettlement program that helps tens of thousands of “the world’s most vulnerable refugees” start a new life in America each year.

Known as the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP), it’s a joint venture between the State Department and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Homeland Security agency that oversees the nation’s lawful immigration. The two agencies are responsible for deciding which refugees are granted USRAP resettlement consideration. USCIS is hands on and conducts individual, in-person interviews with applicants to determine if they meet the refugee criteria.

Most of the refugee referrals are made by the notoriously corrupt United Nations, which has published an extensive handbook on the subject. In a nutshell here is the criteria; a refugee must have a well-founded fear of persecution based on at least one of the following—religion, political opinion, race or nationality. This means there is a continued need for protection and candidates should be granted permanent residence status with access to rights similar to those enjoyed by nationals, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) guide.

In fiscal year 2011 Uncle Sam generously offered 56,424 persecuted foreigners refuge and in fiscal year 2012 the number increased to 58,236, according Barbara Strack, the Refugee Affairs Division Chief at USCIS. This week Strack testified at a congressional hearing, “Terrorist Exploitation of Refugee Programs,” that addressed the serious security vulnerabilities in her division. She told the House Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligencethat the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “has been working closely with interagency partners to improve, refine, and streamline the security vetting regime for refugee applicants and for other immigration categories.”

Last May two Iraqi nationals who were given refugee status under USRAP were arrested and federally indicted for plotting to send weapons and money to al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) as well as conspiracy to kill U.S. national abroad. The men, Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, lived in Kentucky and have pleaded guilty to the charges, which are outlined in this FBI document. They are scheduled to be sentenced early next year.

At this week’s hearing, the congressman who chairs the counterterrorism and intelligence committee revealed that the Kentucky case is not a fluke and that the “threat posed by refugees with ties to al Qaeda is much broader than was previously believed.” He reiterated the testimony of FBI Director Robert Mueller before a House Intelligence Committee last year, in which the FBI chief admitted ongoing concerns about individuals who may have been resettled here in the United States that have some association with al Qaeda in Iraq.

USRAP, which has helped relocate millions of refugees over the decades, has come under fire in recent years because it’s gotten too big and security measures are lax. A report released last year by a nonprofit that researches immigration matters says this is because the U.S. has lost control of the program, instead surrendering to U.N. policies to determine who’s admitted and because meaningful background checks are difficult to obtain for refugees admitted from countries without reliable government records.

As a result the program is a bloated disaster, admitting nearly three times the number of refugees as the rest of the developed world combined, the probe found. Additionally, the investigation found that “common criminals, war criminals, international fugitives, and terrorists have all used the USRAP and its related asylum provisions for entry into the United States.” Here is another interesting tidbit: “Bribery of U.N. officials is commonly reported among those attempting to secure refugee admission to the United States.”

13 thoughts on “Terrorists Enter U.S. via Resettlement Program for “Vulnerable Refugees”

    • Instead of war with Iraq,we shuld have went to war with Mexico.Mexico is a disease of fatal consequences;on our border and yet nothing is done except to aid the narco terrorists in the destruction of north america…………WHY?THERE IS A REASON…………..AND IT AIN’T A BETTER TACO .

      • The border remains open for one reason I believe. A lot of middle eastern people look very similar to our mexican neighbors….do the math. It would be very easy to walk on in. Living in Portland Maine, it was shocking to find out the 9-11 terrorist came through Canada and stayed at the very hotel I have stayed at. Since then Canada and the US have been very dilligent about the commings and goings of people from places other than our countries…not so with the mexican border…I see a direct correlation with that and what I mentioned above.

        • And since Obama was elected he withdrew even more security border guards,,What should be happening is that returned Vets should be employed en masse along the Border, as it is, many returned soldiers are unemployed, this would put their hard won skills to excellent use .While America is in Afhanistan fighting to give the people freedom from the Taliban, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda and affiliates are pouring in invading the US. .Obamas future voter base,,,,no wonder he intends to do nothing about it…it works in his favor PLUS he’s a muslim, if it walks like a duck its a duck.

  1. this whole situation is totally out of wack. I wish enough of us would stand up…I know the people here would, but that is a small number (no insult to Creeping Sharia)…if only the others IE: Libs would open their damm eyes. We do have Act for America..and the people at Atlas Shrugged, but that is not enough…..The sad thing is, if we were all to organize, we would be arrested in a second,for whatever the governement could come up with. Something like violating the rights of muslums or just plain ole being mean to our brothers….the terrorists.

    • you ….ARE THE TERRORIST!IF and when you oppose ANY government policy you probably go on a red list of ”’combative persons”.To go against UNITED NATIONS POLICIES is to go against USA policies.The United Nations is a united effort to return all mankind to the rule of nature;M.O.N.A.R.C.H.Y.THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.WELCOME LUCIFER OF ARABIA.

  2. And they want to streamline the process ?
    On this website alone there are at least three articles per day on crimes involving Muslim extremists . You would think the government would be aware of all these crimes and close down the program. If fifty eight thousand Muslims enter legally each year, plus the ones who sneak in, then there’s an army of terrorists here ready to answer the call.

  3. And it isn’t just the jihadists coming here. Check out the ones that infiltrate our local, state and federal government. CS has done articles also on the “nice terrorists” in Tennessee (Murfreesboro, Nashville, etc..) aka creeping sharia, stealth jihad….

    h/t PJ Media following this story


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