After the lies and media coverup, ‘Ground Zero’ mosque is a mosque after all

From two who lead opposition to the triumphant mega mosque, Robert Spencer, A year after Ground Zero Mosque controversy, “community center” that developers insisted was not a mosque is just a…mosque:

So it is a mosque, just as we always said it would be in the teeth of their disingenuous denials (which were uncritically and insistently repeated in the mainstream media), but it is not the 16-story mega-mosque of triumph they had wanted to build, and which had been the focus of our objections. So the real victory was ours. And if El-Gamal or anyone else ever tries again to build the triumphal mosque, we’ll be back.

And Pamela Geller, Media shocked (shocked!) Ground Zero mosqueteers are liars: No community programs, just prayer:

The NY Post sounds surprised that the Ground Zero mosqueteers were liars. We’re not. It’s the modus operandi of mega-mosque builders. Sell it as one thing, but build a beachhead for Islamic supremacism.


Geller/Spencer led rally opposing Mega Mosque at Ground Zero

The revelation via No community programs at ‘Ground Zero’ mosque a year after the controversy –

It’s all pray and no play.

The Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero that opened with great fanfare a year ago is now an empty space with no community programs.

And while the developers behind Park51 insisted for two years that the project was more than a mosque, it now appears to be just that. Dozens of worshipers gather at the site on Park Place Friday for prayer services — but that’s the only activity in the building.

Gone are the Arabic classes, workshops in calligraphy, talks on the genealogy of Muslims in America, film screenings and art exhibits. The sole community event is a class in capoeira — an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance and music. The teacher of the twice-weekly class said she has five students.

“We are the only cultural program that is still there,” said Luz Emma Canas Jesus, of Capoeira Mucurumim.

The Park51 Twitter feed was last updated in June, and its Web site lists no events. The Web site for the mosque, formally called Prayer Space, lists four services a day, and a handwritten note on the building’s window also advertises a 4 a.m. service.

Park51 organizers repeatedly refused to answer questions about what happened to the programs offered last fall and spring. Sharif El-Gamal, the lead developer behind the project, ducked out the women’s entrance for the prayer space and would not speak to a reporter.

Just two years ago, El-Gamal’s grand plans for the site — a $100 million, 15-story community center and prayer space — generated worldwide controversy because of its proximity to the Ground Zero site.

At the photography exhibit that kicked off the opening of a scaled-down center in September 2011, El-Gamal admitted he erred in not including families who lost loved ones on Sept. 11 in the planning process.

Development plans are now in limbo over fund-raising for the project and a dispute with Con Ed, which owns half the site. In 2009, El-Gamal’s company bought half the property, which once housed a Burlington Coat Factory store, for $4.8 million, and leased the other half from the utility. It is seeking to buy that part of the property.

Con Ed threatened to evict Park51 a year ago over $1.7 million in unpaid back rent.

8 thoughts on “After the lies and media coverup, ‘Ground Zero’ mosque is a mosque after all

  1. I understand that they owe millions of dollars to ConEd. And that ConEd is not happy with that, put a lean on the property and is demanding payment immediately.

    Bet you that ConEd gets the building.

    • It is impossible to negotiate with Muslims… They will LIE, CHEAT, and say anything to get what they want… This is a good example… We have to be strong enough and have the GUTS to STOP this type complete BS!

      They will not stop… they will attempt to BUY the people in charge making the decisions to allow or disallow this function… I pray that they will NOT buckle and be “Bought Off”!

  2. Hi, Elizabeth:

    Fine with me! Thursday it will be.

    And your preference of a nice place to have lunch?

    Blue Heron, Fireside, Greek place, or somewhere in Cook Street Village?

    Cool, but sunny here at Arbutus Ridge. And Victoria?


  3. I think the Saudis will front them the cash at the last second to pay the bills so they can built there tribute to killing our people on 9-11-2001. Building Mosques on top of conquered places is the way the followers of Islam have been since the 7th Century. Nothing new now. They are an invading force in The Western World on their path to take over the entire world and force everyone to live under Islam and follow Sharia Law, or die. Their words and goals, not mine.

  4. I say we stand outside “their” building and “blow on trumpets till it crumbles to the ground!!!”

    hmmm…!!! Wouldn’t that be something!!!

    “Impeach, Obozo…NOW!!!”

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