Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Visits Brooklyn Mosque, NYPD Arrest Protester (video)

Wow. Where to start on this one.

The Obama administration and Clinton must have approved visas for the Muslim Brotherhood. Why? It is the same Muslim Brotherhood we now learn runs torture facilities to violently dehumanize opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

What is their purpose in Brooklyn? Where else in the U.S. are these terrorists going? Are they visiting the White House? How many supporters do they have in the U.S.? How much money are they raising? And finally, why did the NYPD arrest an anti-Brotherhood protester? How long until Obama invites Hamas leaders to the U.S.?

via Anger and an Arrest as a Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Visits Brooklyn –

The tension that has gripped Egypt in recent weeks over a draft constitution written by Islamists briefly erupted on a New York street on Saturday night, with the arrest of a protester who disrupted a discussion of the document by Essam El-Erian, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Note: Muslims regularly disrupt speakers on college campuses across the U.S. and are cops rarely intervene. But they are at the ready to protect the mosques and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Mr. Erian, who is also the vice president of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, told a standing-room-only crowd at the private Noor Islamic School in Brooklyn that the draft constitution would weaken the traditionally autocratic Egyptian presidency and strengthen Parliament.

During the discussion, Mr. Erian reassured Egyptian expatriates, who can vote on the draft in a referendum on Wednesday, that “it is not true when people say it is like the Koran and cannot be changed.”

Just as Mr. Erian argued that the many amendments to the United States Constitution showed that such legal frameworks can be changed, protesters began anti-Brotherhood chants, drawing an angry response from the group’s supporters in the room. Salma Abu El-Maged, an anti-Brotherhood activist living in New York, began the chants, screaming “liar” and “murderer” at Mr. Erian.

As others around her yelled, “Down with the rule of the Supreme Guide,” in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood’s top leader, Mohamed Badie, Ms. Maged was forcibly removed from the room by the police.

Kirsti Itameri, an independent journalist in Brooklyn, filmed the scuffle on her phone when she herself was roughed up by “a man my father’s age,” she said, who grabbed her by both wrists and violently shook her in an apparent attempt to stop her filming. The incident, which has been reported in the Egyptian news media, happened in front of a police officer, and Ms. Itameri filed a report against the man for harassment, she said.

Ms. Itameri posted video of the incident online, in which she could be heard screaming, “get your people under control and tell him not to touch me!”

There was also this tweet not in the Lede article:

Ms. Maged told The Lede in an a telephone interview on Monday that she was given a ticket for disorderly conduct and released.

When the talk concluded, Mr. Erian’s handlers rushed him offstage and out of the auditorium, leaving an agitated members of the crowd to argue among themselves. Angry debates spilled onto a sidewalk on Fourth Avenue, where the police were waiting to disperse the crowd.

And unfortunately, America is now getting a taste of the tyranny, disruption and violence that Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood bring wherever they go. It’s going to get a lot worse in the U.S. and future generations of Americans – your children and theirs – will be left to fight this scourge.

It is the immigration, stupid. Or it was. It may be too late now.

7 thoughts on “Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Visits Brooklyn Mosque, NYPD Arrest Protester (video)

  1. Why those people are shouting against Muslim Brotherhood unorganized this way. They should have arranged for it and no one can stop them even the police because if one has an idea, he/she should fight for it.

    I have been watching Muslim Brotherhood coming to this country since 1970 and I stopped even talking to them. They are for Muslims like KKK for white people. They just give bad name. Morsi promised to return Palestine, i.e., destroy Israel. Can he? That I want to see. He cannot even control the military in his regime. Right now, the military are controlling everything and if anyone cross the line in Egypt, the military will stop them.

    They never learn. If Turkey failed to do anything against Israel, can Mursi do anything??

    Over 90% of Egyptians have no problem with Israel. Only Muslim Brotherhood because they are after the money and fame.

  2. It’s about time that Muslims speak out against the Brotherhood. So far they have been silent, giving the impression they stand with them. If American Muslims protested against this Hamas, Hezzbalah , al Quaida octopus spawn there would be less demand for deportation.
    So if you want to be American, stand up for freedom in your Home Counties and protest.
    And by the way, members of the a brotherhood are OFTEN guests at the WH. They are also trainers for our military, which is why, I believe, the death toll of American troop have tripled under Obama’s watch.

  3. We always the USA would fight against islam as europe has slowly slipped down on its knees. But looks like the obama factor means your civil rights are going down the toilet. Four more years and you won’t have any rights- unless you are a Morsi type of muslim. And people voted for obama.

  4. I hope the protestor sues the department for violating his 1st amendment rights. Maybe we should be praying out in front of the mosques.

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