Spanish govt threatens to jail Mohamed movie-maker if new video released

Spain is self-enforcing sharia law and Belgium – a country on its way to becoming Islamic gives the green light to Muslims to wage jihad against the state and non-Muslims.

Terror fears over anti-Islam film by asylum seeker in Spain

The Spanish Interior Ministry has launched a bid to revoke Firasat’s asylum status, although it did not clarify the legal motives with which it intends to pursue the matter. Ministry sources said that an arrest warrant could be issued, but this has not been confirmed.

Belgian terror alert over ‘The Innocent Prophet’ film

Belgium has heightened its terror alert level to three out of a possible four, ahead of the release of yet another highly controversial, Prophet Muhammed-related film.

Belgian Interior Minister Joelle Milquet said the decision by a terror analysis and coordination unit was “a simple preventative measure,” and that the level of threat was up to three, out of a maximum of four.

via Vlad Tepes.

December 8th, 2012
MEDIA CONTACT:  352-371-2487 or 352-871-2680 (Stephanie Sapp) or

The Innocent Prophet is due to be released on the 14th of December in Madrid, Spain.  Our representative for Stand Up America Now, Imran Firasat, has received word from the Spanish government informing him that if he or Stand Up America Now continue on and release the film on December 14 in Madrid Spain, then his residency status will be revoked.  He will be detained, locked in prison under the excuse of being a danger to national security, then deported back to Pakistan where he would be killed because he is facing a death sentence due to his criticism of Islam.

Again a government has backed down and given in due to the threats of Islam.  If we do not stand up and fight, also in the United States of America, we will lose our freedom of speech.  We cannot depend on the pro-Islamic Obama administration to protect our freedoms.   We must do that ourselves by standing up, by marching.  Let us join together.

This is an absolute outrage that a western country, such as Spain, would deport someone knowing they are facing an immediate death penalty, detain him, or threaten him and his family.


No warnings to Muslims that if they riot, destroy property, rape non-Muslims, or commit any crimes in relation to this movie they will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. No such deterrents. The warning is to the ex-Muslim who made a video and he is being threatened with prison.

The movie trailer:

5 thoughts on “Spanish govt threatens to jail Mohamed movie-maker if new video released

  1. Well, Spain and Belgium are gone now….next is France. Soon it will be just the English speaking world against the rest….US, Canada, Israel, Aussie’s, N Zeland, Ireland, Scotland and England (although by reading whats happening there, they might not be far behind). On a lighter note, we also (probably) have Japan and Russia, most of Scandinavia and South America. so get ready folks this is going to get interesting…my wife is in the Phillapeanes and she says it is getting worse every day. Thankfully she will be home in 2 weeks….this is a very odd if not scary time in the human races life.

  2. folks have to stand up to the idiots; they have NO power unless you give it to them; they are bullies of the highest order with their threats, etc and this shit should not fly. stand up to them.

    time to lock and load and believe me I will in order to defend myself against these lunatics

  3. I suggest that this ex-Muslim “give” us a copy of his movie so “we” can ALL post it on You Tube simultaneously!!!

    That way…Spain can arrest ALL of us!!!

    c’mon…SPAIN, and any other country that wants to “threaten” me! I GOT somethin’ for ‘ya!!!

  4. The UK as well as Sweden can be added to that list.
    Now these countries all regret allowing these Muslims in. They form ghettos and through fear and bullying keep all others out. They set up their own laws and local police let them get away with it because they fear violence. So they bring their hatred with them wherever they go
    and refuse to assimilate. They just reconstitute themselves throughout Europe. In essence, they’re taking over the world.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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