Arrests, convictions and plots by Muslims in U.S…since November 1, 2012

A sampling of arrests, indictments, convictions, guilty pleas, sentences and further encroachment of Islam and sharia in the United States…since November 1, 2012.

Arizona: Iraqi Muslim Firebombs Arizona Social Security Office (video) and DHS knew about him, rejecting his citizenship application for ‘Terrorism-Related Activity’

Arizona: Muslim family guilty in brutal ‘honor beatings’ of daughter gets just probation

California: Four Muslims arrested in terror plot (video) – no surprise, the suspects met at a Pomona mosque

California: Prominent imam, like brother, found guilty of tax fraud

California: Maker of Muhammad film sentenced to year in prison for blaspheming Islam

California: Muslim arrested in honor killing of wife, CAIR helped promote Islamophobic narrative against Americans – media spread it

Florida: 2 Muslim brothers arrested for plotting jihad attack on Americans

Florida: Muslims bringing weapons and ammunition to mosque run by imam with ties to 1993 WTC terrorist group (video)

Ohio: Muslim who planned Ohio mall attack deported to Somalia

Seattle: Muslim admits guilt in plot to attack local military processing station

Texas: Somali Muslim “refugee” with terror links pleads guilty

Texas: Judge in Fort Hood jihad mass murder case removed for not allowing sharia

Texas: Saudi student gets life in prison, no parole in failed plot to kill Americans

Massachusetts: Muslim gets 17 years in Pentagon jihad plot

New York: Muslim pleads guilty, gets 10 years in plot to bomb 10 NYC synagogues

New York: Muslim indicted in plot to blow up Federal Reserve

New York: Bosnian Muslim Immigrant Gets Life Sentence for Subway Jihad Plot

Alabama: Muslim Student Association Alum Tops FBI ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ List

Alabama: Pious imam arrested in prostitution sting

Tennessee: Muslim found guilty following deathbed murder confession

North Carolina: Two Muslims plead guilty in plot to behead terror trial witnesses

North Carolina: 3rd Muslim Found Guilty In Witness Beheading Plot

Bosnia: Muslim who attacked U.S. embassy in Sarajevo sentenced to 18 years

A busy six weeks as Americans continue to pay the Islam tax in all sorts of ways. Sadly, since Americans are in denial, unwilling to grasp reality or learn that it is The Duty (of Muslims) to Emigrate and that Muslim Leaders Seek Sharia in the US, future generations will be forced to fight or be perpetually terrorized and eventually enslaved by Muslims as Islam grows.

12 thoughts on “Arrests, convictions and plots by Muslims in U.S…since November 1, 2012

  1. busy little bastards aren’t they!! Maybe the mainstream media should publish this list to see the idiocy of being politically correct and wake up the folks to the dangers being perpetrated daily while the government continues to pander to the snakes.

  2. It should show us all that the interfaith dialogs are not working and to show this list, name others if you can, etc to our own. We should be all going to our own religious leaders and exposing the deceptive obligation of all moslems, that they cannot learn islam by picking and chosing a moslem, and that even though we get called names and bashed – that is not a good enough reason to avoid READING islam’s own scriptures to learn the utter vulgarity of islam and its prophet.

  3. I’m making a list checking it twice!! now we see who’s been naughty not nice!!!
    wow in one month—>all these attempts- must thanks our vigilant law enforcement for catching them before they could act–

    Sadly this list does not touch the ongoing education in Jihad, the pollution of our media with propaganda, the fraud in cigarette sales, Medicare and welfare scams raising money for JIHAD, or the ongoing infiltration by hostiles with full cooperation of our incompetent INS.

    Happy Hanukkah- be the shamash candle and light the rest up!!

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