Video: Immigration and Sharia in the West

via Urban Infidel’s “Immigration as a Catalyst for Shariah in the West?”

And this clip where an audience member asks a question with a familiar term. Do they know about our site?

There’s nearly a dozen videos at the link above or Youtube.

American Rattlesnake linked to us in his writeup of the event. He sums up his piece with this:

The customary response from advocates of changing the cultural landscape of America is that we need to do these things in order to change the hearts and minds of those living in the Islamic world. We need to project an image of openness in order to change the negative image of the United States overseas. The problem is that it has not worked, and in all likelihood, will never work. Globalization, insofar as it facilitates the exchange of goods and services according to the law of supply and demand, is a good thing. However, importing the maladies, cultural neuroses and obscurantist religious dogmas of foreign cultures for the sake of appeasing the gods of diversity and multiculturalism, even as we engage in questionable foreign interventions urged on by figures whose interests are inimical to those of the United States, is madness.

The rotten fruit of the Arab Spring, like that from the most recent war in Iraq, is being brought to our shores, so this is as good a time as any to begin having a conversation about what we want our country’s future to look like. Like Frank Gaffney, I believe it’s time to discontinue the diversity lottery, stop issuing visas to imams for whom there is no demand, and begin to look out for the interests of Americans, first and foremost.

If you agree with Rattlesnake, you are or soon will be in the minority based on current immigration trends.

4 thoughts on “Video: Immigration and Sharia in the West

  1. I’m currently watching the remainder of the 8 video clips of this event. As a long time fan of Gaffney, I can’t help but admire his stamina and ability to keep the topic fresh while keeping the information as simple as possible to present to a gathering where individuals whose prior exposure to this material may be extremely limited. His patience and ability to pack all that information tightly and keep it fluid is first rate. Chuckles from the audience reveal that growing numbers are informed to the point that the not-so-funny PC strategy of this administration flies in the face of all logic. We need an army of Gaffneys to overcome the damage caused by the current administration, academia and msm.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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