Muslims, DOJ shake down Connecticut zoning board to reverse mosque decision

The Associated Press confirms what we’ve been saying (almost exclusively) about the DOJ. They are supporting Muslims “zoning jihad” around the country.’ via Norwalk reverses stance on proposed mosque – Connecticut Post.628x471

NEW HAVEN — When Norwalk received a proposal to build the city’s first mosque, it was rejected by officials who said the structure was too big for the largely residential area and would create too much traffic.

The applicants filed a federal lawsuit alleging religious discrimination and the U.S. Justice Department, which has intervened in mosque projects around the country, launched an inquiry into the handling of the proposal.

Now, the city is moving to settle the lawsuit and support a version of the closely watched project. Norwalk officials say religion was never part of their considerations.

“It was not based on any religious bias,” Mayor Richard Moccia said. “I can’t recall any zoning officer or any city official ever commenting that it happened to be a mosque and that’s the reason they were opposing it.”

Moccia said the Justice Department wrote about two months ago, seeking information such as minutes of a zoning hearing on the project. He said the city responded and has not heard back from federal officials.

The Justice Department declined to comment.

The Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk sued in June after the Zoning Commission rejected the $3.5 million project. On Nov. 29, the Zoning Commission voted to approve the mosque, subject to an agreement depending on the terms of a final settlement.

“We are absolutely glad to see this,” Mongi Dhaouadi, executive director of the Connecticut chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said. “We’re going to let the process play itself out and hopefully we’ll celebrate at the end as a whole community in Norwalk.”

 It played out and didn’t pass the zoning laws. Then Muslims sued – a classic tactic of terror-linked CAIR. It was likely Hamas-linked CAIR that got the DOJ involved. Muslims and thugs like CAIR will celebrate but citizens of Norwalk can kiss their neighborhood goodbye.


More on CAIR:

18 thoughts on “Muslims, DOJ shake down Connecticut zoning board to reverse mosque decision

  1. I grew up a few miles from there. There is no way that street is wide enough to handle a building that size, and it can’t be widened unless they take away people’s homes. No matter how you feel about a Mosque, the fact remains it just won’t fit there.

    • This is not about the residents. This is about setting up locations for the Islamic hate training called the Koran. The best solution is to sell the neighboring hoses for bike clubs. A pork slaughterhouse would be good, too. They are here to destroy America.

  2. Desecrate the land. Bury a dead pig on the property and sprinkle the ground w/pig blood. End of mosque. They will not build on the site.

    • Between people who seriously believe the non-sense about pigs and pigs blood as a deterrent and those who believe appeasement is the solution, it is no wonder we are losing ground so rapidly.

      • These Muslims believe if they die with a pig they will go to hell. Do your homework. Even you posted the same information about a mosque that did not build over in Spain because a dead pig was killed and buried. That story was from you Creeping Sharia so maybe we are losing ground because sites like yourself are reporting false information….

        • Provide some links to where this has been successful in the U.S. and where it has resulted in not only the mosque being abandoned or not built, but also not rebuilt or relocated elsewhere in that city, and where it was Muslims packed their bags and left the U.S. as a result.

          And where an overzealous and corrupt, Islam-protecting DOJ won’t find whatever means necessary to charge you with a crime whether it is or not.

          While it might be too late for them, in the UK has had success defeating mosque development.

          • Apparently the pigs blood and parts bothers the Muslims enough to request that it be made a hate crime. So if the story you ran about the Mosque site in Spain that was stopped with a dead pig is true (?) why would the Muslims be any different here than the ones in Spain? THey are here to take over….no amount of dead pigs is going to change their agenda.

          • So no examples in the U.S. of pigs blood as a deterrent, i.e., it’s a pointless strategy.

            To your other points:
            1) Muslims want to make what you recommend a hate crime because Muslims want to make anything anyone says or does to oppose or be critical of Islam a so-called “hate crime”
            2) “no amount of dead pigs is going to change their agenda” – exactly what we are saying and it won’t cause any group who spent millions of dollars to relocate their mosque

  3. To “creeping” – God bless you!!!!! I salute your valiant efforts to expose this diabolical islamic agenda of “non-violent” jihad. It’s clear to me that this disgusting “religion” of hatred and bloodshed must be stopped!

    I agree with you that the hard-line islamists would undoubtedly find a way to get around a “pig’s blood” desecration of their intended building site. In the first place, what pig farmer would actually be so bold as to arbitrarily sacrifice his livelyhood and his livestock to incriminate himself in this way???

    What I cannot understand is the naivete of our elected officials!!!! It’s time that we started calling a spade a spade!!!! THIS “RELIGION”, SO-CALLED, IS DEMONIC AND BLOODTHIRSTY!!!!! Why can’t our elected officials cite the undeniable jihadist takeover agenda of islam???? It’s on the public record, for all to see!!!!! LET’S STOP CALLING THIS A “RELIGION OF PEACE”!!!! THE DEVIL ALWAYS COMES AROUND WEARING SHEEP’S CLOTHING!!!!! WAKE UP, NORWALK!!!! THERE’S NOTHING RELIGIOUS ABOUT THIS “RELIGION”!!!!! AND FOR THAT MATTER–TO HELL WITH THE ACLU AND THE DOJ IF THEY STICK THEIR UGLY PUSSS’ IN THE PRIVATE MATTERS OF AN OTHERWISE PEACEABLE COMMUNITY OF AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO ARE SEEKING A FUTURE FOR THEIR INNOCENT CHILDREN!!!!


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  5. “The Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk sued in June after the Zoning Commission rejected the $3.5 million project. On Nov. 29, the Zoning Commission voted to approve the mosque, subject to an agreement depending on the terms of a final settlement.”
    Might that final settlement involve a more modest amount of money passing hands in the opposite direction?

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