San Martin, California mosque approved where no other tenant was

via Articles: Not the Little Mosque on the Prairie.

In 2007, when a local pastor, Kyle Haynes of the Shadow Mountain Baptist Church, expressed an interest in buying the 15-acre parcel and checked with the county, the county clerk told him not to bother with an application for the site. The reason: he couldn’t possibly pass the required soil-percolation levels necessary to gain approval to build at the location. Soil-percolation levels are set and regulated by the county to insure adequate septic drainage. Discovering this, Pastor Haynes moved on and eventually acquired another site in nearby Morgan Hill, where he built his church and a school.

Previously, in 2003, the Lusamerica Fish Company had expressed interest in the same location, applied to build an industrial facility, and was denied building permits after percolation tests failed.

San Martin residents are justifiably concerned about soil percolation and threats to their water supply. For nearly ten years, the Olin Corp., a flare manufacturing facility that closed in 1988, engaged in cleanup efforts and supplied local residents with bottled water after perchlorate, a chemical that disrupts thyroid function, was discovered in the ground water in 2003. Local residents lost personal use of their wells for years.

Besides soil percolation problems, the 15-acre parcel on Monterey Road in San Martin is also considered a flood or high-water table area and an earthquake hazard zone at risk for contaminated sewage overflow. Seasonal flooding is another problem in the region because the water does not drain or percolate properly. During winter rains, local residents hesitate to tax the septic system by flushing toilets or showering for fear that the water will rise above the water table. Residents are understandably worried that wastewater disposal and the proposed Cordoba Center cemetery will pose a threat to water quality. Due to soil permeability, the burial of even domestic animals has been prohibited in the area.

In addition to drainage and contamination issues, the Santa Clara County land use policy states that commercial, industrial, and institutional projects may be established only when they serve the needs of the local population and result in a net reduction of travel. Demographic data for the area indicate that the mosque would not be “local serving,” as required by law. Instead, it would by necessity draw from other cities in the area, thus increasing the local travel demand.

Besides local regulations, the mosque cemetery does not even meet World Health Organization (WHO) standards for the disposal of human and animal remains. Guidelines contained in The Impact of Cemeteries on the Environment and Public Health state that burials must not be within 820 feet of a well from which potable water is drawn. Near the San Martin mosque site, eight wells exist within 820 feet of the proposed cemetery, one within only 110 feet. Serious concern exists about possible pollution of nearby drinking water wells because decaying human corpses can easily mix with groundwater beneath the site. Plus, traditional Islamic burial practice requires placement of cloth-shrouded bodies directly into the ground. It is more than a coincidence that county cemetery requirements written in the 1950s are now being revised.

When the South Valley Islamic Center (SVIC) acquired the San Martin parcel for the Cordoba Center Project with the intent of building a 5,000-square-foot mosque, a 2,800-square-foot community center, and a two-acre cemetery to accommodate 2,400 bodies, area residents were understandably alarmed. An employee of the environmental consulting firm that conducted percolation tests at the site reported that they all failed.

The unsuitability of the site for a mosque and cemetery might have stopped the mosque were it not that it is part of a larger, nationwide mosque-building effort. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), another unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas funding trial, is supplying the grant to develop the property. ISNA, the largest Muslim organization on the continent, promotes extremist Wahhabi indoctrination materials to the majority of mosques in North America. Through its affiliate, the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), ISNA holds the mortgages of 50%-80% of all the mosques in the United States and Canada. At its annual conventions in the U.S., ISNA has invited supporters and funders of al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The group was listed by U.S. senators on the Senate Committee on Finance as an organization that “finances terrorism and perpetuates violence.”

Despite problems with flooding, water contamination, traffic, zoning, failed testing, and the filing of an incomplete application, the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the mosque project in San Martin without considering the legitimate objections of local residents. It is probably no coincidence that Mike Wasserman, one of the supervisors who strongly supported this project, received the endorsement of the local Arab American Congress.

The swift approval of the Cordoba Mosque project smacks of political influence and portends upcoming environmental and zoning compromises in the service of mosque proliferation in America. Certainly, in this case, the letter of the law was subverted to green-light the development of the property by the SVIC. With that in mind, local laws and regulations are likely to be ignored in the future to suit the needs of the mosque community. With the Holder Justice Department’s history of outreach work with ISNA and its propensity to wage mosque warfare on behalf of CAIR, any impediments to the operation of the mosque, community center, and cemetery operations will likely be settled by DOJ lawsuits amidst further cries of Islamophobia and racism.

We’ve been referring to this as ‘zoning jihad’ and have cataloged numerous examples. Find them at any time using the drop down in the upper left side bar and selecting ‘zonging jihad‘. You can do the same to find posts in your state.

Update: Residents file suit to stop San Martin mosque project

15 thoughts on “San Martin, California mosque approved where no other tenant was

  1. The way these people do business is fear and intimidation. You need to find out who they threatened. No rational person would have allowed a graveyard there. Focus on that, and the police and FBI need to investigate the likely many death threats. Know your enemy.

  2. Mike Wasserman should be fined and removed from his position. He has broken a civil rights law by favoring one over the other as well as Osha should be notified….

    • I just wanted to let all of you know that I have contacted the EPA Enviromental Health Agency about the building of the mosque cemetary and am waiting to hear back. Thank you for the detailed information it was very helpfull. I am doing my best as a patriot of this country to do what I can to help keep our country safe….

  3. There is a certain irony in locating a mosque and dead-moslem-dump on a toxic site such as this. However, I agree with Dr. Bostom in denying EVERY request for any moslem originated construction

  4. Update – I spoke with gentleman by the name of Bilosko at Mike Wasserman’s office. He told me that the land that the Shadow Mountain Church tried to acquire in that 15 acre parcel was not that plot of land but near it down the hill.
    He also told me that the cemetery could be built there because of the soil-percolation levels being approved. He then told me that the building of the Mosque/cemetery still has to go through two other commissioner offices and a notice to be sent out to the residence of the area so they have their say about whether it should be built.

    ***Side note: he told me he rather not see it built……

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